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    Veilinghaven Utrecht

    This morning, I spent some time in a small harbour in Utrecht city, the "Veilinghaven". I debated for a while whether I should take the 18mm or 35mm with me on the Fuji X-Pro1. I am glad that I went with the 35mm.
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    Ehrenfriedhof Dörenther Klippen

    In the last year of WW2, there was harsh fighting in the Teutoburger Wald, between British and German troops. The Teutoburger Wald is an old mountain range with many rock formations, through which the British could only advance very slowly. German soldiers, many of them not even 18 years old...
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    Quick test with the Fuji XF 35/1.4

    We were having a coffee at castle "De Haar" in Haarzuilens. I didn't have too much time for photography, and the weather was not favourable for nice pictures, but here's something at least:
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    Some pictures from an afternoon in Amsterdam :001_smile
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    Tilburg pen show

    Anyone else from here going to Tilburg tomorrow? It's been years since I went to a pen show, so I'm really looking forward to it!
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    The Case Of The Unscrewing Sections

    Let's see if I get more responses here ... :wink2: Not sure if this is a lefty problem, but it is something I struggle with on some pens (e.g. the Sheaffer Targa). While writing, the barrel rotates a bit in my hand, which gradually causes the section of some pens to unscrew slightly. Or...
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    Suitable inks for Omas cotton resin?

    Today I managed to buy an Omas Paragon fountain pen for $160, from a Dutch shop that has a close-out sale. It is a piston filler, and if I recall correctly, the Omas cotton resin pens are picky about inks. Does anyone here have a "vegetal resin" Omas pen, and could you recommend a safe ink for...
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    Are there better handles available for the Gillette Guard?

    Not that I need a new razor :tongue_sm or an extra stash of cartridges, for that matter ... but I have wondered about it for some time already; the drawback of the Gillette Guard, apart from it not being distributed to Europe and the USA, is the flimsy looking plastic handle. Did anyone already...
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    What was your latest BULK cartridge purchase?

    A few years ago, I bought a large stock (over 250) of discontinued Wilkinson Sword twin blade cartridges, the "Made in England" ones. Since I use a cartridge razor for business trips only, and those vintage Wilkinson Sword carts last seriously long (easily over a week), I am probably set for...
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    Anyone tried the TFS 70th anniversary soaps yet?

    This morning I tried the TFS 70th anniversary "Sotto La Mole" soap, and I loved it. As with all the TFS soaps, the face feel and lather were excellent. And the "Sotto La Mole" added a very classic and enjoyable scent. Lemon and flowery, with some traces of wood and nuts. It smelled so good that...
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    City Sport Ardooie, Belgium

    City Sport in Ardooie is a traditional manufacturer of gentleman's caps, who started operations in 1898. They still design and manufacture their caps in Belgium. Despite the English sounding name, City Sport was founded by a Belgian textile trader, and the company is still held by the same...
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    LAMY Imporium?

    Did anyone see the news (on FPN) of the upcoming LAMY Imporium? I just read the thread today (but I don't know if we are allowed to link to FPN threads). The new model is announced here...
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    Lady's watch

    Our oldest daughter turned 18 this month, and expressed that she would like a good wristwatch for her birthday. A bit of a complication is that she would like to get the watch from a brick and mortar store, which limits the choice to mainstream brands like Seiko, Citizen, Mondaine, or Tissot. It...
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    Many flowers

    This afternoon, my wife had to go to the flowerist / garden center (to arrange flowers for a funeral). We went together, and of course there was some time to take a few pictures afterwards.
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    The burn

    What was I thinking ... My skin doesn't like eucalyptus, but somehow my mind refuses to accept that :tongue_sm This evening I picked a jar of Omega shave cream from my drawer, that I had bought last year. By that time, I already knew that Proraso Green lit up my face, but I was stubborn and...
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    Alas, HitchBOT is no more

    It was a fun experiment; send an immobile robot with very limited capabilities (and an innocent appearance) on the road, and see how it would cope. HitchBOT toured through Germany, visited the Netherlands in June (where he also got a cool public reception in a local theatre, and even made the...
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    Botanical gardens, Utrecht

    Some pictures from the botanical gardens of Utrecht University, open for the public. It was a beautiful day!
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    Is the Kabinett love affair over?

    A few years ago, Klar Kabinett was the rage, especially once it was discontinued. However, it seems like it's gone silent around the Kabinett soaps; both Klar and Dusy are hardly mentioned anymore. This morning I used Dusy Kabinett, and it's still a very pleasant soap (I have two bricks in...
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    Primes or zooms?

    What do you prefer, zooms or primes, and why? In the analogue times, I only had a 135mm, 50mm, and 35mm lens (all Pentax Takumar). Like probably most people, I switched to zooms when I went digital. However, the past few years, I slowly gravitated to prime lenses again. Lately I have hardly...
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    Maximapark Utrecht Leidsche Rijn

    The Maximapark (named after queen Maxima) is the largest city park in Utrecht, in the middle of "Leidsche Rijn"
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