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  1. AlphaFrank75

    FS Knize Ten 125ml not quite full, but almost

    My collection has gotten out of control so I'd like to move what I can to new homes. See picture for the juice level. This was purchased new by me from Luckyscent four years ago. $85 shipped, CONUS only, no trades.
  2. AlphaFrank75

    2018 - Your favorite shaving related item of the year

    As I look back on 2018 I got to thinking what one item that I acquired last year was my one favorite shaving related thing. Because I participated in the Sabbatical I wasn't allowed to spend any money on anything. I was fortunate enough to win one of the monthly giveaways. Mine included some...
  3. AlphaFrank75

    Your favorite music streaming service

    I'm currently 30 days in on a free 90 day trial of Google Play Music. I'll probably continue since my home is pretty much geared toward Google Home. But I bought my GF three Sonos One speakers and was wondering what to use for her. A friend has Sonos in there home and uses Pandora. I was...
  4. AlphaFrank75

    Creed Royal Mayfair @ MaxAroma(deal of the week)

    4oz/120ml bottle of Creed Royal Mayfair for $116.99 until March 30th
  5. AlphaFrank75

    For you PannaCrema Nuàvia fans looking for refills ...

    it looks like it will never happen. I have been following the NUÀVIA NERA thread and several people commented that they wished PannaCrema would offer refills for their Nuàvia line to reduce the cost. After all the crocks are pretty nice and must contribute to a big portion of the cost along...
  6. AlphaFrank75

    WTS: Black Beauties, Rockets, Cased Techs & Super Speed

    No trades. Shipping is an additional $3, CONUS only. Cased Tech - Plating is in Fair to Good condition. $20 ea. Super Speed(D2) - Plating is in excellent condition, very good razor. $15 Rocket TV Special - Plating is in excellent condition, very good razor. $35 Rocket Parat - Plating is in...
  7. AlphaFrank75

    FS - Vintage Gillette Razors

    No trades, CONUS only. Add $5 for first razor ordered for shipping and $2.50 for each additional razor. Razor on the left is a 1922 Bostonian. Silver plated and the plating is in very good condition. The case is in very good condition and is fully functional. $125 Razor on the right is a...
  8. AlphaFrank75

    Penhaligon's Sartorial at Notino

    Notino has the 3.4oz bottle on special for $45.
  9. AlphaFrank75

    [WTS] - Gillette Razors(New Improved, Fatboy, Aristocrat)

    Prices include USPS First Class shipping, CONUS Only. 1921 Cased, New Improve(New Standard) - $60 Silver plating in good condition with some brassing on handle and cap. No bent teeth. Blade bank & case in good condition. This is a very good example of a survivor New Improved...
  10. AlphaFrank75

    Looking for a edt or edp with a barbershop scent

    Now I realize the barbershop scent is all over the place. So my barbershop scent is centered around Stirling Barbershop soap and Clubman AS. Clubman doesn't last long on me so I'd like to find something with a similar vibe to carry me throughout the day.
  11. AlphaFrank75

    Flashback induced by the sight of Old Spice ...

    Lime. I was reading the Old Spice thread which lead me to eBay. Right there on the first page of my Old Spice search was a bottle of Old Spice Lime. I couldn't believe the memories that came flooding back seeing that bottle. That used to be one of my favorite scents as a teenager in the...
  12. AlphaFrank75

    Help Identifying Gillette Case

    I bought a NEW that has turned out to be a Norfolk and it came with the following case. I've searched everywhere that I can think of and have come up blank. Now I'm wondering if this might be something that someone has put together. The lining is definitely a factory production lining but I'm...
  13. AlphaFrank75

    Who needs gold plating when ....

    copper and brass looks so right together, IMO anyway. For now the cap has a slightly matte finish because it came with the number "4" scratched in it. I was able to remove most of it using, but my Micro Mesh sheets are getting worn and need to be replenished.
  14. AlphaFrank75

    Mismatched Gillette NEW handle / base plate

    I received a Gillette NEW SC today that came with a bar handle. After doing some digging around it looks like the base plate was machined for a ball-ended handle. From what I have seen of the ball-end handles for the NEW, most have developed cracks. So I'm wondering if I should try and find a...
  15. AlphaFrank75

    Pannacrema Nuàvia is back in stock at Connaught

    I was looking to score this from Connaught Shaving and received an email that Blu, Rossa and Verde are back in stock.
  16. AlphaFrank75

    I bit the bullet - MdC Savon À Raser Fougère

    I thought I'd join in the April 2017 Theme Shave and I needed to collect a few soaps to fully participate. Specifically I needed some French soaps. I stopped by my local L'Occitane to pick up their soap and a few other things. Then I thought, let's get one more soap so I ordered Pré de...
  17. AlphaFrank75

    This rabbit hole sure is deep

    I started wet shaving about five years ago. Some how I started with Mama Bear soaps and just stuck with them because I liked them so well. Now that my last puck is nearing its demise I was looking for some alternatives. My research lead me here which has turned out to be my current resource...
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