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  1. Wishoot

    Wet Shaving Products- Mamacita! Where Have You Been All Of My Life?

    Just came in the mail yesterday. I didn't have a chance to shave yesterday but I splashed a bit of the Tobacco on my face anyway. Then a miracle happened. SWMBO actually LOVED the scent. This morning, another miracle...she LOVED the Sandalwood. The scent of both lasted for several hours...
  2. Wishoot


    Was in Louisville a couple months ago for work and had a couple glasses of this liquid gold. Since then, I've been searching high and low for a bottle and it's nowhere to be found. Has anyone seen a bottle of Blanton's on the shelves anywhere lately? I've searched stores in the Milwaukee...
  3. Wishoot

    WTT/WTB for Leatherman Wave

    Anyone have a Leatherman Wave (preferably in good shape) they would like to sell or trade? I have some very nice vintage Gillette adjustable double edge razors if your interested in a trade. Thanks!
  4. Wishoot

    Saint Charles Shave Smoke & Beads...Why Did I Wait So Long?

    I ordered a sample a few weeks back. After one spray I fell in love with this scent. I was a bit nervous about the Patchouli, but it fades quickly and the smoke begins to shine through. The scent lasts for several hours. Just ordered a bottle and may order another. Anyone else enjoying...
  5. Wishoot

    Saint Charles Shave - Recently Ordered?

    There hasn't been much talk about Saint Charles Shave lately. Anyone order from them recently? If so, what did you get?
  6. Wishoot

    Bed-In-A-Box (Casper, Leesa, Tuft & Needle...) Opinions?

    Has anyone here ever purchased one of those bed-in-a-box mattresses? I'd like to hear about your experiences and general opinions. Thanks for your help.
  7. Wishoot

    Instant Pot Users.... Get in here

    Been giving a lot of consideration into buying an Instant Pot. I do a ton of cooking and typically use a dutch oven or crock pot with good results. I've never used a pressure cooker however. So my questions to you are... 1- Is an Instant Pot worth the $85 USD? 2- What are your favorite...
  8. Wishoot

    WTB - Knize Ten

    Looking for Knize Ten cologne. Does not have to be a full bottle. Thanks!!
  9. Wishoot

    Tom's of Maine Shaving Cream

    Anyone remember this stuff? I ask because I just cracked open my last tube of TOM Calendula and I need to find a reasonably close alternative since it's no longer produced. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!
  10. Wishoot

    Stand Up Paddleboards?

    Can anyone recommend a decent inflatable SUP that won't break the bank? I'd really like to keep it below $600 if at all possible. Thank you!
  11. Wishoot

    Stir Fry Recipe - Anyone have a good one?

    I really need a good recipe. Simple is fine. I cook all kinds of food, but never ventured into stir fry. No reason in particular other than the fact that we have a few restaurants that do an okay job at asian food. What's your recipe if you don't mind sharing? Thanks!!
  12. Wishoot

    Medaglia D' Oro Instant Espresso?

    Anybody use or try this stuff? I normally brew coffee every morning, but there are mornings that I just run out of time to make a decent cup. Starbuck's VIA is okay, but I'm hoping for better.
  13. Wishoot

    Charleston South Carolina- What to do? Where to eat?

    Hi All, Traveling to Charleston soon with the family (wife and two kids (17 and 12)). Any suggestions on what to do and where to eat would be appreciated.
  14. Wishoot

    Rye- Suggestions Please.

    Any suggestions for a really good Rye? I've started to develop a strong liking to this beverage and would appreciate your thoughts on whatevers good.
  15. Wishoot

    Please help ID

    I recently came across this razor and case sitting in the bottom of my sock drawer. I'm fairly certain the razor is an Old Type, but I'm not familiar with the case. Any idea what it is? Sorry about the cell phone picture. Thank you for your help!!!
  16. Wishoot

    Tell me about your Glocks

    Not to stir a hornets nest, but I'm thinking of trading one of my beloved CZ's (CZ75B with Omega trigger) for a G26. Other than a Gen 3 G22 which I used for about 6 months then sold (I just don't care for 40 S&W), I thought the gun was clunky, somewhat ugly, but utterly reliable. Other than...
  17. Wishoot

    Quick! What should I make for dinner tonight?

    The title says it all... Thank you for your suggestions.
  18. Wishoot

    Cooking with Bulgar

    Just picked up a bag because it looks relatively healthy. Does anyone use this stuff? If so, any suggestions on using it as a tasty side-dish or incorporating it into a main course? Thank you!!
  19. Wishoot

    Sharpening Steel Help

    Can someone recommend a good, durable steel to sharpen my chefs knifes? I've gone through a few cheap ones over the years and they don't seem to last or work that well. I do periodically sharpen with a good stone set, but I need something for a decent quick edge when I'm in the middle of...
  20. Wishoot

    Mephisto- Why did I wait so long?

    I picked up a pair of Mephisto Libio's a few weeks ago for my birthday. HOLY COW are they just about the most comfortable things I've ever put on my feet. I may have to sell everything I own now to buy more Mephisto's because my feet are going to be spoiled by these things. If you're...
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