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  1. huracan

    Son of LeGrelot

    Martin at RasurPur has some new Thiers razors that took inspiration on the quarter grind LeGrelots. They are new forging; half hollow and the shaving edge seems to be shorter than standard fare. My Grelot feels like a long sword compared to most of my other straights, so there are some...
  2. huracan

    Custom honey butterscotch

    Another of mycarver's beauties. There is a certain translucency to the handle material you may have noticed in some of his other handles, Mark cooks the stock himself; this one looks like suspended poured honey. The knot is a TGN 22 Super Badger set at 50 mm loft. It's a very yummy brush. Mark...
  3. huracan

    Handamerican Chicago Special

    So I placed an order for a Classic 830 from HandAmerican back in November together with the felt strop. Keith informed me he was going to change my order to the Chicago Special for the same price and after a few questions I was satisfied that it was going to cover what I was looking for. He was...
  4. huracan

    A visit to Gentlemen's Best

    Yesterday I had a chance to drop by and visit Ray's shop, I had commissioned some work on a set of Hart razors I have and wanted to take the opportunity of a visit to pick them up; I wanted to pick 'em up for the RW honing event, but I was not able to make it then. We spent the afternoon...
  5. huracan

    What's the longest you've stuck to using just one razor?

    Whether it's because you were running some experiment in self control or had no choice because you only had one since the rest where off getting honed, lets hear it; what's the longest you've gone using just the same straight razor and what razor was it? I know Chimensch shaved with his one Dovo...
  6. huracan

    A new type of disposable japanese straight!?!

    :eek: :lol::lol: I really didn't know where to post this; notice there is a choice between the double and single (further down the page), er, cartridge models. You can see pictures and read, in Japanese, here: The barber's set 2008
  7. huracan

    Any negative effect on leather from using paste?

    I'm planning on a TM latigo and linen strop; I also have some Thiers-Issard sharpening paste coming that I was going to apply to the rough side of the latigo with the idea of having a 3 in 1 strop and using the pasted leather side only occasionally. My question is if the paste would have any...
  8. huracan

    My hybrid Mühle Razor

    It was good to start seeing the new generation Mühle razors in people's hands; I could not resist and got one myself, the R41 is excellent quality, distinctive and nice to hold. I wondered what the handle would do for the last generation fatip made heads. Now, the R89 I have has been the...
  9. huracan

    The Bull Dog and the Merkur 11c

    I recently scored this Canadian Bull Dog and was really interested in seeing how it compared with my Merkur HD open comb. You can see that the Merkur design leans heavily on the 'ol favorite. Although that barberpole swirl knurling on the Bull Dog wins the photogenic award hands down. Just...
  10. huracan

    Latest improvement on the Georgetown Pottery Scuttle

    After I had placed an order for a scuttle from Georgetown, I bought a 3rd generation one from daniel.boone here (thanks :thumbup1:). It worked wonderfully, so I called to cancel my initial order; to my surprise I was told they where in the process of making some changes to the new batches; after...
  11. huracan

    Georgetown Scuttle....some good news from them

    Well, last week I was fortunate enough to secure a Georgetown scuttle from a fellow member and gave it a go this morning. My opinion is that it does an excellent job and kept my brushn'lather toasty for 3 passes this cold morning in Long Island using just tap water to pre-heat and refill. In...
  12. huracan

    Old Spice bottles...

    Guys, where there 2.5oz glass bottles of the aftershave or cologne? My not so thorough search has only found plastic ones, even from the Shulton era. A site that has everything Old Spice related is not so clear on whether there were any at any time in the classic buoy shape. I have seen some...
  13. huracan

    If you're ordering from fragranceX

    try these discount codes: SAVEWFX for $5 off. Don't know if it will work more than once. If you spend more than $50 or more, for $5 off: cr154955 Free shipping if you spend more than $59. Type free in the coupon box Happy holidays
  14. huracan

    Question for those with a Duke 1 or 2

    I'm looking to replace a travel brush I had been using that I destroyed trying to restore. Since I still have the old plastic travel screw top tube it came with, I wanted to get a nice brush that would fit in it and wanted to get someone with a Simpson Duke 1 and/or 2 to measure the widest point...
  15. huracan

    huracan's Entry into the B&B Hall of Fame

    Please allow me to introduce myself: Username: huracan What is your real name? Luis Rodriguez What are your nicknames/aliases? Luis Where do you live? New York, USA What is your age (or) generation? 36 What are you in the real world? Commercial Pilot What is...
  16. huracan

    Merkur open comb curvature

    Hey Gents, have a question for the lot. Yesterday I got a HD open comb and even though I have been shaving with a Barber Pole Open comb for the last couple of weeks, I did not notice until now a slight curvature of the head. What I mean is the outer teeth sit lower than the center ones, forming...
  17. huracan

    Check-in and greetings

    hello fellows, I found this site looking for information on a picture I found on the 'net for what turned out to be a Mergress. I'm awaiting the return of my 10 year old Merkur adjustable now as I write this. I've been wet shaving for the same 10 years, sharing time with the Progress has been a...
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