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  1. DonLafontaine

    Tell your girlfriend to shave her face!

    This used to be an insult, but oh how the times have changed ... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1356703/A-close-shave-How-celebs-ditching-laser-hair-removal-threading-face-favour-razor.html
  2. DonLafontaine

    Price as an Indicator of Wine Quality

    The New York Times Opinion Page has an article by one of the authors of Freakonomics in which he asserts, in essence, that one's perception of the quality of a wine is directly influenced by a knowledge of the price of that wine. He references a researcher on the subject and makes the following...
  3. DonLafontaine

    Are Face Scrubs, How do you Say ... Indispensable?

    I was using the Facial Fuel by Kiehls tonight and found the consistency to be intriguing. I was thinking of maybe using it twice a week. Are face scrubs ... how do you say? ... indispensable ...?
  4. DonLafontaine

    Art of Shaving at Union Square in San Francisco

    I noticed a new Art of Shaving just opened next to Macys on Union Square. They were handing out free samples, but I was in a hurry and didn't score one.
  5. DonLafontaine

    Wasn't there a Saturday Night Live skit about Moonbeam Brown?

    This is kind of driving me nuts right now, but I seem to recall that there was a very funny Saturday Night Live skit (with Dana Carvey, maybe) about Jerry Brown. I'm guessing that it was during the time that he was Governor of California, so about 30 years ago. Given the fact that he is...
  6. DonLafontaine

    The current state of Nivea ...

    I spent some time in Spain from the latter part of the 1980s to the earlier part of the 2000s. Rightly or wrongly, I always associated Nivea products with reasonably priced, but yet high quality, personal care products that did not disappoint. Recently, after having wet shaved for about 3...
  7. DonLafontaine

    Instant Heart Rate Monitor for the iPhone

    Has anyone used the Instant Heart Rate Monitor for the iPhone or Android? Basically, you stick your finger over the camera lens and it somehow calculates your pulse. Are these types of things accurate? If they are, I am pretty blown away. Thanks
  8. DonLafontaine

    Ultra Lounge Series

    I've purchased a number of albums from this series: Mondo Exotica, Tiki Sampler, Bachelor Pad Royale, Wild, Cool & Swingin' and Christmas Cocktails. Which album is your favorite? Do you listen to any iTunes radio stations that track the genres of music in this series? Just curious, I enjoy...
  9. DonLafontaine

    Vintage Gillette Blades versus Modern Blades

    I've been using these old Gillettes and have found them to be very close and very smooth. I also use Feathers and generally like them very much, but they do have the potential to cut me on occasion. In short, these Gillettes seem to be a half a step above. The question is: Are the old Gillettes...
  10. DonLafontaine

    Old Gillettes versus Modern Blades

    I've been using these old Gillettes and have found them to be very close and very smooth. I also use Feathers and generally like them very much, but they do have the potential to cut me on occasion. In short, these Gillettes seem to be a half a step above. The question is: Are the old...
  11. DonLafontaine

    Soaking the brush and the soap before shaving

    Does anyone soak the brush and soap in the same mug before shaving? I have been using two mugs: one to soak the brush and the other that contains the soap. Would the soap become expended too quickly? Just Curious
  12. DonLafontaine

    Loosening the Handle to Shave in Contours (from Muhle)

    The Muhle website reads as follows: "For practised shavers: by slightly loosening the handle (approx. 1⁄2 a revolution) the angle of the blade is increased. This enables you to shave very cleanly in contours. Always tighten the handle before continuing with the rest of the shave."...
  13. DonLafontaine

    Muhle Expanding

    On a number of occasions, I've read posts inquiring as to whether the DE shaving world might cease to exist at some point in near future. I happened to be perusing the summer 2010 edition of Muhle's online newsletter, The Shaving Mirror (No. 12), and read the following: "But there is no cause...
  14. DonLafontaine

    The Pinzguaer

    Switzerland has a long and storied tradition of putting out some truly ground-breaking innovations that have changed, nothing less, than the course of human affairs: proper fondue with Gruyère, that one transparent Swatch from the 1980s that showcased its meticulous inner workings, the sublime...
  15. DonLafontaine

    One of Many Things that the Old Gillette Got Right

    One of the things that is really cool about the vintage Gillettes is that until about the late 1960s, they inevitably came in a specific box or case that was especially designed for that razor. In fact, the ones today that command the most impressive sales prices are those with new condition...
  16. DonLafontaine

    Video Game on the Bay Going For 800k and Rising

    Stadium Events Nes game I don't think I can post a link to a live auction (I have no idea whether that only applies to razors or not).
  17. DonLafontaine

    Spherical Televisions

    Sure, the future was supposed to bring us flying cars, truly instant gourmet dinners and, most importantly, spherical televisions. I can live without a flying car, enjoy the process of making a quality dinner and so don't have much use for instant food but where ... oh where ... are the goddamn...
  18. DonLafontaine

    Muhle Travel Box

    For a while, I was using the Gillette vintage razors and a number of them would fit comfortably in the Fatboy case (including the Fatboy, itself, of course) for travel. Recently, I've switched and am presently using the EJ 89L, which does not have proper protective case. I traveled recently...
  19. DonLafontaine

    Gillette Stainless Steel Blades (what years)

    I recently purchased a pack of these and there appears to be a code that begins "K06(unidentified digit)." Anyone know from what year or years are these blades? Thanks, Matt
  20. DonLafontaine

    EJ 98 versus Muhle 98

    I know that the heads of these razors are identical, but that they are of different weights. Does anyone have both of these razors and do they shave exactly the same?
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