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  1. JCinPA

    Oh no! McLellands is gone! Frog Morton replacement, please!

    I will look that up, thank you. I learned now if I find something I like, stockpile it!
  2. JCinPA

    Oh no! McLellands is gone! Frog Morton replacement, please!

    OK, request rescinded. From what I've been reading there is no close replacement for this. I'll just have to find another love, I guess. Sigh.
  3. JCinPA

    Oh no! McLellands is gone! Frog Morton replacement, please!

    So, about 5-6 years ago after a decades layoff smoking only cigars, I started back on the pipe a little bit--not much, just a little bit. Then, after acquiring a few tobaccos, I laid off again for another 4-5 years. Now I grabbed a corn cob, filled it with McLelland's Frog Morton On The Town...
  4. JCinPA

    Pipe Of The Day (POTD)

    Missouri Meerschaum 1/4 bent, not worth photographing, filled with McLelland's Frog Morton On The Town.
  5. JCinPA

    Cross fountain pen.

    No, but it is really handsome! I have a couple Townsend's (well one that I can find), but I like the angular ends of that design.
  6. JCinPA

    2020 Official Christmas Card Exchange.

    Oh, hi, guys! I forgot to follow up in here. I got my cards from bach_rocks & kcore (who's penmanship is amazing, btw!), thank you very much. @bach_rocks, yes, I really, really like that Waterman Harmonious Green for stuff like these holiday cards, with the 1.1 nib Lamy Joy. I'm not sure what...
  7. JCinPA

    What is the most expensive FP you lost?

    I lost a Cross Townsend FP and a Townsend ballpoint when I moved back to Philly from Chicago last year. At least, I've turned the boxes upside down and can't find them. May yet turn up, but I think somehow they got tossed (perhaps by a overzealously cleaning wife).
  8. JCinPA

    Ranga Model 3 pen review

    It came with a Sheaffer converter. Of course you could use cartridges with it. I just noticed I put Tanga, not Ranga in the title. But the edit button is gone. Does it expire after some set time??
  9. JCinPA

    Ranga Model 3 pen review

    Ive never done one of these before, plus, I don't have a big collection of pens or experience, so don't expect much sophistication. :blush: I wanted a "nice" pen to go along with my Lamy Safari, Al-Star, and few Jinhaos I got on a lark, as well as my fairly nice Cross Townsend. But I wasn't...
  10. JCinPA

    Quick advice, please ... 1.1 or 1.5 nib for calligraphy?

    I ended up with the 1.1 after watching a couple YouTubes. For my intentions I think its best. I can get a 1.5 later if needed, arrives tomorrow.
  11. JCinPA

    Quick advice, please ... 1.1 or 1.5 nib for calligraphy?

    1.5, OK. I was leaning that way to begin with. And I was anticipating this! :001_rolle Yes, yes, I get it. I'm really just looking for something to use to make pretty writing in greeting cards, not open up a new hobby! :LOL: Yes, yes, it could happen. I just don't think so. Thanks!
  12. JCinPA

    Quick advice, please ... 1.1 or 1.5 nib for calligraphy?

    I am not going to turn Calligraphy into a hobby, but now that I'm working on my penmanship with fountain pens again, I want an inexpensive pen dedicated to writing things like Christmas, Birthday, Thank You and other cards. And maybe the occasional other use like name cards, and such. After...
  13. JCinPA

    Looking for a deep dark green ink

    It's a very subjective thing, but google a few Waterman's Harmonious Green reviews. It's my favorite. https://www.deskoflori.com/blog/2015/5/31/ink-review-waterman-harmonious-green
  14. JCinPA

    I pray this isn't a rabbit hole

    I'm susceptible to the rabbit hole at first, usually, but then I settle down with a couple tools and quite with the AD. Luckily the pens I've gotten are cheap, but good. One Lamy in medium one with fine nib are my most used writers, and I got 3 Jinhaos for $15 to try a few inks. I also have an...
  15. JCinPA

    Interesting new pen by Sailor - Compass 1911 demonstrators

    Well, Although I have an old Cross Townsend fountain pen, I'm still a noob, haven't used it in quite a while until recently. I am not ready to get a "premium" pen or a custom pen, and I'm not going to start collecting them, they are utilitarian tools to me. I got two Lamy's recently to practice...
  16. JCinPA

    Iroshizuku Shin-Kai vs Pilot BlueBlack

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Agree about the beauty of the Iroshizuku bottles. And your Cella analogy is spot on. I could get an expensive soap. But I like Cella the most. lol I'm definitely going to get a 3-pack of unusual Iro colors, though.
  17. JCinPA

    Iroshizuku Shin-Kai vs Pilot BlueBlack

    Holy old thread bump, batman! But having recently discovered fountain pens, I've been reading a lot of ink reviews. And the Pilot blue black is very well-regarded, as is the Iroshizuku, of course. But prices have changed considerably in the last 5 years apparently. With Amazon Prime, which...
  18. JCinPA

    Few random questions from a FP noob ...

    I do remember those side filling wells. As I said, I'm old enough to have used NOTHING but fountain pens (other than wooden pencils, which I still much prefer to mechanicals) through about the fifth grade. I mostly used Sheaffer School Pens with the cartridges, but at some point my mother got me...
  19. JCinPA

    Few random questions from a FP noob ...

    Wow! Thorough! Thank you very much! I am perfectly willing to tinker a bit, that's what I'm looking for.
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