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  1. tinpanalley

    Sandalwood scent of one with latherability of another...

    I have found that the Sandalwood DR Harris puck soap lathers far far better than the Truefitt I was using (well, to be fair, the Truefitt didn't lather at all) and has been a lovely experience all year. The only thing I'm wondering is if someone maybe knows of another puck soap that has the same...
  2. tinpanalley

    Shopping from Canada

    Are there shops in Canada or shops in the US that will ship to Canada that I can get Personna Red blades from? I know Try A Blade in the States, but none of the other places I know in Canada sell them. Any help from other people in Canada for good blade shops online?
  3. tinpanalley

    Repair, retooling, cleaning of safety razors

    Can anyone recommend a service I can reach out to to have my vintage Gillette Slim Adjustables cleaned, polished, etc? I live in Canada, so if anyone knows of one in Canada that would be great, too.
  4. tinpanalley

    Looking for an affordable backup razor

    I'm going to be sending in my two vintage Gillette Slim adjustables to be cleaned at Razor Emporium. It's not worth it to send them in one at a time because it makes more sense to pay for them both at once. The problem is that will leave me with no razor. So I need something in the meantime and...
  5. tinpanalley

    Brush loading and lathering and technique

    This is one of those things you do so often you can get to a point of starting to question how you do it. Like when a completely normal and banal word looks weird to you when spelled correctly all of a sudden. I know you're not supposed to pump your brush hard into your bowl, hand or face when...
  6. tinpanalley

    Two unrelated questions, alum and bowls

    I don't think there's any point in separating this into two posts, but correct me if necessary... 1. Does anyone happen to have a formula I can use to dissolve several pieces of alum stone into a usable spray that would give the same potency as using it in stone form as deodorant? 2. Does it...
  7. tinpanalley

    Truefitt and Hill Soap lathering question

    I've got a Truefitt and Hill Sandalwood soap I started using after years of buying their cream. Where possible, we like to cut back on the purchase of single use plastics in our home and I started to realise that I had exhausted every possible reuse of the several cream bowls I had purchased in...
  8. tinpanalley

    Online shopping

    Do people here generally feel against the idea of buying blades on Amazon? 7 o'clock Green Gillettes seem very easy to find here on Amazon Canada and with Prime it makes my shopping really easy. Any thoughts? Warning signs to look out for?
  9. tinpanalley

    Markings on razor blades

    I've gotten really used to the 1, 2, 3, 4 markings on Polsilvers which helped me space out my shaving evenly on each blade. Just turns out I can only use blades for two weeks, so I go 1 and 3 one week and the 2, 4 side the next week. I'm trying blades though that don't always have a clear...
  10. tinpanalley

    Shops for buying in North America

    I'm buying from Quebec, Canada to be exact. Where do I go for short delivery time Polsilvers here? I recently moved back from Europe. I don't want some shop where I have to wait weeks and weeks to get them. My last order was with the shop I used to use when I lived in France called "Gifts and...
  11. tinpanalley

    Brush exploration

    I'm looking around here but not seeing what I'm looking for. Is there some way to go about deciding what brush is best for one to buy?
  12. tinpanalley

    Alum Stone questions

    I've been using one happily when shaving but then found out that it's a great natural deodorant, so I tried and as luck would have it, it appears to be the only product working for me. I sweat a lot and if there's no bacteria control, smell happens very quickly even with scented deodorants...
  13. tinpanalley

    Big comparison thread?

    Wasn't there some big comparison thread here where a member thoroughly researched several DE razor blades over time and for durability? I can't for the life of me find it. If anyone knows what I'm talking about, can you help me find it? Thanks!
  14. tinpanalley

    Razor bank disposal

    Does anyone know if razor banks can be put in recycling? Our recycling takes metal cans, packaging etc. It's just a metal bank with stainless blades, but I thought the fact that they've got trace particles of skin, hair, shaving cream, etc that would rule them out for recycling. Thanks for any...
  15. tinpanalley

    Exploring new blades with specific concerns

    I've been using Feather for years now for my DE Vintage Gillette. But I was reading today about different blades, different types of hair, different types of water and how that combination makes for different experiences. I'd been wanting recently only out of curiosity to try others. I can't get...
  16. tinpanalley

    Repair of safety razors in Europe?

    I love what Razor Emporium offers in US, and I may just have to ship my razor to them, but I was hoping someone might know of a similar place in Europe? I live in Paris. Thanks!
  17. tinpanalley

    Truefitt and Hill product line question

    I assume that if I like the Truefitt and Hill Sandalwood soap scent, then it would be fair to assume that their sandalwood cream and sandalwood aftershave balm have the exact same scent? Or would I be wrong? Can anyone ellighten me before I spend the money?
  18. tinpanalley

    Question about pre-shave, post-shave oils and creams

    I've gotten some great advice and info here before so I thought I'd ask this here instead of just in stores which tends to simply be one experience after another of shops trying to sell me their product rather than listening to what I'm saying. I have extraordinarily sensitive skin. I have...
  19. tinpanalley

    Looking for sandalwood soaps

    I'm about to finish my DR Harris Sandalwood which was wonderful, will have lasted about 9 months by the time it's done and created a great lather. But what I'm looking for is something that smells a little more like Sandalwood. This DR Harris is almost not even sandalwood. Not warm and sweet...
  20. tinpanalley

    Stock gaps on Gillete vintage slim

    Just curious, maybe this is an impossible question to answer... On my vintage Gillette slim, how can I know definitively that the gaps are correct on each settings level? Is there some guide with precise measurements? I don't knwo of any expert repair guys here in Paris, France so sending it off...
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