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  1. THall

    Modern clone for Gillette Senator / Sheraton?

    I saw a video about a decade ago about the design of the head and the razors that incorporated it. The high arch of the doors slightly stretch the skin as you shave. Makes them smooth, helps in a closer shaver without the consequences of possible razor burn in contrast to using your fingers...
  2. THall

    New addition found at antique barn.

    After clean up, pick up Testors Semi Gloss Black, mix well. Take a toothpick and fill in the numbers. Wait about a minute. Take a dry paper towel and wipe off excess in a circular motion around the dial. If you mess up, clean with alcohol immediately and do over. The Testors is dead on the...
  3. THall

    80’s Superspeeds

    I have an NOS on the card I-1 waiting for my son for when he starts shaving. Diamond knurling with dark violet handle. I’ve only seen one other 1988 online but it wasn’t for sale.
  4. THall

    Acronym Help

    After typing, Against the Grain numerous times, I ultimately fell victim to just using ATG eventually myself and added to that over time. A lot of people give Tabac and the Veg a hard time. I can’t speak about the Veg but tried Tabac a while back. I can definitely say Tabac grows on you, like...
  5. THall

    Who can name movies or TV shows that have shaving scenes.

    It is hard to see but looks like a Slim to me. The adjustment dial length and knurling seems to match the Slim. The head is definitely Gillette.
  6. THall

    Advice Needed

    I’ll second the KCG razor. It comes with the KCG blades which are now becoming my favorite. You can walk into a Walgreens and pick one up. I started off with a DE89 and this will give a similar shave. I’d recommend also getting a sample razor blade pack online. I love the KCG blades but...
  7. THall

    What is the advantage of a 3 piece razor vs a TTO razor

    KCG blades are pricey but can be worth it as long as you don’t toss your blades after a couple of shaves. I got 33 no tug shaves after my first and just stopped counting with subsequent ones. I am still in that 10 pack from a year ago. They are very smooth. One thing I noticed is that they...
  8. THall

    What is the advantage of a 3 piece razor vs a TTO razor

    An advantage on paper would be a more rigid blade but this also depends on design. My best all around shaver though is a TTO Super 84. It feels just as smooth as my Old Types but this might be tough for me to gauge as I don’t have sensitive skin. I guess another advantage would be they are less...
  9. THall

    PASS Vs. STROKE debate - are they one and the same... or NOT?

    A lot of disagreement most likely but my personal feelings are passes pertain to grain hair removal. WTG, XTG and ATG are 3 passes to me regardless if soap/cream remains. If I have a very slick soap to start off with, I might do all grain passes, one after each other, especially if I am in a...
  10. THall

    van der hagen?

    The razor, WEISHI, shaves close to the later model Super Speeds. If you get a kit, the soap puck is a pretty good performer. The plastic razor holder is solid and a must for those who own stainless razors that would prefer to keep their baseplates from getting scratched up.
  11. THall

    Gibbs adjustable no. 15

    Looks like you got a gem. Enjoy
  12. THall

    Do I need a Black Beauty?

    I have multiple Slims, a Super 84 and Super 109. Up through 1976, the Supers had brass baseplates and unfortunately the Super 84 was short lived. I don’t own a nylon baseplate Super but I have heard they shave the same as the 109s. As far as durability, the nylon baseplate Supers still...
  13. THall

    The Flexi-Rex debate: another perspective

    You can never go wrong with a Timeless.
  14. THall


    Kai blades are terrific. A tad wider than most if not all standard blades. They really sing in vintage razors most of all. They are nice and sharp but don’t seem to burn out as fast as Feathers. One of my favorites.
  15. THall

    The Flexi-Rex debate: another perspective

    Sounds like you have very sensitive skin. Before making any big purchases, I recommend going back to basics with a design that keeps the blade very rigid. My best suggestion to you is an Old Type. It is easy to find the Old Type sweet spot. Start by shaving neutral and slowly lift the handle...
  16. THall

    The Flexi-Rex debate: another perspective

    I know most of us here are not always easy to please and expect a lot, especially when we pay more, but when it comes to build issues, this is as it should be. I owned my Rex first prior to my first Gibbs purchase. I had learned to live with the issues with my Rex and thought I had moved on...
  17. THall

    The Flexi-Rex debate: another perspective

    There is a shaving video where Matt reviews the Flexi (V1). Go into the comments section and you will find someone commenting about issues with their Rex which were never addressed, this was me. Besides the adjustment issues, I have a threading issue with the knob. Their last comment before...
  18. THall

    I love Fabergé Brut.... but....

    Not to derail but I inherited a deck of Playboy cards from my uncle. Look to be from 60s and apparently a common pickup if you went to the old clubs. Never would have guessed when he was alive, always the quiet ones, ha ha. As far as shave accessories, I think a lot of us in our forties and...
  19. THall


    Top 5 Shavers in Order Super 84 Gibbs Adjustable Old Type Timeless Stainless.95 OC 195
  20. THall

    The Flexi-Rex debate: another perspective

    Nice review on the Flexi. It looks they have tightened things up a bit from batch 1. I also fall into that camp that has a challenged Rex but acknowledge that minus my issues, it is very efficient. I think my Gibbs razors are a lot smoother, but the Rex gets the job done, I just can’t enjoy...
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