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  1. masonjarjar

    What aftershave and cream combination did use today?

    AOS Oud and Skin Bracer. Good combo.
  2. masonjarjar

    eBay cologne?

    I bought an obviously fake bottle of Ralph Lauren Polo Supreme Oud. It was weaker than the knock off I bought at Big Lots. That was my only burn. I’ve bought several others without issues, including a 100 ml bottle of Dior Noir EDP for $30. My tips are only buy from sellers that show the actual...
  3. masonjarjar

    English Leather Musk vs English Leather

    I have a bottle of MEM EL Musk aftershave. To my nose it smells nothing like regular EL, MEM or Dana. I haven’t come across anything quite like it. It doesn’t smell like any musk I’ve ever tried either. To me it’s more like vanilla than musk. There always seems to be a few on eBay at fairly...
  4. masonjarjar

    Vintage and unusual aftershaves: Post your photos

    JB Williams era AV Ice Blue. I'm guessing it's from 2001/2002 due to the "2002 Monte Carlo" giveway on the cap. 2002 was the last year that AV was under JB Williams before being sold to Combe Inc.
  5. masonjarjar

    Vintage and unusual aftershaves: Post your photos

    This is definitely Lavender, but for some reason they removed that from the front.
  6. masonjarjar

    Aqua Velva Ice Blue - American JB Williams (????-2002) vs American Combe (2003-2010)

    Came across a NOS bottle of JB Williams era Aqua Velva Ice Blue on the bay for a steal, looks to be from 2001 (the sticker on the cap touts a giveaway of a 2002 Monte Carlo), which is right before AV was sold to Combe, Inc. There were subtle changes on the bottle when Combe took over, they seem...
  7. masonjarjar

    Irish Spring smelling AS

    Aqua Velva Ice Sport smells like Cool Water/Aspen. Hard to go wrong with that. I would suggest this before Preferred Stock. I have a few small sample bottles of the PS aftershave and it's good, but there's other muskiness in there that I think overpowers any soapiness you might get from it.
  8. masonjarjar

    Vintage Avon find

    The Wild Country balm is nice. I may have to pick up another tube. The current stuff is super cheap too.
  9. masonjarjar

    What are your Favorite Designer and Niche Aftershaves from Famous Fragrance Houses?

    The only real "designer" aftershave I have is Pierre Cardin balm and it's great. I bought a gift set just so I could get some more when my last tube ran out. I guess my Halston Z-14 aftershaves count as well (love the smell but it's not the best performing aftershave in the world). I'm...
  10. masonjarjar

    Art of shaving your thoughts ?

    I just picked up "Oud" about a month ago. (came in a gift set with the Oud Suede cologne, a great deal at $50) and this one is also a winner. The scent of this one really does stick to your face hours after the shave, so it's advisable to find either an unscented or "close" aftershave (still...
  11. masonjarjar

    What Aftershave did you use today?

    Bath and Body Works - Midnight A/S Balm. This is their Dior Sauvage clone. The balm performs great and smells really nice. I also have the cologne. I got a coupon as a gift, so was checking out the site today to see if they had anything that caught my fancy, and I could not find any of their...
  12. masonjarjar

    Vintage Avon find

    Nice gifts from my MIL. Not like I need more Wild Country, but these are both really nice and appear to have never been opened.
  13. masonjarjar

    Which soaps burn or irritate your face?

    I'm good with menthol, but yea, I think Almond is an issue for me too. Col. Conk almond shave soap was no bueno.. (smelled great though)
  14. masonjarjar

    Where is all the Barbasol "Brisk" aftershave?

    I got lucky at our Ollie's about.. yikes, 8 or 9 years ago? A full GLASS bottle of Old Spice Pure Sport A/S. I think I spent all my Ollie's good karma on that find. I go back every other month or so but never yet have found any rare/weird aftershaves. They often have discontinued Old Spice...
  15. masonjarjar

    Where is all the Barbasol "Brisk" aftershave?

    That's where I scored my forever-stock of Pacific Rush a few years back..
  16. masonjarjar

    Vintage and unusual aftershaves: Post your photos

    I'm not sure what year it was that they switched AV to plastic.. but since my big glass 7oz is approaching the end, I had to track down his little glass brother, and happily it didn't cost me an arm and a leg.
  17. masonjarjar

    Vintage Avon find

    Most of us have enough Wild Country to last until the next century.. :wacko:
  18. masonjarjar

    Fragrance / Scent of the day.

  19. masonjarjar

    Art of shaving your thoughts ?

    never had a bad shave with their cream.. including one of their newest releases, Olibanum and Pepper.
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