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  1. Hawkeyeted

    Newbie with a Slant... Watch out!

    That's a problem? :001_huh: :001_tongu
  2. Hawkeyeted

    One pass success

    Too thick lather? That's like too much money. You can go back over a missed/unsatisfactory spot, just remain WTG. The object is beard reduction, not elimination. The second pass is a re-lather XTG pass, with the same aim as above.
  3. Hawkeyeted

    One pass success

    Silver Blues are my go to blade. I found they work very well in every razor I own. You my find that fixes your second pass irritation problem. I also recommend you examine how hard you're pressing down and possibly examining your soap quality. Some soaps need a little rehydrating by the time...
  4. Hawkeyeted

    Merkur 34c...Heaven!

    Totally agree. I have a DE89bl that I've used almost exclusively for a few years (I mix in the Futur and Progress every once in a while for variety). I acquired a 34C for Christmas and is by far the best of the lot. IMHO, it shave like the Progress at the 1.5 setting. Mild, close and...
  5. Hawkeyeted

    Razor or Blade

    IMHO, "aggressiveness" is driven by the razor. The blade drives the difference between smoothness and sharpness. Consider this; an aggressive razor (like the Muhle R41) paired with a Feather. With that setup, you'll probably need a pint of blood on standby. However, the same razor can be...
  6. Hawkeyeted

    New Guy here! DE on the move

    Let the ADs begin!
  7. Hawkeyeted

    Poor experience with badger, not sure what I'm doing wrong

    +1 This is most likely your problem. In my experience, Simpson's tend to be a bit more hungry and thirsty.
  8. Hawkeyeted

    Newbie 2 weeks in - Struggling

    Howard, Have you tried using the Parker shavette yet? In my 20 years or so of DE/Traditional shaving, you'll know when you're off angle/off pressure with a shavette. The punchline is, when you find the sweetspot with the shavette (even if it's not BBS), mimic that same angle/pressure/feeling...
  9. Hawkeyeted

    A major pet peeve about blades-glue spots

    I just got an order of Feathers in and don't have this issue. I wonder if it's just an issue with a given lot of blades, or did I just luck out?
  10. Hawkeyeted

    Military Shave Routines?

    Welcome Shipmate! (I'm a 23 year retired Navy veteran myself.) I know there's a lot of folks who will call it heresy, but I've never found use for pre-shave oils, creams or what not. I've always had great success in just a good old fashioned face wash, especially onboard the ship. That said...
  11. Hawkeyeted

    New wet shaver checking in

    Welcome! Jump in, the water is warm! Leave your credit cards at home though. This hobby can get expensive once you get the ADs (Acquisition Disorder).
  12. Hawkeyeted

    What razor/blade did you use today

    '55 Superspeed w/Personna Red. :001_cool:
  13. Hawkeyeted

    Just had the best shave in years.

    Gillette and Schick are in the business of razor blades these days, not razors......which is unfortunate.
  14. Hawkeyeted

    Who Makes AOS Creams?

    I got news for you. Ever noticed the heavy pushing of Fusion razors in an AOS store? Gillette bought the AOS chain 2009-ish. And who's Gillette's parent company? Proctor & Gamble. Just sayin'..........
  15. Hawkeyeted

    Random Thoughts and Wisdom for Newbies

    I'd like to add something that is VERY important for new wet shavers: Management of change. Consistency is everything; If you change something in your routine, change only ONE THING at a time. There is nothing more frustrating than chasing that BBS by changing soap and blade and razor, etc...
  16. Hawkeyeted

    Disposable Vs DE

    +1 on the EJ! :thumbup1:
  17. Hawkeyeted

    Do we "overshave"?

    "Overshave"? What is that? I don't know what that means....:tongue_sm
  18. Hawkeyeted

    At Least He Didn't take my Razors!

    If it were me, he'd wish he'd stole my razors when i get done with him....:angry:
  19. Hawkeyeted

    What's the worst scent you can imagine?

    A cat litter box that is in desperate need of a change........ :censored:
  20. Hawkeyeted

    The Takeoff

    Welcome to B&B! "He who is not fit for the this day will be less so tomorrow." Learnt that one in Latin class....:tongue_sm My personal fav: "Audaces fortuna iuvat, sed favent promotione gutless tabulas."
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