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  1. DE Steve

    Back to the Merkur Progress

    Short handle.
  2. DE Steve

    The Codger Cabin

    Most Middleton (spelling?) blends are going away for good. That includes, but not limited to, Prince Albert and Carter Hall.
  3. DE Steve

    I've never tried Bay Rum. Where to start?

    Gabels Bay Rum
  4. DE Steve

    Best $100 DE Razor

    Merkur Progess
  5. DE Steve

    Merkur Progress first impressions

    See my thread here; Back to the Merkur Progress - https://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/threads/back-to-the-merkur-progress.600115/
  6. DE Steve

    Back to the Merkur Progress

    I've posted in numerous threads here how I switched from a Merkur Progress daily shaver to a Gillette Heritage over a year ago, and used the Heritage daily since. After reading some of the praise for the Progress in various threads here, I decided to get out the Progress and try it again. I...
  7. DE Steve

    Has Proraso Green changed?

    Going to buy the new green bottle/ingredient small size and compare performance to my old 400ml bottle.
  8. DE Steve

    Has Proraso Green changed?

  9. DE Steve

    Has Proraso Green changed?

    Can anyone compare the ingredients of the new and old small bottles? The old 400ml bottle which I have, does not show detailed ingredients.
  10. DE Steve

    Merkur Progress problem

    I also got a reply from Dovo saying they'll be sending me a replacement inner shaft assembly for my older Progress that had a loose number ring. Now I'll have two Pregress's :biggrin1:
  11. DE Steve

    Gillette Heritage Initial Review

    Definitely something wrong with your Heritage. Over a year ago I stopped using a Progress as my daily shaver in favor of the Heritage. And I used the Progress at some very aggressive settings. And the Heritage is way more aggressive than a 34c which I also used daily many years ago. The...
  12. DE Steve

    If you could only own one DE safety razor....

    More than three years after my last post in this thread (first page post), my best shaver has changed from a Merkur Progress to a Gillette Heritage. Been using the Gillette Heritage daily for a year and love it
  13. DE Steve

    Merkur Progress problem

  14. DE Steve

    Merkur Progress problem

    Could you please post the email address you used for Dovo service? Gong to try and get my older Progress fixed. When I tried contacting them a few years ago, they never responded.
  15. DE Steve

    Merkur Progress problem

    Good luck! FYI Dovo will not respond.
  16. DE Steve

    Merkur Progress problem

    Had this happen to mine after about 1,5 years s of owning it. The place I bought it from on Amazon (can't remember) replaced it with a new one for half price which I thought was fair. https://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/threads/merkur-progress.552300/#post-9850266
  17. DE Steve

    progress question

    Don't have mine handy right now, but I think there's a difference between tightening it down with or without a blade installed.
  18. DE Steve

    No more Lanes Dark Red!

    It's still available everywhere I looked (smokingpipes.com).
  19. DE Steve

    Front Mounted Digital Hygrometer

    Most small humidor front mounted analog hygrometers do a poor job of showing the relative humidity INSIDE the humidor and are extremely influenced by the relative humidity OUTSIDE the humidor. Hopefully, a digital replacement works better.
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