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  1. timwcic

    NOS Birth Year Lady Gillette From The Wild

    Well actually about NOS that you can get without still being factory sealed. A date code I-1 Lady Gillette in its case with cardboard insert and blades with user direction factory wrapped in cellophane. This atomic blue beauty opens and closes with ease. I was excited to find this at this...
  2. timwcic

    1956 Gillette Tech No24

    A very cool score today while out doing a little antiquing. It’s been a while since I found a Made In England razor in the wild. A 1956 Gillette Tech No24 in very low mileage condition. Not only a beauty of a English razor but came in a unusual swirled Bakelite case that I never seen before. Had...
  3. timwcic

    Removing A Glued Oilstone From A Wooden Case With A Restoration Thrown In

    Over the years a have been lucky to find a few stones here and there. Most of them, if in a box, usually pop right out. Occasionally, if a significant stone is glued in a box, I will destroy the box to recover the stone. Very rarely a important stone is glued into an important box, now that’s...
  4. timwcic

    Latest Restoration, Dubl Duck Imperial Russia With Linen

    This was a rescue at the beginning of the month. Leather is flat with no cuts with a Russian tooled flesh side and linen completely usable. The problem is the leather is so dried out, it was stiff as a board. Was afraid it was going to snap in half on my way home. After disassemble I started...
  5. timwcic

    Antique Pike #75 Strop

    This is a nice score, a antique Pike #75 in what in what in what I think is boar. It is in a very low mileage condition and well taken care of. It measures 22 x 2 inches. The sharpen side has a embossed work surface. The finish side is marked “Newshell Trademark” and is slick as it should be...
  6. timwcic

    Mystery NOS Shaving Brush, Made In England

    It doesn’t get much more NOS than this. A English brush with the knot still tied up. A imitation?? horn handle with a Badger knot. Thought it might have been boar, but the tips are very fine. Handle stands 3 inches tall and shy of 6” OAL. Has a sticker, but not familiar with it. Do not think...
  7. timwcic

    Lipshaw Microtome Hone

    This is a strange hunk-o-rock. Once you get past is use history and the funky, “I never smelt this before”, medical aroma it has, it’s a nice stone. It’s a large 12x3x1 inches in a sturdy case. Under use, it feels it be a soft Ark on the hard feedback side. I did a specific gravity test...
  8. timwcic

    Thermos Shaving Brush

    I scored this brush at a flea market before the lockdown. I have been test driving for the last few weeks and it has turned into a WOW of a brush. I have seen a few other Thermos brushes over the years but they were boar bristle in rundown condition. This is the first badger I have seen so I...
  9. timwcic

    Another Vintage Strop Welcomed To The Den

    A nice score for my stropping pleasure, a C-Mon, Peter J Michels #410 with a linen second. Has a horizontal milled, grooved, cut back to the leather. First one that a have that has this texture. Don’t know if it improves the leather or if it for pastes. Very cool backside. It is in a very low...
  10. timwcic

    In The Year Of Our Lord 1794, A Very Busy Coticule

    This was an astonishing find from one of my estate sellers. Found in a box with several carbos, wrapped in a page of the Denver Post from 1972. A strangely shaped Coticule that is 2 inches wide and 10 inches overall length. Don’t know why it is this shape, put looks to have been cut this way...
  11. timwcic

    Today Is Gasparilla Day

    AKA talk like a pirate day in Tampa. It is the third largest parade in the country. Not unlike Mardi Gras, just with pirates. It is actually two parades. The Saturday before is the Gasparilla Children’s Parade, a family friendly event. Today’s main event can be a sight to be seen. Depending on...
  12. timwcic

    Vintage Gillette ID Help, Not For Razor But For Metal Case

    I scored this a few weeks ago and finally got around to researching. It is like Russian stacking dolls. The outer metal case is stamped GILLETTE on the bottom. That enough was good enough to take home. Opening showed a Tuckaway with its cloth cover inside. Once that was removed, inside was a box...
  13. timwcic

    Gillette Turnaround Shaving Brush, Rare Bird For The New Year???

    I scored this last weekend and finally got time to look it over. This is a brush I never saw before, a Gillette Turnaround. I call these turnarounds but also called travel or collapsible shave brush. It is all there but missing one end cap. Has a nice logo on the body and has a monogram on one...
  14. timwcic

    Mystery Stone L. Gampanini Primo From Milano, Italy

    It is not every day I score a hone that I have never seen before and the Google machine is no help, could not find any substantial info. A natural stone, L. Gampanini (or L. Campanini) Primo from Milano, Italy. It measure a hair under 6 x 2 1/2 x 5/8 inches. It has what look like a same stone...
  15. timwcic

    J A Henkels Rapide Razor

    This was a score over the weekend. A J. A. Henkels Rapide razor that looks complete. Has the razor, stropping handle and amazingly nine blades in a safety holder. I am not at all familiar with this razor. Everything look to be in good working shape and the hold down is not bent. Any help in...
  16. timwcic

    New Scuttle And Butterscotch Brush

    My latest scuttle to keep a brush happy. Look forward to mounds of warm creamy lather
  17. timwcic

    Geo Wostenholm & Son 8/8 I.X.L Wedge In Swordfish Bill

    It has been a while since my last SR restro, time to give it a go. I scored this 8/8 Wosty near wedge with freakishly large home made scales last month. I was going to reshape the scales. It was not until I broke down and started cleaning that I discovered it was a I.X.L. A 8/8 I.X.L...
  18. timwcic

    The Mother Of All Hones, Norton Razor Hone Salesman Sample

    This came to me from one of my local pickers last weekend. He got into a estate of a barber and offered me a few things in a lot including this. This is the Mother of all Barber Hones. This is the Uber Rare and Gargantuan Sized Norton razor Hone. This is the salesman sample used by the reps to...
  19. timwcic

    Shapleigh Hardware Lily White Washita

    This is one I have never seen before. It was discovered by a picker friend of mine. He was hunting in the hills of New Mexico. This is a interesting piece of history, a double dip of two good names together. A labeled Shapleigh Hardware Lily White Washita. Shapleigh Hardware has its place in...
  20. timwcic

    Two Butterscotch Reknots Using Oumo SHD Two Band

    It been a few years since my last brush reknot. My itch started when I read about the Oumo SHD knots, so the order went in. I got a 24 and 26 two band fan, and when I open the package I was not disappointed. Out if the box they felt soft, dense, nice backbone, small glue bump and no swell. I...
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