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  1. EclipseRedRing

    20% discount on brushes at Vintage Scent

    There is a 20% discount on brushes, including Semogue, by using the code VSBDAY at the checkout - the offer runs until Wednesday 21st April. https://vintagescent.com/
  2. EclipseRedRing

    Repeated purchases - the humble Goodwill

    I recently purchased a lovely English Gillette Goodwill razor - this is the third one I have owned after twice choosing to sell my Goodwill razor when thinning out my collection. As luck would have it, my current Goodwill is the best example I have owned and when I use it I am reminded how...
  3. EclipseRedRing

    I love Fabergé Brut.... but....

    I am not sure that I could get away with these Fab....u....lous cufflinks! (seller's images). Do any members have any shaving related jewellery or other accessories?
  4. EclipseRedRing

    Simpson Software Deals - up to 50% discount on the Simpson site

    There are heavy discounts of up to 50% on the Simpson web site for their shave oils, creams, and balms. This is apparently due to Simpson having problems exporting such product to the EU; they may be clearing a backlog of stock so these prices may not last. Sadly the discounts do not apply to...
  5. EclipseRedRing

    UK PIF - Gillette razor, Tabac soap, blades, boar brush, Shulton Old Spice and.... a nice bottle.

    I have been the lucky recipient of some great PIFs thanks to the generosity of the B&B membership so now is my chance to return the compliment. Postage and packing is included but this is UK only due to postal regulations and is open to any UK member, just say 'I am in'. I am not sure if there...
  6. EclipseRedRing

    FSOT UK Brush Sale - Simpson Colonel X2L Platinum Fibre Synthetic / Paladin 2XL Tortoiseshell

    My first BST post so please let me know if I have not done this correctly. First up for sale is an unusual Simpson Colonel X2L Synthetic brush with a platinum fibre knot and a ruby red handle complete with original Simpson red box and care leaflet. The knot is 21mm and the loft is 45mm and...
  7. EclipseRedRing

    Can this be what it appears?

    I have just acquired this vintage, very hard puck as shown below. Without lathering it has a light soapy scent but not anything I recognise......... I would love it to be what it appears from the impressed mark but I am not convinced as I have never seen another. What is the opinion of the...
  8. EclipseRedRing

    Resurrection of a vintage Yardley shaving cream

    I just acquired two tubes of vintage Yardley shaving cream, one NOS and the other part used. The part used cream was very hard in the tube and it was almost impossible to squeeze any out. The little I could use was very dry, needed water adding and did not lather well. The tube is shown below...
  9. EclipseRedRing

    Transcript of 1926 British House Of Commons Parliamentary debate on British Army razors contract

    I came across this transcript from a 1926 debate in the British House of Commons regarding the award of the contract for the production of razors for the British Army of the time and thought it may be of interest. It has some fascinating excerpts such as the Financial Secretary to the War...
  10. EclipseRedRing

    A question on aftershave and pre electric shave - are they the same?

    Gentlemen, I was looking at a vintage bottle of Cussons Imperial Leather aftershave when I notice the rear of the label as shown below which states that the lotion is suitable for use after shaving with soap or cream or before electric shaving. My question is this: is aftershave and pre...
  11. EclipseRedRing

    Artist Club August

    I often use a Feather Artist Club DX in my rotation but always finish up with a DE for the final tidy up pass; this is due to my lack of skill with the Feather. It looks like I will be continuing to work at home for at least the next month so it occurred to me that this is a great opportunity to...
  12. EclipseRedRing

    A Shulton Old Spice Shaving Brush Travel Tube

    I acquired this vintage Shulton Old Spice deodorant stick a while ago and have been wondering how to make use of it as the contents are perished. I have repurposed it into a very effective, and I think rather stylish, brush travel tube as shown: You can push out the entire inner section...
  13. EclipseRedRing

    Did your 'grail' live up to your expectations?

    I have read of so called grail razors and although I am satisfied with what I have, I have always desired a Darwin cobalt DE razor. I like the design, and also I suppose I am attracted to the exclusivity. I have had many enjoyable years searching for, and hoping to find a Darwin, and had a lot...
  14. EclipseRedRing

    Question regarding cleaning and disassembly of an Eclipse Red Ring

    Gentlemen, I have in the past disassembled a TTO razor such as a Gillette Red Tip by removing the small screw in the handle using a forked screwdriver and then removing the T bar and door assembly. I have cleaned and lubricated the parts before reassembling them and also adjusted a lazy door if...
  15. EclipseRedRing

    PIF From the UK, for the UK

    Hi everyone, I have been here a while and greatly appreciate this forum, especially in the last few weeks which have been personally very tough for me, so I thought a small PIF was in order. Like many UK members I dread the words 'CONUS ONLY' so this PIF is for the UK only. The winner of this...
  16. EclipseRedRing

    My first fountain pen.

    They don't seem to get a lot of love here but this is my first fountain pen, a Cross Apogee in Titian red lacquer with an 18ct gold rhodium plated medium nib. I am using up the black cartridges that came with it then will start with the converter and bottled ink. I bought blue bottled ink as it...
  17. EclipseRedRing

    Henckels Henso cleanup and review

    I recently acquired for £25 including carriage from EBay France, a vintage Henckels Henso DE razor as shown below: I am unsure of the date of this razor but the fact it is marked 'Germany' and not 'East' or 'West' Germany suggests it is pre World War Two. Given that it is marked 'Germany' and...
  18. EclipseRedRing

    Vintage Shulton Old Spice Cream

    Today I used a vintage Shulton Old Spice shaving cream which performed as I expected but not as I had hoped. I am not sure of the age of the product but I believe it to be from the 1950s. From the tube the cream appeared like a nutty brown sludge containing some crystal like material. The...
  19. EclipseRedRing

    New setup - advice wanted

    I have a little experience with using a French press and also a moka pot, but have just acquired a DeLonghi Dedica espresso maker and have started experimenting with it; so far the results are good. I use a small Krups grinder and Illy or Lavazza beans and expect to normally make an espresso...
  20. EclipseRedRing

    English vs USA Red Tip

    I have been using a C-1 USA red tip for some time and have just acquired the equivalent English model. It has a little brassing but has cleaned up well and I am very pleased with it. I have used the English razor today and the shave seems identical to the USA version. Aside from the end caps...
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