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  1. Schnitzel52

    College Hockey

    This thread is for all the college hockey fans. This weekend the number 5 DU Pioners take on number 2 rated North Dakota. Always tough and exciting play.
  2. Schnitzel52

    Favorite Snowy Day Soap

    Snow is moving into our area overnight. Perhaps Prorasso Red in the morning. What’s your favorite snowy day soap?
  3. Schnitzel52

    Desert Vetiver

    I just received an email from Saponifico Varisino announcing their new line Desert Vetiver. It’s probably only in Italy at this time. You might want to visit their website. I’m looking forward to trying it.
  4. Schnitzel52

    Best Modern Open Comb

    Who makes the best modern open comb razor? (In production now)
  5. Schnitzel52

    Hand Soap Question

    My wife bought two bars of Sapone Vegitale and she loves them. Who else makes triple milled soaps that are fragrant and kind to sensitive skin? (She’s a redhead)
  6. Schnitzel52

    Life is Good

    As our nation enters quarantine as events across our land including church are cancelled; this is a reminder that faith and goodness have not been cancelled. Life is good. We will get through this together. Let’s all stay in touch. Ed
  7. Schnitzel52

    A Pleasant Surprise

    I went into my barber 💈 shop and to my surprise they are starting to sell Parker Razors and brushes with Taconic soaps. We started a discussion about the razors and I opened B&B on my phone and showed them the information on the site and they were amazed. We’re going to discuss carrying...
  8. Schnitzel52

    Brass Off

    Ever since I received a Gillette New SC I have developed an interest in brass razors. It’s time for show and tell. Show us and tell us about your brass razor. This is my Fat Handle Tech.
  9. Schnitzel52

    Denver Meet

    We are having a Denver Meet on Saturday February 29th. Feel free to contact me for details or to RSVP. It is short notice due to conflicts getting our facility.
  10. Schnitzel52


    Close shave? FTC blocks Harry's buy Share Updated 7 hours ago The Federal Trade Commission has sought to foil a takeover of shaving startup Harry’s. The panel sued to block its $1.37 billion buyout by Edgewell...
  11. Schnitzel52

    Oily Skin

    What are the best soaps for oily skin?
  12. Schnitzel52

    Wach Auf!!

    It’s Schaffmilch Sunday! Merkur 34HD and Merkur Super Platinum blade Today’s post shave is sponsored by J S Bach; “Wachet Auf Rufft An Stimme”
  13. Schnitzel52

    I want to get balmed.

    I have been happily using Nivea balms after I shave. I want to try something new. What do you like and recommend?
  14. Schnitzel52

    First Notice

    January 2, 2020 will be the first day of A Year of Haslingers. I look forward to a year with the variety of this classic high performance shave soap. This is the first notice. A new thread for sign ups will appear in December. This gives us time to shave our soap inventories to...
  15. Schnitzel52

    Where can I buy a strop?

    Yesterday I received an Imperial straight razor at the Denver B&B Meet. Thanks, Jerry! I need advice on what to look for and where I might buy one. This is all new to me. Thanks!
  16. Schnitzel52

    The Denver Meet-up

    The Denver Badger &Blade meet-up was held today from 11to 5. We would like to thank Captain’s Choice for generously providing samples for today’s meet-up. Thanks Captain! There were four attendees present at today’s meet-up. We missed those who were unable to attend due to the difficult...
  17. Schnitzel52

    Where Were you in ‘62?

    This isn’t about 1962. What did you shave with “back in the day?” What was your razor? What was your soap and favorite scent?
  18. Schnitzel52

    Righty Lefty

    My shoulder popped out of joint when rolling over in bed the other night. The doctor thinks it ca be rehabbed. I have decided to drop down to 3.0 - 3.5 (Tennis) and start playing left handed. Has anyone had any success making the switch?
  19. Schnitzel52

    Help! HPAD Alert!

    HPAD is Hand Plane Acquisition Disorder and I had it BAD! I was a Woodworker and sold my tools, including my 9 wonderful hand planes, when we downsized to a townhome which had no room for a shop. Planes, chisels, dovetail saws all fond memories now. I just saw a Garrett Wade catalog on the...
  20. Schnitzel52

    Tech Inquiry

    I stumbled into a picture of a Gillette (Ranger?) Tech. It looks like one of my Dad’s razors. He also had a Super Speed later in his life. It has me curious about them. Can you tell me about them? Are they available? Are there current models (clones) like them? I had an attack of...
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