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  1. williabe

    Feather blade in a WR1-OC

    Just had possibly the best shave ever using a Feather blade in my Wolfman OC razor. Used zero pressure and was rewarded with a super irritation free shave. Used Stirling Glacial Obsidian and 50/50 grape/hemp seed oil preshave. Will see how many shaves this blade gets. Super impressed. Also...
  2. williabe

    Just became a contributer!

    Membership on this forum has been a wonderful experience and I have learned much from many different people. Thank you for your help and support, I just became a contributer. Long live B&B!!
  3. williabe

    Wolfman WR1-SB Solid Brass

    Wolfman Razors: WR1-SB Brass razor review Up for review is my solid brass Wolfman WR1-SB razor, polished version. This razor is a thing of beauty and will be rotated with my existing SS WR1-OC. This is not the standard SB from Wolfman Razors, but a slightly increased blade gap from standard...
  4. williabe

    Clash of the titans: Wolfman vs ATT

    Here is my comparative review between the ATT S2 and Wolfman Wr1-OC razors: I have the great fortune of possessing two truly great works of art: The ATT S2 and WR1-OC razors. Both DE razors are fully machines machined from solid stainless steel. How do they feel and perform? read on.... (As...
  5. williabe

    Wolfman WR1-OC

    First shave tonight, and I can hardly wait. This razor is a thing of beauty, very well machined, with outstanding finish and balance. Full review to follow after I get a few shaves under my belt. FULL REVIEW: Wolfman WR1-OC review Early this week I took delivery of a Wolfman WR1-OC razor...
  6. williabe

    williabe's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame EntryWhat is your real name? Bill Bedford What are your nicknames/aliases? Billy, WilliaBe Where do you live? Calgary Alberta What is your age (or) generation? 40 What are you in the real world? Information Systems Manager What is your favorite shave setup? Edwin Jagger...
  7. williabe

    Blade search journey

    I have to admit I am surprised at the difference in quality, comfort and sharpness of the different DE blades available. When I decided to try classic shaving, I thought it was ridiculous that there would be variations in the blade - but I was very wrong. Based on advice on this forum, I...
  8. williabe

    Blade search journey

  9. williabe

    New Moss Scuttle

    Just took delivery of a Moss Scuttle made by Sarah Bonnyman. I bought the large Anniversary Slate model: First shave with it last night, and the warm Proraso lather was totally amazing. My most comfortable shave yet for sure. I'll add "money shot" lather pics and post in the review section...
  10. williabe

    Hello from Calgary

    Hello, Couldn't face continuing to spending huge $$$ on "disposable superblades", so jumped into DE shaving. Just picked up an Edwin Jagger DE3D14bl (Laser Diamond Handle) & Edwin Jagger shaving brush. 1st shave tonight - with Proraso green shave creme and Derby blade. Great website...
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