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  1. JonEdangerousli

    Silvertip Badger Brushes FS

    Great looking brushes. I love the one you made for me. I love the setting of the pics too. Ever find any purple swirl Acrylic?
  2. JonEdangerousli

    Why are Will Ferrell's movies so funny?

    We watched "Blades of Glory" last night. I laughed my *ss off. His movies are so stupid, but so funny. Why is that?
  3. JonEdangerousli

    Dusty Window Art

    I had to share this.
  4. JonEdangerousli

    A Novel Approach

    I've been participating in an extremely interesting thread over at SRP. We've been writing the Great American Novel. As a group. If you haven't seen this before (and I hadn't) it can be a lot of fun if you actively participate. It's amazing to see the differences between where you think it's...
  5. JonEdangerousli

    World's Smallest Political Quiz

    I thought this quiz would be an interesting diversion. It took me <30 seconds to complete. Feel free to post your score if you like. Libertarian here. Surprise, surprise!:w00t:
  6. JonEdangerousli

    The Joke Thread

    Inspired by a similar thread on another forum. Have fun! I'll lead us off with my favorite one liner of all time. They LOVED this in Portland: "A baby harp seal walks into a club." credit to "The Amazing Jonathan"
  7. JonEdangerousli

    20,000 Percent Tax Increase???

    I'm still trying to get my mind to process this article. Insanity?
  8. JonEdangerousli

    Penhaligon's Sampler

    Ordered a men's 10 scent sampler from London Bathecary through amazon last week. It came today. I'm very impressed with their service so far. For the SWMBO review: Nah Bluebell English Fern (I have the soap though, LOL) Not TOO Bad Lily of the Valley Lavandula OK Endymion Malabah Artemisia...
  9. JonEdangerousli

    We are needed in Iraq!!!!

  10. JonEdangerousli

    First Presidential Election

    Keeping in line with the Presidential theme, when was the first Presidential election you voted in, and (if you wish to tell) who did you vote for. I'll start: 1980/Reagan
  11. JonEdangerousli

    Sheehan v. Pelosi

    Thoughts? http://wcbstv.com/national/topstories_story_189163601.html
  12. JonEdangerousli

    Digital or Film? What should my next cam be?

    Following up on an idea from a dig/film camera thread.
  13. JonEdangerousli

    US Open

    Ok, I'll take Tiger and give the field. Anyone up for it? Go Tiger. J.
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