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  1. seattleshaver

    Best Shampoo for Gray Thinning Hair ?

    I don't think it makes any difference. Your hair is still going to be grey and thinning and most any shampoo will clean it.
  2. seattleshaver

    What are the benefits of a high-quality strop versus cheap generic ones?

    There is no difference. I'd get a $20 strop as opposed to a $2 strop but other than that, there is no difference.
  3. seattleshaver

    Starting My Natural Stone Honing

    You told us you only have one (two is four, remember?) so you'd best keep her.
  4. seattleshaver

    Corking The SR Edge

    Shave every other day if that is all you need.
  5. seattleshaver

    best tool for cutting king 1k

    I would try it with a hack saw under running water.
  6. seattleshaver

    A review of the Filarmonica Doble Temple 13

    Espanola is Spanish for Spanish.
  7. seattleshaver

    Keep it Clean

    I wipe the sides of the blade with a towel and then strop it on linen and then leather for a few laps and put it back in my wooden (cigar) box which is keep in another (not bathroom) room. That's it and I've had no problem doing it that way for years.
  8. seattleshaver

    Going Straight. Help me sort out what I have and need.

    Buy a small ball peen hammer and use the side of another hammer of any type as your anvil.
  9. seattleshaver

    Dad's sharpening stone

    Waa she ta.
  10. seattleshaver

    Going Straight. Help me sort out what I have and need.

    There's no reason not to get it if you are thinking of not getting a 1k because of price. I also disagree with the characterization of it being borderline between acceptable and a doorstop. Some people complain that it is too soft or too slow but most people are only going to use it on a few...
  11. seattleshaver

    Going Straight. Help me sort out what I have and need.

    You can get a King 1k waterstone for about $25 so there's no reason not to get that. I wouldn't use the DMT's for anything other than flattening the other hones. When you can afford it, a 12k Naniwa is nice to have and you already have the chrome oxide paddle along with the 3k and 8k. Spend...
  12. seattleshaver

    What's a Fair Honing Price?

    I don't think "fair" is definable nor is it how anything is priced. Competitively speaking I'd think $20-$30 would be a common rate plus postage. I've never sent one out to be honed though.
  13. seattleshaver

    Does size really matter?

    My favorite is a 6/8" round tip full hollow. I have 5/8" and even one 4/8" I think but I much prefer 6/8". A little larger is OK but much above that is just overkill for me.
  14. seattleshaver

    First hone, followed by first shave

    The ultimate challenge would be to shave off your beard and then you will have you hands full with the shave itself:)
  15. seattleshaver

    Blade is skipping/bouncing on stone

    It's probably technique since it only happens on the pull stroke.
  16. seattleshaver

    First honing project - next steps?

    I would try shaving with it before I did anything else. That's the true test. You say you have a beard? How much skin to you actually have to shave?
  17. seattleshaver


    I usually have pretty good luck with actual deliveries but their tracking/notification system is a little messed up. They guess at when the initial delivery should be made and then even when it's going to be late they stay with that initial forecast until it has past and then the notification...
  18. seattleshaver

    favorite finisher and why

    Let me ask you a question and it's not meant to be snarky. I've often wondered this about a lot of posts on this subject. If you have a "special" hone that produces wonderful edges why are you looking to buy more hones down the road? I always just wonder how much "voodoo" is involved in honing...
  19. seattleshaver

    What did you hone today?

    I honed my Filarmonica today and did a little "toe" repair. I haven't had this razor long. I honed it when I got it and have shaved with it several times. I have bought several razors lately (including the Filarmica) and when I got them I honed them in a hurry just by feel (without checking them...
  20. seattleshaver

    "Extended Use" Rotations

    Anyone reading this forum is overthinking shaving:) When I use a DE I use the same (only) DE with Gillette Silver Blue blades. When I use a straight I just pick whatever appeals to me out of the 10 that are ready to shave. Some times it's a random one each time and sometimes I'm develop a...
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