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  1. les24preludes

    Which boar to add to the collection?

    Right now I have the following, which have a nice spread of different sizes, backbone and softness: Zenith 506A (27/55) Omega 10083 (27/63) Omega 10049 (26/62) Omega 81230 (24/57) Semogue S.O.C. (24/57) Semogue 1305 (22/55) Vulfix...
  2. les24preludes

    Most Beautiful Rock Wife - Nominations...

    So who's your choice as most beautiful, charismatic and just plain gorgeous rock wife? Here's a couple:
  3. les24preludes

    Unbleached boar brushes - what's available?

    Could we make a list of the boar brushes that we know are unbleached? Admittedly manufacturers may be vague about this, but let's see if we can compile something based on the evidence available?
  4. les24preludes

    Which Yaqi 2-band badger to buy?

    I see nothing but good reviews for all the Yaqi 2-bands, but which is the best choice for face lathering? We have: Moka 26/55 bulb Violet 24/53 fan Mysterious Space 24/55 fan Mysterious Space 24/55 bulb Red handle 24? bulb Mountain Lake 24? bulb I'm inclined to go for one of the first three...
  5. les24preludes

    Your favourite treatment for wood handles?

    Tung oil, linseed oil, polyurethane..... I have an already made up brush with an untreated wood handle. What are the best options for a treatment, and how should I go about it in an existing brush?
  6. les24preludes

    Do you get a closer shave with a boar brush?

    I've just started using boar brushes and I've been reading a lot of threads about them. I've noticed a few posts saying you can get a closer shave with a boar brush because it lifts the hair more, or conditions the hair+skin better. Not sure exactly what, and this may be just anecdotal. For my...
  7. les24preludes

    Boar hair - is it all the same or does it vary in quality?

    Badger hair is denoted by well accepted definitions, but boar hair seems to have no such definitions. Semogue has a 70% to 90% tops definition, but that's for the length of the hair not the hair itself. Some brush makers use "premium" or some such word as in Omega 011842 or Semogue SOC but it's...
  8. les24preludes

    DS Cosmetics synthetic knots

    Just received a 26mm yellow base and synthetic knot from DS. The knot base is 25mm and it's not what I'm used to from the Yaqis I have (R-L) - 24mm Moka, 24mm Sagrada Tux, 26mm Timber Wolf and 28mm Tux. All of those splay fairly easily, the 28mm Tux less so because it's very dense. There's a lot...
  9. les24preludes

    les24preludes's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    What is your real name? Andy What are your nicknames/aliases? les24preludes Where do you live? London UK What is your age (or) generation? Over 60s What are you in the real world? Musicians Psychologist and Coach What is your favorite shave setup? R41 or Karve OC E...
  10. les24preludes

    Aluminium brush handles

    Post just arrived and here is my next project - an aluminium handle, or rather two. Aluminium tube measures 35mm OD and 28.5mm ID. Tube is 101mm and 86g so will be 2 of 50mm handles at 43g plus whatever. Looks like a 28mm knot, synthetic. This is shaping up to be close to a Simpson Chubby 2 in...
  11. les24preludes

    Do you prefer Smooth or Blade Feel? ....Poll

    How do you like your DE shave? - Do you like smooth? - Do you like blade feel + audible feedback
  12. les24preludes

    Your prettiest shaving brush handles - vintage or modern

    Please post pics of your nominations for prettiest ever shaving brush handles. Could be vintage or modern. Here's two to kick it off: Semogue 740 and vintage Butterfly
  13. les24preludes

    Best handle size for face lathering?

    As a face latherer I've been getting unsatisfied with longer and heavier handles to the point where I sawed off the bottom of my Yaqi Timber Wolf brush to make it 52mm and 93g instead of 67mm and 115g. Turned out a really nice size - much better feel in the hand. So I'm curious as to what size...
  14. les24preludes

    Shortening a brush handle?

    I have a couple of Yaqi synths - Moka Express and a Timber wolf in a longer handle. I prefer the shorter handle and wondered if it was straightforward to put the brush in a vice and saw the bottom off to make it the same length, kind of chubby. I don't have a lathe but I have a drill press if...
  15. les24preludes

    Saponificio SV turning brown....ideas?

    My puck of SV, which I put in an aluminium container, is turning brown. Smells and works just the same but it's definitely turning brown bit by bit. What does this mean?............. Anyone?
  16. les24preludes

    Best 28mm synthetic brushes?

    I have a Yaqi Tuxedo 28mm on order and if that goes well I might look for another 28mm. Using a 26mm Timber Wolf now and loving it. What's good in 28mm synthetics? I'm in the UK so Chinese are probably most economical, but open to all possibilities and suggestions.
  17. les24preludes

    Haslinger - favourite scents?

    Can we NOT talk about performance here (performance is known to be good) and just focus on the scents? What are your favourite or preferred Haslinger scents? Some descriptions please, including scent strength.
  18. les24preludes

    Titanium Razors - Users Thread

    Do you use an all-titanium razor? Or a titanium handle on a DE head? Give us your experiences and thoughts and let's create a titanium razor thread.
  19. les24preludes

    Name the soaps whose scents can rank as masterpieces?

    Can you name soaps whose scents are so special and well blended that they can rank as masterpieces? Post your list below and help us identify the "must have" scents! 1. Please do NOT choose scents on the basis of performance - that's irrelevant for this thread. Just the scent matters. 2. Try...
  20. les24preludes

    You have BBS with no irritation - where to go next?

    If you've got to the point where you have a BBS shave - face nice and smooth - and you can do that without irritation........ where do you go from there? Or have you arrived at the end stop?
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