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  1. huracan

    Have You Been Naughty or Nice in 2013?

    huracan has been nice!
  2. huracan

    1800"s Ivory Handle Shaving Brush (?)

    Look what I found:
  3. huracan

    1800"s Ivory Handle Shaving Brush (?)

    Those symbols most likely indicate that the cap is sterling and have a meaning. Here is a {link}. There is an outfit on ebay, of all places, that makes shaving brushes out of cuttlery. Member Johnmrson had one made a while back that I saw in one of his pictures (he mentions it here), your brush...
  4. huracan

    Calling all VINTAGE SIMPSONS - Hear Ye Hear Ye

    I have a BB.22 and been told it was made by Rooney for Brook Bros. looks identical to yours. Simpsons did make brushes for BB though.
  5. huracan

    Are Simpson Chubby brushes worth the money?

    I do not think it means what you think it means. :tongue_sm
  6. huracan

    Simpson chubby best or super?

    I love the chubby in Best. Try this to improve the soap loading: drip some hot water on top of your soap just before you drop the brush in to soak. Use just enough to 'sheen' the top of the puck, it'll soften up the soap and make it easier for the tips of the brush to pick it up.
  7. huracan

    Info on Gillette travel brush

    Hi John, found your post and saw that you found a nice brush. These Gillette brushes are an oddity to me because I really can't seem to find more info on them; I suspect these where available from the '60s through the '70s. What's weird too is that they just don't show up say in ebuay with...
  8. huracan

    Gillette Brush

    That came out nice :thumbup1:.
  9. huracan

    Ok Gents. Does your wife like Old Spice?

    For some reason my wife (and most women I know) "hate" the idea of Old Spice, but like how it smells before they find out what it is :confused1.
  10. huracan

    Gillette Brush

    M I used a sacrificial SE blade to cut all the bristle as close to the base as possible. Then used a drill bit on a dremel to dig the rest of the knot out. Make sure you cover the edge of the handle with masking tape as best you can. The bonding that holds the hair together is some sort of...
  11. huracan

    Gillette Brush

    Thanks, I got the knot from thegoldennib.com. I actually wish I'd gotten an 18 mm instead of the 20 mm I used so that it could be sunk a little further.
  12. huracan

    Gillette Brush

    My dad had one with which I attempted to wetshave a couple of decades ago and then quickly forgot about. About 10 years ago when I bought my first new shave brush, I remembered it and looked for it the next time I visited my folks; I found it in a drawer in terrible shape, broken up and reglued...
  13. huracan

    vintage butterscotch simpson polo 14 best badger..

    The tips look very similar to the tips of the current two band hair Simpson is using, they taper. Man, melyus' polo feels soft even through the screen.
  14. huracan

    vintage butterscotch simpson polo 14 best badger..

    I've wondered before if the coloring was like that from new (a certain badger from the times) or if it gets like that under certain conditions with age.
  15. huracan

    Chubby 3 2-band super showed up today...

    I am now the happy owner of this wonderful Chubby 3. Paul was great to deal with, thanks Paul. The knot is out of this world
  16. huracan

    The very last Chubby I hope I ever purchase

    That is a nice looking one. All of a sudden I'm up to 7 different Simpsons myself not counting a Hoffritz that's been restored by Simpson too. Indeed, you can shave for weeks with the samples T&H sends along with a brush.
  17. huracan

    Do you change soaps in the fall?

    +1 No doubt, I like to change soaps based on the daily weather.
  18. huracan

    Simpson Gary Young LE M7 a review

    Well, I received my M7 a couple of weeks back. I'll reiterate the sentiment that it is a really nice brush made unique by it's heritage and construction. I couldn't be happier.
  19. huracan

    Simpson Shedding... Problem?

    Now, that's a loaded statement. :001_tongu
  20. huracan

    Simpson Gary Young Limited Edition teaser pic

    I got one in the dark horn making it's way over, can't wait. I once had Bernd quote me on a brush with a 24mm knot in all the hair grades he offered, same handle; the difference was astounding from low to highest. If one asks nicely, he has access to hair that is very expensive. Someone here...
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