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  1. kzoo1

    A conclusion about Williams Mug Shave Soap

    Funny. I just picked up the Aqua Velva gift pack at Walgreen's yesterday and decided to use the Williams that came with it. I've been using C.O. Bigelow (Proraso) cream exclusively for a few years now so it was different. Good soap - let it soak, used a wet brush and had a good shave. Am I...
  2. kzoo1

    WTS E Type Injector

  3. kzoo1

    WTS E Type Injector

    Sale pending...
  4. kzoo1

    WTS E Type Injector

    I'd like to sell an E-Type Injector. Razor is in good shape. Asking $15.00 shipped in US. Will ship international for cost of shipping. PayPal please. Thanks!
  5. kzoo1

    Post-lather Delay?

    I was surprised when I ordered Proraso cream instead of C.O. Bigelow (same stuff I know) to see the instructions recommended letting the lather sit for a minute prior to shaving. My pre-shave (if you can call it that) is to massage a small amount of cream on my beard using my hands, take care...
  6. kzoo1

    So how much burn do you get from alcohol splashes?

    It's funny, once I started getting good shaves with my DE, I don't get any burn. Doesn't matter if it's the AV or Clubman or Proraso, I don't get any burn. Just goes to show you haw a good shave with good tools can make all the difference.
  7. kzoo1

    Anyone use just one cream?

    Yep. I only use one cream. I'm happy with it and don't see the need to try anything else, especially when I kept going back to the one I liked most after trying others. (C.O. Bigelow/Proraso if you're wondering :001_smile)
  8. kzoo1

    My wrist stinks

  9. kzoo1

    My wrist stinks

    I use nylon straps on almost all of my watches. I used to have the stinky wrist/strap issue as well; however, thanks to this site I found a solution that works for me. I use an alum bar after my shaves- somewhere I read that alum can be used as a deodorant, so I started rubbing the alum on my...
  10. kzoo1

    Are there any Kayak fishermen in here?

    I have fished from my kayak. It's a cheapo 10 footer sit in style. It's OK for fishing still water, but I always struggle with the gear and sometimes the rod. I have used it to fish a river, it worked OK, I would float to a spot get out and fish, then float to the next spot, etc. I prefer...
  11. kzoo1


    I love my Chacos. Bought the Z2 on Sierra Trading Post. These things are bulletproof. Great for hiking, offer as much support as a good low hiking shoe. They dry very quickly and are very comfortable. I wear them everywhere in the summer. Great for wading a river or hopping in and out of...
  12. kzoo1

    Look What I Found Tucked Into A Case! (Hint: It isn't a Declaration of Independence)

    Very interesting since $4.50 was quite a bit of money back in the day. According to one online inflation calculator it is roughly the equivalent of $54.00 today. Very cool find! Congrats!
  13. kzoo1

    Do you primarily use one cream or rotate different brands & scents?

    One cream. Found the one that works for me and I see no need to look any further. (However - I am in the minority here! :blink:)
  14. kzoo1

    inexpensive but good quality sun glasses

    Interesting thread. I recently picked up a pair of Suncloud polarized for $49 before tax. Not the same optic quality of my Smiths but for half the price what do you expect? I picked up the Sentry with the green mirror lens. I have fished several days in them this season and they work well.
  15. kzoo1

    There's something to be said about a one pass shave

    Started my DE career with a two pass daily shave. Since switching to the the Slim I've gone to a one pass daily shave. I get a SAS that way and I don't really feel the need for a daily BBS since it grows back anyway. Usually on Saturdays I will go for a BBS shave, but then I won't shave again...
  16. kzoo1

    The Champion : Proraso

    Recently switched to using the Proraso green exclusively. I used to use it as a prep, and then lather with soap, but decided to try it on it's own. I've been very satisfied and will probably keep using it exclusively from now on.
  17. kzoo1

    Help buying a kayak!

    We have the Ultimate 100 for both the wife and I. Great starters. We use them mainly on inland lakes. I can fish from mine comfortably and we both really enjoy getting out on them. Haven't checked prices in a while, but we got both of ours for less than $200 each. With paddles, life vests...
  18. kzoo1

    Suggestions needed - lightweight fleece jacket

    I really like the Eddie Bauer First Ascent line. Designed by mountain guides, so there is nothing extra, and weight to warmth ratio is great. I've had my fleece for four years, still going strong.
  19. kzoo1

    Who is ready for trout?

    I'm ready! (almost...) Heading up to Grayling, MI tomorrow for the traditional opening weekend. Unfortunately some of the system we usually fish is very high and dirty water. Hopefully it will settle down by the weekend. Having a hard time concentrating on what I should be doing... Got the...
  20. kzoo1

    Fly fisherman, come on in!

    Ha - the joke around our fish camp when a new guy wants to get into fly fishing is "How much do you want to spend?" If you have $300, it will cost you $300. If you have $1000, it will cost you $1000! Sounds like you have a good budget for gear. IM(very humble)O, you can't go wrong with Orvis...
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