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  1. skibik

    Need assembly instructions for Fatboy.

    I am looking for assembly instructions for my friend who bought a Fatboy and it needs to be taken apart cleaned and fixed. He doesn't have access to the internet outside of work so trying to help him out on this. He said the adjusting dial isn't working properly and it seems out of adjustment. I...
  2. skibik

    Shoebox Shave Club

    Got an email today that the former Shoebox Shave Shop is now open again for business again. When I first started my journey into DE shaving I ordered my Omega Silvertip brush from them and a couple other items. Looks like I might have to place another order from them just to welcome them back...
  3. skibik

    SV Felce Aromatica gone bad?

    Has anyone had problems with this soap going bad? I ask because I bought this soap last year in refill puck form and after a couple uses I grated it into an Old Spice mug and have been using it that way ever since. It hadn't been used in about a month and upon opening the bag today it had a...
  4. skibik

    FS Martin de Candre Fougere

    I have decided that MdC Fougere just isn't for me. I have been noticing a slight tingling on the face since I began using it. So it is time to sell it. It has been used 9 times and there is barely an indent in the soap. There is a ding in the lid from me just dropping it. Also, this is the new...
  5. skibik

    Question to fans of Voskhod blades?

    For those that have used a number of these blades and like them did you happen to find dud or dulls blades in any of the tucks? I ask because I just acquired 100 of them and the first shave I only made it through half the shave and had to load up a different brand blade all together. The blade...
  6. skibik

    A question for those with sensitive skin.

    In a quest for finding a really good soap I am having a problem with some that my face doesn't like and I get a slight itch and a little rash from some soaps. So my question goes out to people with sensitive skin to find out if you have this problem and if you have found the ingredient that...
  7. skibik

    Question on Personna blades from local store.

    gallery/showimage.php?i=54032"][/URL] I found some blades packaged like this at the local grocery store. At this moment I can't remember where it said they were made but think they said "made in the USA". Since I am new to this and still in search of a good blade I am thinking about buying them...
  8. skibik

    Anyone experiment making there own soap from a soap base?

    I noticed that Bulk Apothecary on a banner on the top of the page. I see they sell a melt and pour soap base by the pound and really cheap. Was wondering if anyone has tried there hand at making there own scented soap. I have been shaving for 30 years but I just got started shaving with a DE...
  9. skibik

    Question about black spot on bottom of VDH puck.

    Today I decided to pop the puck of VDH deluxe soap out of the mug. I did this because I was wondering about the little bit of water that may run down the side of the puck. Upon flipping the puck over there was a black spot on the soap. I assumed it was mold growing and would hate to throw the...
  10. skibik

    Hello from Northern Minnesota.

    Been reading here off and on for the last week and decided to join. Found this site after ordering up some new shave equipment. Started out young with blades. Switched to electric razors in my 20's but ended up with a rash from them. Been shaving with blades since my 30's. Like my twin blades...
  11. skibik

    skibik's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame EntryWhat is your real name? Dean What are your nicknames/aliases? Skibik Where do you live? Northern Minnesota What is your age (or) generation? 51 What are you in the real world? Forklift operator What is your favorite shave setup? Was a twin blade or SE and Gillette...
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