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  1. techblade01

    Looking for advice on a Nespresso Espresso Inssisa?

    I am looking to buy a Nespresso Espresso Inssisa machine. Do you B&B'ers have any advice on that machine? Thanks.
  2. techblade01

    The Score Christmas 2014 The Café Edition

    Pretty self-explanatory. Post what Café related items you got for Christmas. Merry Christmas! To Mods; Please keep in Café then merge with Café Aqusititions thread on Jan 1.
  3. techblade01

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone!
  4. techblade01

    Changing the Recovery Email Address on a Microsoft Account?

    I have a quick question. How do you go about changing the recovery email on an Microsoft Account. I use Windows 8 if that helps. Thanks in advance.
  5. techblade01

    Shaving Socks

    I want to buy those Shaving/Razor socks. Where can I find them?
  6. techblade01


  7. techblade01

    Salicylic Acid as an Aftershave

    I had seen a article here in the Skin, Body and Hair Care mentioning the use of Salicylic acid after shaving. I looked up this acne medication and found a few things out about it. Topical salicylic acid treats acne by reducing swelling and redness and unplugging blocked skin pores to allow...
  8. techblade01

    Hair Pomade Question

    I am wondering what pomade I should use because my current one is lacking in some areas. My current Pomade is Old Spice Spiffy and I like the scent and low shine properties, but it is lacking the hold. The pomade usually fails around 10am, I usually put it in at 5:30 am. I looked at the Murray's...
  9. techblade01


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  10. techblade01

    Nivea Men Pure Impact Body Wash

    How good is this stuff. I just bought it and I am excited to use it.
  11. techblade01

    C.O. Bigelow Body Lotion

    I have the Elixir White lotion and love it. What do you gentlemen think about it?
  12. techblade01

    Lunch with J. Pierpont Ouch.

    Well I saw that someone got lunch with ouch and Post your pictures here.
  13. techblade01


  14. techblade01

    Chai Tea. What are your thoughts?

    I like chai tea. The KCup Bigelow.
  15. techblade01


  16. techblade01

    Shampoo of the Day.

    Why not. Since we have Body Soap of the day, why not have shampoo of the day. Post whatever you use to clean your handsome hair.
  17. techblade01

    Poll about your favorite forms of soaps and cleansers.

    This is a poll about your favorite forms of body cleansers. You have options about liquid soaps and should soaps.
  18. techblade01

    How does a Deoderant Soap work? An info post.

    Deoderant soap works by masking odor with fragrances. Deodorant soaps that claim to be antibacterial often also contain triclosan or triclocarbon like their solid deodorant counterparts. Triclosan works as an antimicrobial by blocking an enzyme called enoyl-ACP (acyl-carrier protein) reductase...
  19. techblade01

    How do Shampoos work? An info post.

    Shampoos are designed with cleansing agents called surfactants. A surfactant molecule has a hydrophilic (water attracting) "head" and a lipophylic (oil attracting) "tail". When you apply the shampoo and water to the hair and generate lather, the hydrophilic head of the surfactant is drawn to the...
  20. techblade01

    SE Help.

    I will be receiving a SE razor from a PIF and WILL need some tips. What blade angle? Pressure level? Help is appreciated.
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