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  1. Sabre

    Hydro Comfort

    Edgewell have launched the Hydro Comfort here in Europe. I assume it's a competitor to the Skin Guard.
  2. Sabre

    Unilever has bought Personna Israeli plant

    Unilever has bought the former Bond/Personna Israeli plant. This obviously means an extra player in the market and Dorco losing a major customer having retracted from the North American direct market...
  3. Sabre

    Favourite Premium Bay Rum

    What is your favourite premium bay rum. This does not mean VIBR, Stephans, Masters or Superior 70.
  4. Sabre


    There are still individuals and sites, such as Sharpologist that oppose alcohol. Here is a Doctor with an interest in skincare that debunks that myth, it can be beneficial..
  5. Sabre


    I just tried two Iberian Lavenders. I prefer the Ach Brito to the discontinued Puig. I have an Les Bénédictines de Chantelle Lavender on order. I have a few others Caldrey, Cella possibly a Berdoues. What's your favourite?
  6. Sabre

    Traditional Soap

    I am a great admirer of traditional soap. To me traditional soap is a simple blend of oil, usually Olive oil and either Lye (Sodium hydroxide) or Soda Ash (Sodium carbonate), and water - preferably saltwater. With the additions of essential oils such as Laurel. This is made in a cauldron...
  7. Sabre


    Although I have thousands, and I recently purchased 50 to 100 of these earlier in the year. I acquired more, just in case...
  8. Sabre

    Greek Soap

    Has anyone tried Greek Soaps such as Knossos of Crete, Patounis of Corfu, or Papoutsanis. Papoutsanis Oliva is widely available in Europe. I ordered Papoutsanis Karavaki, it was a tallow soap similar to Atkinson's soap from Italy.
  9. Sabre

    Lockdown Soap

    Fortunately I am a hoarder of Luxury soap. In the last two months I have used up most of my French Shea Butter soaps that I use for facial and hand washing, my Savon Marseille de Liquide for hand washing and showering is also nearing the end too. I have sadly put a few boxes in my storage unit...
  10. Sabre

    Polo Shirts

    25 years ago I had Polo shirts from every fashion brand going: Polo RL, LaCoste, Boss, Armani etc. Later I switched to Supima Polos from Lands End. I have now decided to improve my Polo selection. So in the last few days I have ordered 4 Spier and Mackay Egyptian cotton polo's, an Alan Paine...
  11. Sabre

    Moroccan Soap

    My order of Moroccan soap arrived today, in a zip bag rather than a container. This is a gel type soap, probably the forerunner of liquid traditional soap. I shall give a spin at the weekend. I have stolen the image
  12. Sabre

    Eau de Portugal/Friction Lotion

    I am a great fan of Colognes or even Lotion Pour Friction, whether French, German, Spanish, Italian or Turkish. I have been splashing Turkish Kolonya onto my hair for a while. So now I have purchased a few hair lotions, following these will be TOBS and DR Harris Eau de Portugal. I have just...
  13. Sabre

    Wilkinson Sword Contact

    I just received this rare Wilkinson Sword Contact and the Contact blades, which are not so rare: The current Wilkinson Sword Contact is a re-badged Schick Ultra:
  14. Sabre

    Schick Super II - Fixed

    Here are all the different versions of the original fixed head TracII compatible Schick Super II: V1 - The Original from 1972. V2 - The Deluxe from 1976. V3 - from the 1980's V4 - Packaged as a Profile Plus. V5 - Packaged as a Profile Plus with Super II on the handle. V6 - The...
  15. Sabre

    Silvestre by Victor

    I have dabbled with Pino Silvestre and Acqua Di Selva. I nearly bought Aqua Brava. I have been aware of Silvestre by Victor for a while. I thought it was discontinued but there are EDT's and AS's on eBay. The AS are obviously less expensive for a blind gamble. Has anyone tried it?
  16. Sabre

    Schick Injector- Head issue

    I bought a Type L injector where the previous blade was jammed, on the right side the blade had risen. I have managed to finally eject it and insert a new blade. The issue is that on the right side you can push the bar a few millimetres. It's probably not noticeable to the untrained eye. Will...
  17. Sabre

    NOS Trac II and Atra/Contour Compatible Carts

    Trac II and Atra/Contour compatible carts are plentiful on eBay. They are very affordable and come in all different brands and packaging: An old photo of the NOS cart hoard. Wilkinson II South American Atra's Profile - Made in Germany. I have just bought some of these Schick Super...
  18. Sabre

    Six Blade GT6

    Finally the GT6 can be found in the UK, well I haven't Googled the mens subscription sites recently so I could be wrong. FFS have a choice of 4 or 6 blades and a snazzy handle with free engraving. Compatible with all Quattro/GT or Caliber carts. So you can buy them cheaply at Lidl.
  19. Sabre

    Secondary Markets

    The Durham Duplex survived as a dog groomer. This device was initially a medical shaver, then a travel razor. Now it's....
  20. Sabre


    This looks cool for Saloon DE razor. Obviously for the hair industry, I may get one.
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