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  1. Hak.1963

    Info on Kikuboshi 1302?

    Good evening! I just received a Kikuboshi 1302 Straight Razor. There's not much information on the internet and all I know is the knife is from Japan and are made after 1941. Anyone here knows anything about this razor?
  2. Hak.1963

    New SE razor, so new you can't buy it yet

    I only have one SE razor, an old Hydra-Magic. I have been thinking of getting a Parker SE, but now I saw this one: https://techiwant.com/hypebody/?utm_source=JP&utm_medium=Ads&utm_campaign=23847186057950237&fbclid=IwAR2FXpXuz4sTBzS2jOCJKJXheNjIl7XxvdMfHa3liXoJ7hYf4u8ivH5f2tE It certainly looks...
  3. Hak.1963

    Derby Extra, better than I remember

    This morning I thought it might be a good idea to try a Derby Extra blade. I have not used Derby Extra in a few years and I remember that they were anything but sharp. I whipped a nice lather with Palmolive Sensitive Cream, I loaded my Gillette Flair Tip with a Derby Extra and started...
  4. Hak.1963

    Single edge double blade

    A friend of mine gave me this razor. A Ning Feng single edge. It was hard to take good pics on how to load it, but as you can see it takes two DE blades. I have not tried it yet, but I am quite curious on how it will perform. It's not what I would call a robust or sturdy razor and the weight is...
  5. Hak.1963

    Mild razor for a beginner

    One of the younger guys at my gym asked me a lot of questions on DE razors and now he want to try one. I sent him links to various venders with tips on mild and smooth razors for him to start with. I have offered him to borrow some of my razors just to try before he buy. So tonight I will bring...
  6. Hak.1963

    Favorite SE (or DE) blades for Shavette?

    Hi all! When I was quite new to Shavette shaving I ordered a 100 pack of Derby green SE blades, I wanted to start with a nice and mild blade ;) Problem is, it's hard to get a really close shave with the Derby's, I find it to be a bit too mild. The advantage with the Derby SE blade is that it is...
  7. Hak.1963

    Christmas in a bottle

    About ten years ago I tried a small sampler of Burberry London, I liked the smell but when I tried it it was summer and the smell just didn't fit in Last week I ordered a bottle and now when the Christmas is coming the smell is just fantastic. This scent is 100% Christmas! 🎄🎅 And (IMO) it's one...
  8. Hak.1963

    Eversharp Injector

    Hi all! I just received my first single edge razor, a 1950's Eversharp Injector. I also received a 5-pack of Diplomat Super Stainless Injector Blades in its original box. Now I need some help to find out where to buy injector blades for my new razor. There are a lot of injector blades from...
  9. Hak.1963

    Polish fragrance, Synteza Derby

    A year ago, or so, I bought a bottle of Derby Woda Kolonska and I'm quite happy with the scent. Problem is, the wife hates it... Anyway, for you who don't know about this Polish Cologne, here's a video review of Derby and two other Polish classics, enjoy:
  10. Hak.1963

    Schick DE razor and its Russian clone

    A while ago I bought a Russian made Meridian DE razor. It does look like a Schick DE, or Krona, even if the Russian copy is way more aggressive. I took some pics comparing the two.
  11. Hak.1963

    Lord Super Chrome, what a blade

    Lately I have been shaving with Lord Super Chrome blades in different razors. I must say it's an extremely good blade, for me 😉 Today I used a new Super Chrome in my Fatip Grande OC and had the shave of the year. For those of you who have never tried a Lord Super Chrome, try one!!!
  12. Hak.1963

    Gillete Blue Tip and Red Tip, how rare?

    Good evening all! I know most of us love the different types of Gillette Super Speeds, and other vintage Gillette razors. On eBay, and Swedish eBay (Tradera), you can find lots of Flare Tip Super Speeds but not so many Blue Tip's and Red Tip's. How come? Did Gillette not make as many of them...
  13. Hak.1963

    Schick Krona (or not)

    Hi all! As you know I bought five razors for 5 Euros and one of them was a Schick Krona, or was it? According to this thread my "Krona" might be an ordinary Schick DE: The when is it a Schick Krona and when is it not DE timeline -...
  14. Hak.1963

    Bargain of the day

    I went to a local fleamarket today and found a small plastic bag with razors and a couple of brushes. I paid €5 for the bag. The razors are Schick Krona, Gillette Flare tip, Gillette Blue tip, Gillette Tech and a 1940 (?) Gillette bakelite Tech. Not bad, €1 per razor. Now I have some...
  15. Hak.1963

    Pearl adjustable

    Just saw this one on FB. Looking very good and it might be a good buy? The price? Just 60 Euros. https://pearlshaving.in/products/mens-grooming/razor/flexi/pearl-flexi-adjustable-razor/
  16. Hak.1963

    Blades going bad in bathroom?

    I found an open tuck of Lord Platinum blades in my bathroom cabinet this morning. I know that this tuck must have been there for at least a year, maybe even a year and a half, hidden behind all other stuff in the cabinet. Usually I have between 30-40 blades in the bathroom and bring some new...
  17. Hak.1963

    How to maintain a stainless straight?

    Hi all! I have a few vintage straight razors from Heljestrand, Jernbolaget and Giant (Sheffield). They are all carbon steel and they are easy to strop before the shave, but I don't use my straights so often. I also have two shavettes, a Dovo Stainless and a Parker SRX, wich I use more often...
  18. Hak.1963

    Russian Meridian

    Hi all! Earlier this week I received my Russian Meridian razor, and it looks like a Schick Krona copy. I started to clean it up and I will disinfect it later tonight. If everything goes well I will shave with it tonight or tomorrow 😊
  19. Hak.1963

    Bluebird blades

    Good evening ladies and gentlemen! I was browsing through old posts from 2015-2016 and read that Bluebirds from Derby was discontinued? Now I see on RBC's website they have Bluebirds, have they started making the same blades again, or is it new blades from a new factory?
  20. Hak.1963

    Difference between Ball End Tech

    Hi all! I have an old English Ball End Tech in aluminum, weighing ca 30 grams, with a 71 millimeter long handle, and when I'm looking at mr-razor's site I guess it's from 1950. Now I bought another English Ball End Tech, but this one is heavier and the handle is 75 millimeter long. I have no...
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