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  1. Codfish

    Love for Harry's and Defender razors?

    I have been using my Harry's razor for over one year with fantastic results. I just tried a Defender razor for the first time today, with almost the same results. What has been your experience with these razord? Will you use them in your rotation?
  2. Codfish

    Interview with David Richardson of Yaqi Shaving.au

    Based on my very positive experiences with several Yaqi brushes, I contacted David Richardson, an Agent of Yaqi Shaving in Australia. Here is what he had to say about the brushes-- "YAQI Brushes were and are the main focus of the company and their synthetic brushes in particular have won a...
  3. Codfish

    Yaqi brushes: a "candy store" for wet shavers.

    My recent polls to identify member's favorite shaving brushes identified Yaqi and Simpson as the two clear favorites. Based on that, I purchased one of each. I received my Yaqi Seguanda Familia 24mm synthetic two days ago. It is now one of my all-time favorite brushes. The brush is amazingly...
  4. Codfish

    Who makes your favorite synthetic shaving brush?

    After 100 responses to my recent poll asking your favorite brush type, synthetic brushes emerged as the top choice with 46.1% of the vote. Who makes your favorite synthetic brush(es)? See the poll above. You may make multiple choices.
  5. Codfish

    New poll: What is your favorite kind of shave brush?

    What is the favorite kind of shave brush in your shave den? You may pick up to three. Be sure to scroll up this page to see the pol!
  6. Codfish

    Does B&B still support polls?

    Is it still possible to conduct polls here? If so, how does one do it?
  7. Codfish

    Help me identify this brush...

    Does anyone know anything about this Muhle brush? It's no longer in their catalog...
  8. Codfish

    Codfish's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    What is your real name? Jim SanSouci What are your nicknames/aliases? Codfish Where do you live? Connecticut Shoreline What is your age (or) generation? Baby Boomer What are you in the real world? Retired What is your favorite shave setup? Muhle R41 2013 w/GRANDE handle, Muhle Classic 25mm...
  9. Codfish

    My sandbox

    video test
  10. Codfish

    Muhle R41 TWIST

    Muhle yesterday announced that its new R41 TWIST two-piece razor is "coming soon." It is also sponsoring a contest to give three copies away to lucky shavers. See their FB page for details.
  11. Codfish

    Gonna try the R41 2011 steep angle approach. Any helpful hints?

    I've written a fair amount about the 2011 and using a shallow blade angle, but I'm aware of a steep angle approach gaining popularity. As I recall, Geofatboy's videos were influential here. Some of us use the shallow angle approach. I'll explain why later. For now, I'm looking for last minute...
  12. Codfish

    Gripes and rants

    :001_rolleI frequently see things on shaving forums that tick me off. I find them irritating an unnecessary. I see them time after time, and they just get under my skin. Some are questions that are asked so often that they become standing jokes. Some of these are treated as serious inquiries...
  13. Codfish

    Future razor from Muhle?

    No, this is not Muhle's next razor release, but a detail photo of their advance engraving (not stamping) process There is always talk and speculation about what the next razor might be. This is your chance to weigh in with your opinion. What is on your "wish lists"? What type of razor would...
  14. Codfish

    Generation 3 and V1 love.

    ____ Much has been written about the Muhle Silvertip Fibres (STF) V2 series of brushes. In Gary Carrington's excellent work to define the "Generations" of synthetic fibers, they are classified as a true Generation 4 synthetic fibers. They have characteristics that make them highly talked about...
  15. Codfish

    Interest in synthetic brushes? Preliminary poll results.

    Earlier this week, I posted a poll to determine members' interest in synthetic shaving brushes. The poll is identical to one I conducted 22 months ago and was intended, at least in part, to find out if member attitudes toward these brushes has changed over time. The first poll was conducted...
  16. Codfish

    How likely are you to buy a synthetic shave brush in the near future?

    . I'm interested in how many members are likely to buy a synthetic shave brush in the future. I asked this identical question in the past, and am curious if responses have changed. I'll post the original poll results in a few days for you to compare.
  17. Codfish

    What's most important for a good shave?

    . I'm curious about what members feel is the most important factor in getting a really good shave. Please explain below if you'd like. .
  18. Codfish

    Extending blade life: fact or myth?

  19. Codfish

    Video test

  20. Codfish

    Simpson's Chubby 2 synthetic brush discussion

    For those of you following the Simpson's Chubby 2 synthetic brush threat, it was moved without notice or a pointer to another location. You will find it by following the link.
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