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  1. ram57

    Feather AS-D2 Steampunk finish and Rockwell 6S

    Two excellent razors that have been rarely used due to large rotation and probably due to the fact I keep them in their boxes and forget about them. Others out there may find better use for these fine razors. Feather AS-D2 in steampunk finish. Only a dozen shaves on this razor. Believe the...
  2. ram57

    Cobra Classic, Feather AS-D2, Brad Sears Manchurian Beehive

    Thinning out my den and offering up duplicate products for someone else to enjoy. First up is a Cobra Classic that I bought to have it re-plated in Rose Gold but never got around to it as I have another Cobra Classic and a King Cobra. I did have this one in my rotation and records show 22...
  3. ram57

    Question for you Duke owners

    My Duke 3 in Best arrived today and right out of box when I unwrapped it I noticed two hairs already sticking out. I went ahead and removed them and then rinsed the knot under cold water to get out some of the funk before I applied some master brush cleaner to it and had around a dozen or so...
  4. ram57

    Feather AS-D2

    Have a Feather AS-D2 that was bought for my son but he tried it once and stated too mild for his liking. $120 Shipped CONUS. Value Links: http://bullgooseshaving.com/feather-as-d2-stainless-safety-razor/ http://www.royalshave.com/feather-as-d2-stainless-steel-safety-razor
  5. ram57

    Muhle 35K 252 XL in Faux Horn

    Muhle 35K 252 XL Silvertip Fiber 25mm x 58mm. Excellent synthetic that has been used just 10 times. Comes with the tube. $60 shipped Value Link: http://bullgooseshaving.com/muhle-xl-silvertip-fiber-shaving-brush-with-faux-horn-handle-35k-252/
  6. ram57

    Shave Kit

    Kit has a Bay Rum soap and aftershave. The Jagger I had completely forgotten I had in the den and was stored away in my one of my drawers. Beautiful gold finish with hexagon shaped handle. Cant believe I never gave this razor a try. $90 shipped CONUS EJ DE86811GBL 3 piece razor (new and...
  7. ram57

    2013 r41

    *SOLD* NIB 2013 R41 and will include five Derby blades and five Personna Platinum Chrome (Israeli Reds). $45 shipped CONUS. *SPF* Trio of Bay Rum products with two soaps and one aftershave. Aftershave is new and unused Captains Choice Bay Rum along with a Tub of Strop Shoppe Bay Rum...
  8. ram57

    Shout-out for Bullgoose Shaving Supplies

    Would like to give a shout out to Phil owner of Bullgoose Shaving Supplies for his fabulous customer service. I had placed and order for the black/white swirl and the brush arrived on Monday. With great anticipation I opened the little black bag that the brush had come in, but was dismayed at...
  9. ram57

    Penhaligon's English Fern on sale

    Penhaligon's is having a sale right now on their English Fern Products. 100ml English Fern Toilette $125 on sale for $49. I picked up the 100ml Toilette, shave soap in bowl and talc powder for $77 delivered. Here is the link if interested...
  10. ram57

    Tiki Soap Limited Edition Citrus Mint Blast review

    Summer is just around the corner and I am looking for different soaps to rotate for the coming months but I wanted to balance out my hyper mentholated soaps (Yeti, Glaical/Vostok, MB Cilantro Lime Ice) with a cool but not face freezing soap. Amanda of Tiki Soaps whipped up a Custom called...
  11. ram57

    Help identifying possible Russian Cream

    Stopped by a Salvation Army store to see if I could find a used vac coffee pot and found this on one of the shelves for a buck so picked it up. I believe it is a Russian Shave Cream but woman at the counter stated it is a pre-shave cream. It appears similar to Gada in thickness so I believe it...
  12. ram57

    Recommendations with blades for GEM Micromatic

    Just picked up a GEM Micromatic off Ebay as part of a nostalgic purchase in remembrances of my grandfather who use to use one of these and a straight. I have no clue regarding blades and wondering if Gem blades have same range of quality/sharpmess as DE blades. Is there a recommended blade(s)...
  13. ram57

    Assistance with boar brushes

    Can anyone provide any feedback in regards to the boar version of the Vulfix 406 also known as the Burlington? I have not used a Boar in over 30 years and Boar is the only one not in my den and might have a possible trade in the works. In the past not a fan of boar but admit the ones I used eons...
  14. ram57

    Malaspina Soap Factory any feedback?

    Noticed in the artisan section that Malaspina has 25% off on her products until the 14th. Anyone have any feedback regarding her soaps or creams? Looking over her ingredients and descriptions and like what I see and assume egg is used for richer lather and will probably order to try them out but...
  15. ram57

    Tried out Prairie Creations Ddc for the first time

    Tried a new Artisan Soap and boy am I glad I decided to give Krissy's soaps a try. Vendor is Prairie Creations and opted to try her Ddc or faux of MDC. I have not tried MDC so cannot compare and to date, Mikes Natural Shave Soaps have been my favorite but today tried Krissy's Alpine...
  16. ram57

    BG Beehive with new knot

    Last week bought from fellow member the badger/horse hair brush and arrived in my hands on Monday. Have tried it out three days now and just do not like the feel or backbone. I knew it was 50mm loft and smallest that I own but surprised of lack of backbone. I had one 24mmx65mm Whipped Dog...
  17. ram57

    Fathers day came early

    Recently returned to the use of DE razor's and will not be looking back. I've been so caught up on the craze of a better shave it appears my famiy has been caught up too as they have showered me with gifts for my birthday and now Fatther's Day to support my new found habit. This week have...
  18. ram57

    Czars Choice is available from Momma Bear's site!

    As of this morning, Sue has Czar's Choice in regular and mentholated versions available on her website. Thanks must go to RichGem for granting Sue permission to allow this PIF to be sold as part of her regular inventory from this point forward...
  19. ram57

    32 yr hiatus has come to an end

    Hi gents. After 32 yrs and many dollars down the drain, decided to go back to saftey razors three months ago and now I am hooked. Cant believe the difference a nice razor, blade and soap can make. No more 5 o'clock shadow, face irriation from multiple passes and of course the expense of throw...
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