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  1. MyOldKentuckyHome

    Someone with turning skills?

    I have two knots left over from all the restorations I've done and when I realized I was going to have leftovers I saved my two favorite knots (a 2-band and a mixed, both are 20mm). I was thinking it would be cool to use some of the downed limbs from the camp I work at to have some handles made...
  2. MyOldKentuckyHome

    Women/Wives Soap Poll

    My wife just recently switched over to using the Leaf razor. She asked me to find out on the forum what other women tend to use for lubrication for their legs and armpits when using safety razors. So here's a poll. Thanks for the input.
  3. MyOldKentuckyHome

    Near tragedy

    I've been keeping an eye out for a Seto Marujyu scuttle for around 2 years. The few times I saw one for sale they were just too much to justify ($45-$75). Grabbed on the other day for $22 and it arrived yesterday. I cleaned it up a bit last night and took it for a spin today. And wouldn't...
  4. MyOldKentuckyHome

    Fezziwig from Black Ship Grooming

    Only review I could find for this was one response on their website. Maggard's had it listed in recent products but out of stock but the Black Ship website still had some so I decided to buy it. They describe it as: "Twirl away my friends with our new Fezziwig Shaving Soap! It's our first...
  5. MyOldKentuckyHome

    FSOT Razors, Brushes, Soap

    Some items from my den are for sale (will consider trades - see below). Reasonable offers will be considered - though most of the prices are break even or slight loss already. PLEASE ADD $5 shipping regardless of total items purchased. PayPal G&S. Feel free to ask for more pics of particular...
  6. MyOldKentuckyHome

    Shaved Goatee

    I enjoy shaving so much I figured I was cheating myself of real estate on my face by keeping my goatee My chins unique angles and bumps has been a definite learning curve to getting a nice close shave without nicks.
  7. MyOldKentuckyHome

    Brush ID

    I bought this brush on the auction I don't actually think the brush is a Rubberset - which is fine. I mostly wanted the box and thought the brush was interesting and may or may not refurbish well. The box says B-300B and 1) I haven't been able to find any examples of this elsewhere being a...
  8. MyOldKentuckyHome

    Any curling fans here?

    Hey all - My wife and I always enjoy watching curling in the Winter Olympics and discovered last year that through ESPN3/ESPN+ we could access the Scotties and Brier here in the US. We watched both last year and right before the pandemic hit we actually found a curling club about an hour...
  9. MyOldKentuckyHome

    Great scent, not so great performance

    I grabbed Sir Hare Barbershop off Amazon early in my wet shaving journey and IMMEDIATELY fell in love with the scent. The lather on the other hand... It's not AWFUL, but it's not good either. It's just meh. So much so that I often start by loading my brush with some Stirling unscented, wipe...
  10. MyOldKentuckyHome

    My daughter drew a picture, we turned it into a shirt (NHL!)

    Tomas Tatar of the Montreal Canadiens has the coolest nickname in the NHL...TUNA! Despite my wife growing up in Ontario and being a Toronto Maple Leafs fan, my oldest daughter chose the Montreal Canadiens to be her team when we started playing NHL20 (my youngest chose the Florida Panthers...
  11. MyOldKentuckyHome

    FSOT Razors, Brushes, Soaps

    Hey all, Up for sale (or trade) are the following items. Please add $5 shipping to any order in CONUS (will consider other locales but will have to get a shipping quote). PayPal G&S. Feel free to ask for more pics of any item. Reasonable offers will be considered. I have these listed...
  12. MyOldKentuckyHome

    My vintage blade journal

    I've never tried vintage blades - save for one experience with a NOS GEM blade that was interesting but meh at best. However, I've spent a lot of time over the past few days reading up on various DE blades and I am really intrigued by them. Remembered I had a NOS (sealed until this weekend)...
  13. MyOldKentuckyHome

    MyOldKentuckyHome's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    What is your real name? Travis Jones What are your nicknames/aliases? Pud, Dad Where do you live? Virginia - soon to be PEI, Canada What is your age (or) generation? 40's What are you in the real world? Currently camp manager - soon to be carpenter What is your favorite shave...
  14. MyOldKentuckyHome

    This one deserves its own thread - best brush ever

    I'm biased I know but I think my daughter knocked this out of the park! We started with an old Solid Set with a bad paint job - sanded to bare wood . My 15 year old daughter came up with the design and painted it herself. I put on the poly and installed a Shave Forge 20mm Silvertip badger...
  15. MyOldKentuckyHome

    WTB Karve Brass Razor, Various Gillette Cases

    1) I'm looking to buy a Karve Razor Definitely want the BRASS version. I don't have a strong preference between the original or wide top. Want either a SB C or an OC B or both (would consider others close to those) Prefer the handle to be 3.25 or longer (3.5 is perfect, would be willing to...
  16. MyOldKentuckyHome

    Broken tooth repair?

    I have a RFB that had a bent tooth and wouldn't you know I hit it on that spot and it knocked the bent tooth off 😢 Is there a reputable service going now that repairs that kind of thing? (I still have the piece that broke off). If so what kind of cost is associated? I'd reached out to...
  17. MyOldKentuckyHome

    Canadian Roll Call

    Hello Canadian B&B members I was just wondering how many of you there were and where in Canada you are located. My wife was born in Picton, ON but has lived in the States since she was in 3rd grade. After a lot of discussion and joking about it for years, we've finally decided to begin the...
  18. MyOldKentuckyHome

    Rockwell sadness/frustration

    So I pre-ordered a Rockwell 6S in the blue coating on August 7th and the website said it would ship by August 21st. I went back to the website on the 21st to confirm it has shipped and the date had been postponed to the following week. I went back today to see if it had shipped (had been on...
  19. MyOldKentuckyHome

    Which Knot Should I Get?

    So I have 32 knots sitting in my Shave Forge cart (in addition to the knot I just ordered from TGN). Some are for me, some are for some refurbs I'm doing. A blend of synthetics, mixed badger/boar, 2-band, silvertip, and HMW. However, I have one more knot to order as I have a Rubberset 200...
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