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  1. Slats6NYR

    Offer of an EJ 89DE on the Bay

    I've been thinking about an upgraded 3 piece razor for awhile. I use a JunJie that got a couple of years ago, and it does the job.Just think it would be cool to have something else that's a brand name. The other day, I'm looking at something else on the Bay, and found a seller looking to get rid...
  2. Slats6NYR

    Dr. John's Bay Rum

    I picked this up in Pasture a couple of weeks ago from the 50% shelf. Nice scent, light on the cloves, and shaves well. Does anyone else know the brand? Was surprised they were moving it out, but a good buy for $8. Sent from my Moto G Play using Tapatalk
  3. Slats6NYR

    Beep Beep blades

    Saw them floating on the Bay. 120 for $8.99. Anyone ever heard of them and know if there worth a beep beep??? Sent from my Moto G Play using Tapatalk
  4. Slats6NYR

    Anyone know this Edwin Jagger 3 piece & is it any good?

    So, last Christmas season, I worked for a company Uncommon Goods in Brooklyn. Two nice perks, 40% discount off for a year for former employees & a $25 gc as a gift I saw that they have 6 of these in stock, and still do a year later. With other things going on, I forgot about all of this. Now...
  5. Slats6NYR

    Gillette Nacet II... Disposables

    For those of you who like Nacet blades... No, I didn't buy these. Sent from my Moto G Play using Tapatalk
  6. Slats6NYR

    Gillette 7 O'clock Dark Blue Super Platinum; Why the hell did they discontinue this blade?

    One of the reasons I came back to B&B this summer was to try out some blades through the Great Blade Exchange. One of the blades I had wanted to try out is the Gillette 7 O'clock Dark Blue Super Platinum from Russia. When I first came around a few years ago, I had heard the Blues were similar...
  7. Slats6NYR

    Super Max Platinum: Not Zorrik Super Platinum

    About 3 weeks ago, I test drove the Zorrik Super Platinum in different razors. When I was posting about it, someone suggested that since they are made by the same manufacturer, that the ZSP is a repackaged Super Max Platinum. Since it is possible, today I tried out s Super Max. Used the same...
  8. Slats6NYR

    Zorrik Talvar; Good blade, but not as good as the Super Platinum.

    Decided to try out the Zorrik Talvar today. Was hoping that since the Super Platinum had been giving me great shaves, that the Talvar would as well. I used it in my Ming Shi Futur Clone. The settings were a 2 for the WTG, 4 XTG, and 5 for the ATG. Used Stirling Black Ice for soap. I did like how...
  9. Slats6NYR

    AliExpress Giveaway; QShave Black Futur Clone

    Those of you that use AliExpress know that they have products that the vendors giveaway daily. Right now, QShave has one for the Black Futur Clone in the picture. You have to go to the site, and if you are registered there already, go to the freebies section. Fine the listing & apply for it...
  10. Slats6NYR

    Lord Cool

    I first saw this blade when I was checking out Razor Blade Club a couple of months back. When I decided to see how RBC would do with an order, I thought since it was a blade I knew little about, and a low price, to get it. Loaded it into my Ming Shi Futur Clone. Only mistake was that I had...
  11. Slats6NYR

    Razors From The Year You Started Shaving

    Over the time that I've been on B & B, I've seen a lot about birth year razors. I have my own Slim & Travel razors from 1965. I use the Slim all the time, the travel not so much. The last couple of days, I've been wondering how many guys have DE razors from when they began shaving? For me I...
  12. Slats6NYR

    Sharp Star Review; Another Great Russian

    Been looking forward to trying this blade. I haven't seen much written about it. My favorite blade is the Rapira Platinum Lux made by the same company, Mostochlegmash. Have tried a couple of Rapira's SS blades, and they have done a good job, but find that Platinum blade give me a much better...
  13. Slats6NYR

    QShave Black Futur Clone on AliExpress

    Use the AliExpress App, not the website to get the best price. Look for the QShave store or look up double edge razors. Pick the black razor with blades and the price is $11.14. What you need to do is to save the QShave store as a favorite. Then look under coupons and get the store coupon. For...
  14. Slats6NYR

    Zorrik Super Platinum; An overwhelming Surprise

    A few weeks back, I started a thread about Indian, Pakistani & Bangladeshi blades. The only one that I liked is the Gillette 7 o'clock Black and wanted to see if I was missing one. I made a trade with the GBE recently that included the Zorrik Super Platinum, SS, and Talvar. It the 1st time I've...
  15. Slats6NYR

    QShave Black Futur Clone

    Wondering if anyone has this specific razor? Saw it a couple of weeks ago, and it's even cooler looking then the chrome. AliExpress has a big sale day on Saturday, so this will go for less then usual price. Have seen posts here that some clones have problem with blade alingment. I have a chrome...
  16. Slats6NYR

    Pickwick Pharmacy...It ain't Pasture's

    It may be that since I started DE shaving that I'm spoiled. When I found B&B early on, I found out about Pasture's. It is a Mecca for finding all types of products in a fairly small store. Those of you who have been there know it's lots of shelves and narrow isles, but it has everything. I'm...
  17. Slats6NYR

    Philadelphia stores?

    Going to be in Philly tomorrow. Want to ask what is in Center City that compares to Pasture's in NYC? Not really looking for much, maybe a few tucks of blades...unless I find something I can't pass up. Sent from my Moto G Play using Tapatalk
  18. Slats6NYR

    Pickwick Pharmacy Philadelphia?

    Going to be in downtown Philly tomorrow. Want to know if Pickwick is worth stopping in? Not really looking for much. Want to see how it compares to Pasture's in NYC. Sent from my Moto G Play using Tapatalk
  19. Slats6NYR

    In Praise of Dangerous Don & the GBE

    I'm writing this for 2 reasons; First because of Don's work running the Great Blade Exchange.I asked to make a trade with Don towards the end of August. I hadn't been on B&B for awhile and came back in part because of the GBE. I didn't know Don had taken over for Jason (Toothpick) recently...
  20. Slats6NYR

    Ming Shi SS

    Got these with my Futur Clone. Put one into the razor I call "Lil Bastard". It's a Maggard MR6 handle with a head off a Chinese razor I have. Used Tiki Bar 1920's Barbershop for soap. Got a good shave with it, but what I've rated other blades as NBFD (No Big F*@!ing Deal). It's not going to...
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