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  1. pault

    enabler alert

    Wally world had their frozen turkeys marked down to .39 lb so I got one for christmas dinner and beyond. Dont have room for more, but it will make lots of meals afterwards. Those that have freezer space, it is a pretty nice price.
  2. pault

    Tea pif..

    Is anyone interested in this type of tea? Was gifted it and wont even try it, it is still sealed. Post if interested and if theres interest , more than one can pick numbers or something. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. pault

    Plumeria cuttings

    My plan is to cut back my plumeria plants this fall. The cuttings will only grow in florida along the gulf probably And i will only ship local states These can grow in pots or in ground. And will turn into a tree if not cut back as i am going to do No promises. If interested pm me plumeria and...
  4. pault

    Almond croissants

    When I lived in NH I loved almond croissants. There was a bakery that sold them, they would bake them , fill them and sell for like $2 each. I used to buy a case, (48) at a time Like .50 EACH. There were real french croissants, not the wally world or local stuff you get. I would thaw, proof...
  5. pault

    For all you breadmakers...question

    I started again making white bread, using the artisan bread in 5 minutes a day book. Basically makes 3 lb loafs at a time and let it sit in the fridge until I use it up and make another. Reason , I was buying arnold sourdough bread to get away from reg commercial white. It stays a long time...
  6. pault

    Chicken wings, smoked

    I have been doing this and it seems to work out good. Usually have burger and wings, (two of us) or wings with anything else we fancy. I have been getting flash frozen chicken wings, no tips , 5 lb bag. So when I smoke a rack or two of ribs I marinate half the 5 lb bag of wings, thawed...
  7. pault

    2003 avvoltore. Morris farms

    I picked these up years ago, dont drink that much anymore, but wife made fantastic lasagna and im having it 2nd day. Opend this, OMG smelled and tasted wonderful. Just had to share, and i know you like pics Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. pault

    Waited 14 years for this

    The wine, not the steak, but decided to open it today and have with the bacon wrapped angus steaks. Not too likely to find a bottle of it easily. Enjoying it... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. pault

    Super automatics coffee machines. need suggestions

    I didnt want to crash the other espresso thread, so here goes. I just want to make a good latte or 3 every day. Just got off a cruise and again enjoyed them. Prob will not make espresso shots, may make other milk frothed drinks. Need to be simple and clean, no mess, no grinding and tamping and...
  10. pault

    Recycling and old belt into a pipe rest

    I have seen these around and some large or odd shaped pipes just dont fit in a regular pipe rest, sooooooooooo. I was pretty sure i have kept belt that. Doesn’t fit or don’t wear hoping i could use them some how. I ordered some fasteners and made my first recycled pipe rest from a belt. Not too...
  11. pault

    Daily containers,,,

    So i dislike tins, zip lock bags as my fat fingers can never load the pipe without a mess being made. I did load some into a used frosting tub and that seemd to hold the moisture real good, been a cpl weeks now. Anyhow i decided to go to the dollar store and get rubbermaid containers, store...
  12. pault

    Petersons pipe lovers

    You should check out p &c site Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. pault

    Repurposed cigar tube

    I only smoke my pipe outside in the lanai in cent fl. I have quit cigars, down to the last cpl, now. In trying to keep pipe cleaners out in the lanai without blowing around etc, i found this to use. Just passing it along... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. pault

    Password managers

    I have been using dashlane, but there going up to $60. I am starting with norton password manager to try it out, and if it works , cancel dashlane and get lifelock . Has anyone used norton password manager for a while and or lifelock, looking for some feedback to gauge my experiance. Thanks...
  15. pault

    OMG! UPS is going to deliver early, it is a Christmas Miracle!!!!

    So I hate UPS delivery, if you get sent a package even if its from the next state , if it is home delivery, they sit on it so it takes the amount of days normally scheduled. So Imagine the shock I had this morning when I checked my order(s) and found they will be delivered today instead of...
  16. pault

    Pif in the stock exchange.

    A blend I made and have been smoking since july , a sample is up for grabs, I opened the vacuumed bag today and made 6 pif bags, two are currently spoken for. 4 are left. If interested, post in the stock exchange thread and pm me your address. Blend is VA, perique and cavendish id like to get...
  17. pault

    has anyone tried P & C, 8 oz grab bag of pipe tobacco

    If so were you pleased, disapointed? Thinking on my next order to try it..
  18. pault

    Wine tonight

    I dont drink that much wine any more since moving to cent florida, tonight i popped a bottle of 2003 seghasio omaggia and it was stunning, with bacon wrapped steak, saving the rest for tomorrow. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  19. pault

    For those lurking and considering pipe smoking....

    I just saw from pipe and cigars an offer for a starter set, approx $13, i have no interest in P&C but see people want to start inexpensively. I have no idea about the pipe or tobacco, but it may be an inexpensive way to jump in. Yes jump in to the rabbit hole :)
  20. pault

    Hope everyone in the Carolinas stay safe with the hurricane on the way.

    And its not to windy for a smoke. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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