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  1. texcattlerancher

    Musgo Real Original

    I think Musgo has changed its formula. I bought two new tubes and the new cream (white) is a different color and the scent is different from the original. I am looking for any tubes of the original Musgo where the cream has a green color rather than the new tubes. If you do not like your old...
  2. texcattlerancher

    Musgo Real Formula Change?

    Hello B&B Brethren. I haven't been active nor have I posted in a long, long time. I have been working through creams and soaps, both of which I bought far too much of a number of years ago. I did, however, recently buy a new tube of Musgo Real Classic off Amazon, and not through one of the...
  3. texcattlerancher

    Truefitt & Hill — Dallas

    Please reply if you know of a T&H vendor in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.
  4. texcattlerancher

    QED Shave Sticks

    When and why did Charles stop making his shave sticks? I was on the QED site today to buy some supplies, and he no longer has his soaps available. I especially liked his lime. In addition to the original question, if you know of a strong lime scented soap, or cream, please let me know.
  5. texcattlerancher

    Truefitt and Hill

    I haven't posted or surfed here in a long time. I've worked through just about all the soaps and creams I purchased years ago when I was active here. One of the best products I have used is Ultimate Comfort. It's time to buy a new tub of this. Who are the Truefitt and Hill dealers in Dallas...
  6. texcattlerancher

    Musgo Real Preshave Oil

    Anyone use Musgo Preshave Oil? If so, how does one properly use this stuff? For me, it leaves my hands slick and oily after application. It takes forever to wash this stuff off with soap.
  7. texcattlerancher

    End of Acquistion Disorder and Only Using Products I Enjoy

    Like many of us, one of the reasons I started the wetshaving "hobby" was to save money on shaving products. This sounds like a good idea. However, after finding B&B, one reads about all these wonderful soaps, creams, blades, razors, and brushes that one, of course, just has to try. I ended up...
  8. texcattlerancher

    QED Lime

    I have overcome acquisition disorder. Over the past several years I have used up the various soaps and creams acquired early on in my B&B experience. I am down to my last shave stick, a Speick. As a reward, especially for the hot Dallas summer, I was going to buy a QED lime shave stick. Much...
  9. texcattlerancher

    All Star Lineup

    I have been a member of this forum for over five years now. Like many of us, I have tried more than my fair share of soaps and creams. While trying to maintain a manageable shave den without too many choices, these are the soaps and creams I plan on keeping permanently stocked: Soaps Speick...
  10. texcattlerancher

    Closest Blades to Swedish Gillettes

    My stock of blades is very low, and it is time to buy some new blades. My favorites were Swedish Gillettes, but those are no longer available. From those who knew and enjoyed Swedish Gillettes, what is the next best blade? I am looking for the Swedish Gillette clone if there is one.
  11. texcattlerancher

    Best Straight Razor Shave NYC?

    I have a friend visiting New York City. He is interested in an old fashioned straight razor shave experience. Where is the best place in Manhattan to get a straight razor shave?
  12. texcattlerancher

    Ready for a New Cream

    Shocking, perhaps, that a dedicated shave stick user such as myself should venture over into the cream forum. But, here I am. Let's see, I have used TOBS, Trufitt and Hill, Speick, Musgo, Proraso, Salters, the stuff that comes in a Tiger bottle, the stuff that comes in a squeeze bottle...
  13. texcattlerancher

    American Made

    Are there any good blades currently being made in the USA? If so, please respond with a recommendation or two.
  14. texcattlerancher

    Brick and Mortar for DR Harris

    Are there any department stores in the US selling DR Harris? I live in Dallas, Texas, and would like to go inspect/smell some DR Harris soaps before purchasing. If you know of any brick and mortar stores that carry DR Harris, please let me know.
  15. texcattlerancher

    Best Scented Triple Milled Soap (in a stick)

    I very much enjoy the scent of Tabac, and I like the way it shaves. MWF was the opposite to me; couldn't stand the smell. I am looking to branch out and buy one or two more triple milled soaps in shaving stick form. What sayeth the triple milled soap users as to which soaps smell the...
  16. texcattlerancher

    Controversial Thread: DE v. Cartridge

    Many here believe that their DE shaves are closer than their cartridge shaves. At the same time, many will say that they no longer get ingrown hairs while shaving with their DE as opposed to their cartridge razors. These two positions are inconsistent in my way of thinking. The reason why...
  17. texcattlerancher

    Tabac Shave Stick Contest

    I am giving away a Tabac shave stick to the person who can most closely guess the number of shaves that can be gotten out of a Tabac stick. This stick is being passed around to different people already in the contest to use for 10 to 15 shaves. Who knows where all the stick may travel before...
  18. texcattlerancher

    picture test

    Test failed.
  19. texcattlerancher

    Dallas/Ft. Worth, Aug. 5th, Eat and Meet

    At least four of us are meeting at David's BBQ in Pantego, Texas (Arlington) on August 5th at 6:00 p.m. David's is a good halfway meeting point for the Dallas and Ft. Worth guys. This is awesome BBQ. Here is the mapquest link for directions to David's...
  20. texcattlerancher

    Dallas/Fort Worth Members

    Who all lives in or around the DFW Metroplex?
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