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  1. masonjarjar

    Aqua Velva Ice Blue - American JB Williams (????-2002) vs American Combe (2003-2010)

    Came across a NOS bottle of JB Williams era Aqua Velva Ice Blue on the bay for a steal, looks to be from 2001 (the sticker on the cap touts a giveaway of a 2002 Monte Carlo), which is right before AV was sold to Combe, Inc. There were subtle changes on the bottle when Combe took over, they seem...
  2. masonjarjar

    Van Der Hagen "Basics" (Deluxe and Glycerin are back!)

    Hopefully these will find their way back into the US Drugstores. I prefer these to their current "Luxury" scented variant. https://www.vanderhagen.com/products/shaving/shave-prep/Deluxe-Shave-Soap
  3. masonjarjar

    Van Der Hagen "Whipped" shaving cream

    This came up on my Instagram Feed.. my only thought is.. I wonder if it lathers with a brush? :) From the VDH website: "Light as a feather, and soft as a cloud. Whipped Shave Crème is a light and airy shaving crème designed to help reduce razor burn and skin irritation while shaving. Enriched...
  4. masonjarjar

    Crazy thread on Gent's Scents Facebook group.

    So this guy starts a thread showing a picture of a 10 ML sample of Creed Aventus (even made up his own label) and get this, he actually filled the thing at Nordstrom's. Just grabbed the tester bottle and sprayed it right in there. Now, as far as sample bottles go, that's one of the biggest...
  5. masonjarjar

    FT Michael Jordan Legend and Coty Aspen cologne

    For trade, two roughly 85% bottles of cologne (check the pics): 1. Michael Jordan Legend (said to be close to Rochas Man and Bond No. 9 New Haarlem) 2. Coty Aspen (said to be similar to Cool Water and Green Irish Tweed) I'm looking for one bottle of something that I don't have that sounds...
  6. masonjarjar

    Bath and Bodyworks - all CO Bigelow 50% off, Cypress line 75% off.

    Not much else to say.. all CO Bigelow half price which includes the re-branded Proraso and the Elixr Black/Blue/Green/White lines of products. The Cypress just came out and is already discontinued. Cologne, Body Spray and Body Wash are all 75% off. The Cypress is a nice scent. Sort of a...
  7. masonjarjar

    If it's too good to be true..

    ..it probably is. supposedly "New" *facepalm*
  8. masonjarjar

    Found an old friend at TJ Maxx

    Long since absent from its former home, Rite Aid, TRSC Shaving cream makes a one-time appearance at my local TJ Maxx store.. and it's a great as ever.. Seriously, this is one of the best values in wet shaving.. "Three T" quality shaving cream for a fraction of the price. The scent is...
  9. masonjarjar

    Strange Bedfellows..

    Clubman Special Reserve and Tom Ford Noir EDP? Yep. Top of Citrus and Herbal notes. Mid of Floral Base of Leather and Balsamic notes. (though with the SR, it's not so much of a pyramid) Great combo I just tried today for the first time... it didn't really hit me that they're similar until I...
  10. masonjarjar

    Aftershave PIF!

    I've been sitting on this PIF a while now but it's time to clear some space. I hope that men who throw their name in the hat for this one could use these, or are genuinely curious about these aftershaves. Three of them are discontinued, so it would be cool that if they aren't to your liking...
  11. masonjarjar

    Recent vintage additions

    Talk about a rabbit hole.. I have to stop myself. Luckily I was able to add these to my collection for under $30 total. The Avon was a gift and the other three are recent antique store finds (the best way). Matchabelli Aftershave Avon Öland Cologne Aramis Devin Cologne Giorgio Beverly Hills...
  12. masonjarjar

    TV Sightings: Barbasol and Proraso on The Americans

    The Proraso Aftershave sighting in Philip's hotel room wasn't all that unusual, though I'm not sure they went out of their way to find an early 80's version. The bottle looked like the ones sold today. Maybe it hasn't changed. The weirder one was in Season 2, I spied a can of Barbasol in...
  13. masonjarjar

    Van Der Hagen Items on sale at Giant Eagle in the Cleveland, OH area.

    VDH Luxury soap is on sale at Giant Eagle in Cleveland. Priced at $1.99 each I had to pick up a few. All the Van Der Hagen items were on sale, though the soap is the biggest bargain. They also had discounts on the DE Blades, DE Razor, Brush, and the Cup/Brush shaving kit.
  14. masonjarjar

    Proraso products on sale - CVS website

    Just noticed that CVS is carrying Proraso products on their website. The tube shaving cream is $7.99.. https://www.cvs.com/shop/proraso-men-s-protective-and-moisturizing-shaving-cream-with-aloe-and-vitamin-e-5-07-oz-prodid-1190592?skuId=571422
  15. masonjarjar

    Gucci Guilty Absolute.. the new Lilac Veg?

    I sampled this in Ulta... TWICE. Weirdest cologne I think I've ever put my nose to. Oily Leather Medicinal Funky weirdness. But yet.. I gotta have it, I want it in my humble collection. Opinions vary from "What is this mess??" to "Most daring designer fragrance in decades" to "I'd jump a...
  16. masonjarjar

    Gucci Guilty Oud - curious about this one!

    Can't wait to try this. Last year's Guilty Absolute is a difficult leather fragrance that I'm not sure I can pull off wearing. While I do own the safe but enjoyable Guilty Black with its fresh patchouli, I'm curious to see if they're continuing to push the Guilty line in a niche-like direction...
  17. masonjarjar


    Funny.. I probably sampled Mahogany Woods at B&BW a dozen times over the past 4 or 5 years and always thought it was just “nice” but never blown away. It’s interesting how a Youtube review and the fact of being discontinued can change the perception and "value" of a frag..
  18. masonjarjar

    Cologne PIF or Pass..

    Hello guys, I'm thinning out the herd just a little bit. I thought I'd pass along a few fragrances that I've enjoyed but don't really use much anymore. I'm considering this a PIF, but if the recipient doesn't care for them, please consider passing either or both along to someone else...
  19. masonjarjar

    I once bought a bottle of Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit de l`Homme Frozen Cologne

    but sadly, I had to.. let it go.. I'll be here all week..
  20. masonjarjar

    Anyone buy backup bottles?

    Have any of you guys bought back-up bottles of your favorites? You know in case something you love disappears from the market? Seems to make sense considering how certain colognes can skyrocket in price once availability wanes for some reason..
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