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  1. Smooth Steve

    GEMs vs AC

    With all the new GEMs coming to market, I want to understand the advantages of GEMs over the Artist Club format. I do not have a vintage GEM and don't understand why someone would want a GEM when there are so many fine options to chose from using AC blades - other then to just experiment. The...
  2. Smooth Steve

    Godrey Shaving Round Soap Review

    Godrey Shaving Round Soap Review 01/07/17 One of my favorite aspects of DE shaving journey has been trying new and different products from around the globe. This morning I tried for the first time, Godrey Shaving Round Soap from India. I read in various places on the internet that this was...
  3. Smooth Steve

    Ampro Pro Styl Vitamin E Oil - Anyone Ever Use?

    I originally found this at a Walmart with looking for stuff to use as a possible pre-shave oil. Something cheaper then products like Shave Secret specifically marketed to shavers. Except for the BHT, the ingredients did not look too bad: Glycine Soja (Soyabean) Oil, Tocophenol Acetate...
  4. Smooth Steve

    Italian Barber Wunderbar Available

    Today I received a notice that the Wunderbar was available for purchase. I was on the waiting list, but over the course of time waiting, I have made a few razor acquisitions: X3, PAA Grackle DOC, M2 Gillette Slim Adjustable, Blackbird with OC, and a black Hawk. As such, I am putting my...
  5. Smooth Steve

    What were the "Premium" razors during the Golden Age of DE's 30's, etc.

    I was wondering what you gents would consider to be the "Luxury" or "Premium" SE razors made during the 30's or early golden years of SE shaving besides the Gillette Aristocrats or odd toggle. If the fat boy, slims, etc. were marketed to the masses, what would be the high end razors of the...
  6. Smooth Steve

    Saving Soap Samples

    I was just wondering if anyone saves samples of their soaps as references to scents, etc. and how you store them. I am relatively new to DE shaving and soap collecting (an addiction). Even though my collection is modest to the stash many of you have in your den, I realized that personnally I...
  7. Smooth Steve

    Blackland Razors on Sale Today

    I am not sure if they are still open but I received an email that they are taking orders for the 85mm handle 15% off with free shipping. I understand if you order a Blackbird razor, you will also get a code for free shipping on the OC plates when available! I ordered the black oxide this...
  8. Smooth Steve

    Excited with first R41 Shave

    I decided to take the plunge after about 3 month in DE shaving and acquired an R41. Tried it out this morning for the first time with some Shave Secret, Ghost Town Barber soap, alum, and a splash of Clubman. A BBS with no sting, cuts or weepers! Great shave. I think I got my technique down...
  9. Smooth Steve

    Noob in the Motor City

    Earlier in the year I switched to using Cremo Cooling and it opened my eyes to better shaving products. It made a chore enjoyable and started my day right. In July in was down to my last Fusion cartridge and started to investigate DE razors. After purchasing some starter gear, I have become a...
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