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  1. Christian1212

    Thoughts on the new les lats?

    Thinking about adding one of the new coticule les lats that have been coming out of the mine recently. Curious how you guys have liked them so far? I already have a nice finishing coticule/ark/jnat and blah but wanted a lat in the collection because why not. cheers
  2. Christian1212

    Thoughts on swapping from naniwa to shapton glass

    Thought I would ask for opinions as I am thinking about changing up my synthetic progression. Currently I have a chosera 1k (keeping it as I love the green brick), naniwa ss 5k/8k/12k (the thick versions). Normally I just go to the 5k and then swap to naturals (jnat or coticule). Sometimes...
  3. Christian1212

    What a well loved MK 32

    Picked up a group of razors (Few heljes, 2 henckles and a 7 day helje box). Got a sweet deal and was originally planning on having this 32 be scrapped and put the scales on something else (small crack in them but was thinking probably worth the risk). All of the razors though seemed very well...
  4. Christian1212

    WTB [WTB] Stub tail straight razor

    Looking to get my hands on a stub tail straight razor. Would prefer the razor to already have a set bevel. Griffith shaving has some nice ones but thought I'd see if anyone had any for sale first. Budget is 150 or less
  5. Christian1212

    Fun razor challenge I am doing

    Like many people on here I have gathered a decent collection of straights (roughly 20-25). However I sort of just picked out 3-6 that I mostly use and maintain to keep the other ones nice and blah blah. Since I have gotten a bit more skilled since starting I am not too worried about messing...
  6. Christian1212

    FT Few straights and stones. Looking to try out a Fili

    Never shaved with a fili and I feel sort of silly not having one in the collection. looking for a nice 12 or 14 (cub cero would be cool but will take any good condition one). Will be shaving with it so does not need to be mint. If I recall there was a generation or so that wasn't great so any...
  7. Christian1212

    My most used wet shaving product/tool

    I have been wet shaving for decent amount of time. Started in 2012 and was a little on and off and been full on wetshaving for the past 3 or 4 years. Of all my nice wet shaving equipment my most used item is a 40$ Parker pure badger brush I have been using since day 1! I have rotated almost...
  8. Christian1212

    GD honing challenge

    -Who can get their GD to a very comfortable shaving edge with the fewest amount of strokes. - Starting point should be from a set bevel (preferably 1k since I believe that is the most common, if not just list the stone) - Goal is to get the razor in comfortable shaving range (8k...
  9. Christian1212

    Straight edge suggestions (for checking flatness)

    Thinking about getting a decent straight edge for testing my hones. Been using a worn out dmt 325 for atleast a year or two. Feel like my stones are good and flat but struggling with my jnats and figured a straight edge would not be a bad investment.
  10. Christian1212

    Suggestions for new shaving soap/cream and aftershave?

    Been using castle Forbes lime shaving cream and it has been a joy. I have also used dr. Harris Windsor soap I believe is the name and formula T bay rum and have enjoyed both of them. Currently all I have is the castle Forbes lime and looking for recommendations as a second soap, cheers.
  11. Christian1212

    Honing on base vs in hand

    Hello, hope everyone is doing well. Thought I would ask on your guys experience with hand honing vs honing on a base. Normally I hone on base for any 1k work. After that I hand hone on the 5k and then finish hand honing on my coticule for my go to edge. Very simple and amazing edge. With...
  12. Christian1212

    WTB Looking to buy a finishing Arkansas stone

    Thought it was time to add an Arkansas oil stone to the collection. Looking for a finishing stone thats atleast 5"x2" (preferably 6"+ or 2.5"+ wide). Would be very happy with a Norton stone but definitely prefer something vintage. Just pm me what you are asking for with pictures, thanks.
  13. Christian1212

    FS SRD Thuringian approx 5"x2.5"

    122mmx(63-64mm)x19mm Very nice size Thuringian for sale with label in decent condition. Asking $275 shipped in the US. Possibly could get me with trade for any heljestrand razors. All pictures Imgur
  14. Christian1212

    FS Natural combo coticule and 2 straights

    Natural combo coticule is 7"x1.5" with a cool 3D looking surface. Would say it is a fast coticule but might not be the best finishing coticule compared to others. Really nice stone at a nice size, asking 200$ shipped anywhere in the US. ( more pictures New coticule ) Next I am selling a...
  15. Christian1212

    Looking for info on a swedish blade

    Was doing so good not buying anything but my birthday is coming around and I saw this on ebay. Sooooo its in the mail currently, thought I would ask if anyone knew anything about it. One side has elkistuna heljestrand which I am familiar with but the other side has Ferigol&Rosean Beograd which...
  16. Christian1212

    FS Moving sale, bunch of straight razors for sale (and a nagura set)

    Moving to a new state so selling a lot of my project/testing razors and few daily shavers. None of the razors have any warping or pitting/rust on edge but they are also all not shave ready (1-3 might be but I used mothers polish on most of these before posting so they would need touch up at...
  17. Christian1212

    FT Looking for another coticule - few goodies up for trade or paypal (escher, jnat, DDUCK)

    Been looking to get a larger size coticule. Looking for something 7"+ x 2"+ would be willing to look at smaller ones if they were interesting. Willing to do trade, trade+money, or money only Thought someone might appreciate the items I have up for trade. Escher I got not to long ago, is a...
  18. Christian1212

    FS 2 Coticules for sale

    126mmx60mm glued combo coticule Nice coticule combo with pretty cool looking BBW side although I have never used that side for sharpening razor. The yellow side is a nice finisher and slow on water. 150$ shipped Coticule 126mmx60mm 148mmx35mm natural combo coticule Nice natural...
  19. Christian1212

    FS Lot of razors and coticule

    Might be moving in few months so trying to narrow collection down to a few razors. Selling a few of the daily shavers/project razors today and a coticule I don't use. Selling all razors as NOT shave ready (few will be close, if you want shave ready PM me) Geneva Knife Co round tip German...
  20. Christian1212

    New razor, Waterville Cutlery

    Landed this on the bay for 32$ including shipping thought I would show it off. No plans for it as of now but will need new scales in future. Imgur More pictures
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