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  1. Whiterook

    I finally found a way to save money wet shaving.

    The Ever-Ready coin bank 1912 razor! For the man who has everything!
  2. Whiterook

    Funny signs

    I was sitting in a local chop suey place and saw this sign. Please post any fuuny signs you see around.
  3. Whiterook

    My New Pocket Pen

    For most of my life I have carried either a ballpoint or a rollerball pen. The Parker Jotter is one of my favorites, but when rollerballs became a thing I wound up with a Cross Townsend. After losing several Townsends over the years I put a Cross Century II ballpoint in my pocket and carried...
  4. Whiterook

    The 2020 Gillette Heritage II Edition

    It has the same nice case and blades. There is still no logo on the top cap, surprisingly! There is a small Gillette logo on the base plate, which is nice. This is a solid bar razor similar to the Tech. Upgrade kits for existing Heritage owners are available at your nearest antique...
  5. Whiterook

    Bending warped Bakelite

    I managed to actually find a case for my Schick type F, but like so many of them it is a bit warped. It works fine to display the razor, but the case lid is bowed in to the point that it won't close over the razor. Could this be heated with a hair dryer and gently pushed back? Has anyone...
  6. Whiterook

    I made a convert!

    I recently purchased a Lady Gillette Starburst with the idea of giving it to my daughter. After cleaning it up I showed it to her and asked if she wanted to give it a try. She accepted the razor and a tuck of Astra blades but I suspected that they would end up collecting dust. Not so! Last...
  7. Whiterook

    Gillette case

    I found this box at a good price so I jumped on it. It actually had an Ever-Ready 1924 in it which I may mangle my face with someday. Can anyone identify the years of Super Speed that came in this red box? The one in the pic is my 1953 model. Thanks!
  8. Whiterook

    Supply raising prices and a new razor

    The new alloy razor may lighter and therefore more appealing to some. The following changes will go live on November 1st: (1) The Single Edge 2.0 will now ship with all three shave settings included. Currently it ships with just the Classic shave setting. We're making this change because we...
  9. Whiterook

    Schick Adjustable

    I just received my new Schick Adjustable and I am confused as to whether it is an M2 or a M3 version. My searches seem to turn up conflicting information. I think it is an M3, but can anyone verify that? This type seems to an in between type.
  10. Whiterook

    Gillette Rubie Platinum Plus

    I have done some research and some say these are junk blades and others rate them fine. I have just finished my third shave with one and this blade seems as good as the Polsilver. I am considering buying a hundred of these blades. Anyone have recent experience with these blades to share...
  11. Whiterook

    Whiterook's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    What is your real name? David What are your nicknames/aliases? Dave Where do you live? Honolulu, Hawaii What is your age (or) generation? Baby Boomer What are you in the real world? Infrastructure Engineer What is your favorite shave setup? Schick G1, or Gillette...
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