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  1. kzoo1

    WTS E Type Injector

    I'd like to sell an E-Type Injector. Razor is in good shape. Asking $15.00 shipped in US. Will ship international for cost of shipping. PayPal please. Thanks!
  2. kzoo1

    Cast Iron Grates for Webers?

    I tried a search, but nothing showed up... Has anyone tried cast iron grates for their Weber Kettle, or the Spirit/Genesis gas grills? They look interesting, but I wonder if the grates will get hot enough on the kettle... I'm looking at buying the grates for my gas grill here...
  3. kzoo1

    Hemingway - where to start?

    I searched, but couldn't find a topic like this, so here goes. I've read most of his short stories, but none of the novels. So which novel is a good place to start? I'm open to all suggestions, and will post my decision on which to read first. Thanks for the suggestions!
  4. kzoo1

    RAD = Cured! 20 year supply arrived!

    With the recent demise of ASR (I think) and the increasing difficulty of finding my preferred blade the much loved "Crystal", I decided to order a lot of 1000. They arrived yesterday. My wife thinks I'm nuts...and wants me to start giving them away if anyone even mentions an interest in...
  5. kzoo1

    Shotgun or Pistol for Bear Defense

    I tried searching, but was unable to find any topics like this. (maybe I not search so good? :001_rolle ) Anyway, here in Michigan there are reports of bears moving further south than they have in the past, and at several of our favorite camping spots, there have been signs of bear...
  6. kzoo1

    Dark and Stormy!

    With the last round of Blizzards :001_rolle, I broke out the Sailor Jerry's and some ginger beer for a tropical classic. The Dark and Stormy! Using a highball glass (about 10 ounces), fill with ice add a jigger of rum and top off with the ginger beer. Delicious! You can add a bit of lime...
  7. kzoo1

    Blade Disposal While Traveling?

    I'm currently on a business trip, and needed to change blades earlier this week. I tried to be as safe as I could by putting the old blade in the paper wrapper the new one came in, then I snapped it in half lengthwise, and in half again. Then I wrapped it in several tissues and threw it in the...
  8. kzoo1

    TOBS Lavender!

    Just received my puck of TOBS lavender this week from WCS (great service btw!). This is my first pricey soap, and wow is this stuff easy to lather! The scent is out of this world. And the shaves are first class. After a year, I'm beginning to see what all the hype surrounding the high...
  9. kzoo1

    Badger and Blade in the News!

    Not sure if this has been posted yet, I haven't checked in in a few days. I noticed this article on the Chicago Tribune website: http://www.chicagotribune.com/business/yourmoney/chi-tc-biz-ym-spending-1101nov01,0,7248310.story It even includes a reference to the site, and a quote from Joel...
  10. kzoo1

    Williams Experiment...

    I wanted a quick shave yesterday afternoon, so instead of using Zach's method to lather my Williams, I decided to try something different. I soaked the puck/brush as usual during my shower, but instead of whipping a lather on the puck, I loaded the brush, and went to work on my face. At...
  11. kzoo1

    Hand Moisturizer?

    It's that time of year where our (mine especially) hands tend to dry out from the wind and cold. I'm looking for something that is non-greasy, and unscented. Especially unscented. I tend to suffer from cracking dry skin around the knuckles, so any suggestions so I can avoid this condition...
  12. kzoo1

    Tried a straight again

    And it wasn't half bad! Actually, I got decent results yesterday. A passable shave for sure. I shaved with it on Saturday, two passes, clean up with a DE. Seemed a bit rough after the shave (irritated, not stubbly). Went at it again yesterday, two passes with only the straight, not...
  13. kzoo1

    Cold Weather Aftershaves?

    What do you use? I recently picked up P & G Old Spice, not too bad really, still want to try the Vi Jon, but the P & G is OK. Warms the face all day!
  14. kzoo1

    Mackinac Bridge

    The way to da U.P.!
  15. kzoo1

    Superlather Every Day?

    Anyone else use a Superlather for every shave?
  16. kzoo1

    The Tech!

    Just had my first shave with a Tech and an Israeli blade. What a nice little razor! I did a normal three pass shave, and no irritation at all! It was one of the most comfortable shave I have had since starting this whole thing back in January. Maybe not the closest, but a DFS for sure. If...
  17. kzoo1

    Popup Camping Anyone?

    My wife and I are avid campers, for the past 5 years or so, we have really been enjoying camping in our popup. I know it's not the hardcore strap it on your back and hike in camping, but we enjoy being dry, warm, and comfortable. We have lately taken to going to more rustic campgrounds as a...
  18. kzoo1

    We Choose the Moon

    Anyone else following/listening to this? Pretty cool stuff, since I was just a wee lad when it happened. http://wechoosethemoon.org/#
  19. kzoo1

    3 passes = Less Irritation

    Like most, I don't have an infinite amout of time for my shave in the morning, so I had resorted to a two pass shave, N-S, S-N. Mostly this yielded a DFS to an SAS, with little to no irritation. Lately though, I have noticed irritation on my neck, and less than satisfying results (lots of...
  20. kzoo1

    Count me in!

    First attempt with a straight this morning. Overall, it went well, there is a learning curve though. I could get the flat areas good enough, but had difficulty getting a good angle on the contours. I'll keep trying! It's kinda cool! :biggrin:
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