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  1. the_edski

    My Little Guy's First Shave

    My 21 month old had watched me shave a few times, but he never stayed more than a few seconds. Yesterday, he was watching with unabashed wonder. I asked if he wanted to shave too. He said "yes!" So prepped his face with mildly warm water from my EJ Badger and that solicited a few giggles. I let...
  2. the_edski

    Little Boy with Cancer Wants Christmas Cards

    Hey gents...this came across my news feed. I'm going to send him a Christmas card. I'm sure most of us have spares. Let's make this kids holiday brighter! Link below. http://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/Young-Boy-Battling-Cancer-Asks-for-Cards-as-Christmas-Wish-405602515.html
  3. the_edski

    In Celebration of 10K Posts - A Modest Giveaway

    Hello Gents, Never thought I'd be typing this, but I just made it to 10,000 posts! I consider this quite a momentous occasion. When I joined 4 years and change ago, I was a wide-eyed newb like most of us were. But then I settled down and found a home amongst friends and brothers. I have so many...
  4. the_edski

    New here? Contribute to the B&B Spirit and help make a Christmas wish come true !

    I'm sure we've all heard of that poor 8 yr old girl who lost her family in an arson and just wants some Christmas cards. I'm sending one, who's with me? http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php/476236-How-about-you
  5. the_edski

    Soap for hope - let's all get one!

    Hello gents, Your friendly neighborhood Steward here. Do you want to get a great soap in a beautiful bowl AND help out a great cause? You do? Swell! Click right below and come on down! http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php/475210-Soap-For-Hope
  6. the_edski

    Your Top 5 Favorite Chefs

    Thought it would be fun to share our top 5 favorite chefs. Can be a local chef, a celebrity chef, internet sensation, whatever! If you want to share why, even better! 1. James Barber (The Urban Peasant) Sadly he passed in 2007, his show reminds me of my childhood 2. Anthony Bourdain - If I...
  7. the_edski

    Are automatic watch winders a waste of money?

    Been looking through some old threads, and I've seen both side of the coin on this one. And what is B&B for, if not re-hashing a topic and beating an already deceased thoroughbred? Are watch winders just for guys who are too lazy to wind/adjust time when their watch has been sitting too long...
  8. the_edski

    Invicta Automatic Diver as 1st Automatic Watch

    So gents, I think I've finally gotten worn down and wish to dip a toe in the waters of automatic watches. I've had nothing but battery-powered Fossil's in my life, so I'm not a watch snob. I was reading a list of 10 nice watches under $100 and this one caught my (see link). What are your...
  9. the_edski

    Ensconced in Vetiver

    What George Costanza is to velvet, I am to vetiver :biggrin1: I've noticed lately that vetiver is becoming my go-to scent. The wife loves it and my newborn son seems to snuggle closer whenever daddy is wearing it. I've got vetiver bar soap for the shower, both the Clean and the Fresh Vetiver...
  10. the_edski

    Joining the Steward team here

    Hey everyone, I'm your newest Steward here! I consider myself lucky to be teamed with Mel and Marco. Dollars to doughnuts, you won't find a better group of Stewards anywhere else. Please feel free to PM me with any and all questions you may have, I'm always willing to help and even if I can't...
  11. the_edski

    May the 4th be with you.

    I'll just leave this here...
  12. the_edski

    The Speakeasy Acquisitions - 2015

    Let's see what 2015 has in store for all of us! I started the year off with a bang at Binny's spending some X-mas money. 1.75L Dewars White Label 750 ML Aperol 750 ML Buffalo Trace (for $24.99 :w00t:)
  13. the_edski

    Experience with Doane Paper?

    Has anybody used/heard about Doane Paper? http://doanepaper.bigcartel.com/ I'm looking for something better than your average legal pad. Something just irks me about using a cheap legal pad with a nice pen. I could always go the Rhodia route, but why not diversify? Thanks!
  14. the_edski

    Please allow myself to introduce myself

    Hello Gents! I am glad to be your 3rd Steward. I am very much looking forward to working with Brad and Boris. Two of the most outstanding gentlemen we have here! A tiny little bit about myself...I've been a member here for 3 years now and I can't imagine a better place to hang out on the...
  15. the_edski

    Looking for a Turquoise ink

    Hey gents, been a while since I posted a thread here. Anyways, I'm looking for a nice turquoise ink. Properties don't matter much to me on this one. Just looking for a nice & striking color. Preferably something I can get from a major FP website (Goulet, ISellpens, Jetpens, etc..) Looking...
  16. the_edski

    Wedding Gift from some friends

    And what great friends they are! Received the humidor and about half the sticks pictured in it from a generous group of friends right before my wedding last month. Thought I would share pictures of their immense generosity here. I was, and am still, blown away by the gesture.
  17. the_edski


    Anyone ever have one of these? Its a cousin to the Negroni. It replaces the gin in a Negroni with bourbon. The one I had in a Chicago steakhouse used Buffalo Trace and was fantastic. If you are curious to try and like Manhattan's, you will like this as it features sweet vermouth. Don't let...
  18. the_edski

    Hump Day Herf 27/08/14

    What happened with the date? I must have a fever or something! AGH!!!! :tongue_sm What's everyone smoking today?
  19. the_edski

    Catchiest Guitar Riffs

    So I was driving today and "Rebel Rebel" came on the radio. I'm not a David Bowie fan by any stretch of the imagination, but I always find myself turning this song way, way up. The guitar riff in it is just so catchy and really grabs you. In the spirit of my realization today, I thought I'd make...
  20. the_edski

    BL Discussion for August: Your dream custom pipe

    I'm inspired by the '14 LE pipe to propose this discussion. If you could go absolutely bonkers with money, what would your dream pipe be (material, stem, mount, shape, size, etc, etc...)? I'm going to need a nice night of dreaming before I put mine down in writing though. Fire away with your...
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