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  1. oakeshott

    Question on roasting and brewing cacao beans

    One of my wife's friends somehow persuaded me to roast some cacao beans for her. She had fresh brewed cacao once and learning that I roasted my own coffee, persuaded me that I was perfectly suited now to do the same with cacao beans. I bit. Too much to chew. Anyway, I've roasted about a half...
  2. oakeshott

    Iced Coffee: Flash Brewed or Cold Brewed

    It's gotten a bit hot here in Virginia and the attraction of a flat white or espresso or piping hot brewed cup in the afternoon, while better than having one's ears boxed, is less and less attractive. As a result, I decided to look into cold versions of coffee and began my normal, semi-obsessive...
  3. oakeshott

    Lot of Straights for Restoration (Torrey, Karnak etc) and old straight razor boxes.

    Reformed alcoholics find old bottles of booze in hidden places and reformed razor buyers find straight razors. Here are some that I found yesterday cleaning up my workshop. Some nice projects for anyone looking to learn how to polish and scale up a straight. Also throwing in five straight razor...
  4. oakeshott

    Identify this raptor please.

    I'm fascinated by birds and love watching them. I don't think this is in conflict with also being a bird hunter, but more likely a natural result of it. One of my areas of large ignorance, however, is raptors. I'm just terrible at identifying them though they fascinate me. This morning, I saw...
  5. oakeshott

    Sniper Team fires; member blushes.

    The other day, the mysterious Sniper Team sent me a note saying I'd been selected to receive a thank you gift in appreciation of my participation here. It's alleged, and these are currently only allegations-no proof has been offered, that my behavior has been generous and my attitude positive...
  6. oakeshott

    2015 World Barista Championships

    For those who care, they're being live streamed at this address: http://livestream.com/worldcoffee/events/3952873
  7. oakeshott

    The aroma of coffee- a chart

    Interesting chart.
  8. oakeshott

    Aeropress recipes

    Just got this link which has some promising aeropress recipes in it. I love how people have transformed an inexpensive tool for good reliable coffee into an unlimited source of creativity. http://www.thecoffeecompass.com/aeropress-recipes/
  9. oakeshott

    Pike Strop Hone and Primitive Arkie

    I've been away a few months and see that things in the BST have changed dramatically so I'm hoping I get this right. Please let me know if I don't. Going to be thinning out my straights and hones and keeping only those things which get regular use or are planned for handing off to my kids...
  10. oakeshott

    PIF a Week #22: Wolferman's English Muffin Breaker

    For most of mankind's history, the muffin has been our friend. From blueberry to whole bran, they greet us cheerily in the morning and offer up their muffin top's bottoms, warmed in the oven, for a generous buttering. There is little bad that can be said of the noble muffin (leaving aside the...
  11. oakeshott

    PIF a Week #21: Vintage Behr-Manning Honing Guide

    Behr-Manning used to send these booklets out free on request. There are various publication dates that range from the 30's to the 50's. Maybe even later. This copy of "How to Sharpen" is dated 1944. It comes with the original envelope addressed to Mrs. Terlecki. Typed, btw. Given the date, one...
  12. oakeshott

    PIF a Week #20: Bird Dog and Bird Brass Paperweight

    I've been puzzling over what to PIF for the Shooting Sports sub-forum and then I ran across an old hunting scene paperweight that I've owned for years. It's a lovely, solid little piece of art and belongs somewhere and with someone who'll enjoy it. The PIF is open to anyone, but extra chances...
  13. oakeshott

    PIF a Week #19: Package of Fresh Roasted Coffee

    For this week's PIF, ending Saturday, I will pan roast your choice of approximately 1/3-1/2 lb of coffee beans out of the selection of green beans currently in my cupboard. I'll list the selection later on, but can tell you off the bat it includes a variety of Colombian, Brazilian, Guatamalan...
  14. oakeshott

    PIF a Week # 18: Vintage Cufflinks and matching tie pins

    This week's PIF is 5 sets of vintage Cufflinks two of which have matching tie pins. They're scarcely used as they belonged to a man who seldom wore a suit or tie and who, in the last two decades of his life, I'm fairly sure did not even own a shirt with French Cuffs. Anyone who owns a shirt...
  15. oakeshott

    PIF a Week #17: Kramperts Bay Rum with Etched Flask

    This week's PIF is a flask, nearly full, of Krampert's Bay Rum and a bottle, nearly empty, of same. Do the math. It's time to move this most excellent product on to someone who enjoys Bay Rum. It's a terrific product but not one that I use. The clove and bay scents kept fooling my labrador...
  16. oakeshott

    PIF a Week #16: International assortment of tobacco tools

    Comrades, friends, brothers, I wish I could participate in your forum, but I gave up pipes years ago and restrict myself to the occasional cigar either when I'm out of town or when She Who Must Not Be Annoyed is out of town. Here are a few things left over from happier days. One is a cigar...
  17. oakeshott

    PIF a week #15: Kiehl's Fuel for your face.

    Last week I was in NYC for work and walking back to my hotel from dinner, my colleague and I passed the Kiehl's store on 9th street. I've been seeing their their classic mens EdT in some of the shaves of the day and was curious to try it. It had been a rough day and I was a little punchy, but...
  18. oakeshott

    Rudy Vey's backyard?

    In my mind, this is how I see Rudy's backyard. I mean, that is his cat in the corner isn't it?
  19. oakeshott

    PIF a Week #14- My mistakes: Carborundum hones

    Well, week #14 has been a little long in coming due to some dismal events which overtook my stalwart family, but we're back in our modified grooves and in that spirit my year of PIF'ing is underway again. For week 14, I'm offering up something special: my mistakes. It's hard to come by these...
  20. oakeshott

    The Most Common Last Words-of Men

    My wife just walked in while I was seeing if the one inch chisel I've been using to smooth an arkie could also be used to shave a particularly tricky area of my jawline. It had already been successfully tested on my arm. The following brief dialogue ensues: she: "Why are you doing that?" he...
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