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  1. sparkchaser

    New book exposes Abraham Lincoln's secret fight...

    ...against VAMPIRES! Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter One word: awesome. The book images are just perfect. I already ordered my copy.
  2. sparkchaser

    The 2009 Stocking Stuffers Brainstorming Thread

    By definition, well mine anyway, a stocking stuffer is a small, inexpensive gift to stick into a loved one's stocking. (As an aside, this does not seem to be a world-wide practice) Anyhoo, I was hoping this thread could be a repository for ideas for stocking stuffers. My criteria is...
  3. sparkchaser

    Happy Yule peoples

    Ladies, Gentlemen, and ne'er-do-wells, I'd like to wish every one of you Happy Yuletide Greetings for 2009. That is all. You may now carry on with your forum browsing.
  4. sparkchaser

    Dan Brown, annoying Facebook friend

    Dan Brown, annoying Facebook friend :lol:
  5. sparkchaser

    Best rock album covers (not meant to pick on RazorDingo)

    In the breakfast thread, RazorDingo said this: I respectfully disagree. Despite Rolling Stone ranking it #33, I think it's a horrid cover. :tongue: But anyhoo, what are some of your favorite "rock" album covers?
  6. sparkchaser

    Seattle's Best Tea

    Disclaimer: I know practically nothing about tea. Has anyone gone to Seattle's Best Tea? Last week I was roaming Chinatown, err, the "International" District in Seattle and came upon Seattle's Best Tea shop. It's a little tea shop that specializes in high elevation oolongs from...
  7. sparkchaser

    Can you help me ID this painting?

    Name? Artist?
  8. sparkchaser

    This weekend in Vegas - Coffee Wars

    One of the nifty events going on at DEFCON this weekend is CoffeeWars. This is where people compete their own home roast and blends with others. How cool is that? Call for beans. Anyone here going?
  9. sparkchaser

    Weezer - The Greatest Man That Ever Lived

    Anyone else love this song? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wIbnlvjF5PY From the wiki: Oh, and don't try to match the times above up to the video - it won't work.
  10. sparkchaser

    HD Radio FAQ

    I'm sure everyone has heard the hype on the radio about HD radio. So, what's the hubbub, bub? WNRN has put up a FAQ about HD radio. Pretty interesting reading.
  11. sparkchaser

    Seagram's Smooth Brazilian Rum

    Yes, you read that right - Seagram's makes rum now. Since it's a "Brazilian rum" I suppose it's more appropriately a cachaça. I bought a bottle last week and tried some last night. I was not overly impressed; however, I have been told that one does not drink cachaça neat so that may have had...
  12. sparkchaser

    Leopold Bros. Georgia Peach Whiskey

    I picked up a bottle of this in South Carolina. I am waiting until me and the wife are over our bouts of illnesses before imbibing. Has anyone tried it?
  13. sparkchaser

    Well stocked liquor stores in upstate South Carolina

    I am in Seneca, SC for a few days for work. One of the things I have always liked about coming to SC was the fact that the liquor stores aren't state owned so they can carry whatever they want to and what that means for me is all sorts of wonderful stuff I can't back in Virginia (and better...
  14. sparkchaser

    Steak in New York City

    I am asking this on behalf of a coworker. He is going to NYC this weekend and wants to have a good, honest-to-goodness dry-aged steak. What do you gents have for me?
  15. sparkchaser

    Coconut free and petroluem free shampoo?

    My wife has some very interesting allergies, including coconut, petroleum, and sodium laurel sulfate. She has been struggling for years to find a shampoo that won't make her scalp break out. Right now she is using with some success powdered yucca root but even then she still has to use something...
  16. sparkchaser

    My Scotland trip

    Folks, At the beginning of April my fiance and I went to Scotland to get married. Why Scotland? We wanted something small and when i asked Janet if she could get married anywhere, where would it be, she said Calanais Standing stones on the Isle of Lewis and I said OK, let's do it. Here is a...
  17. sparkchaser

    Off to Scotland

    I am off in a few hours to Scotland to get married. See you folks in two weeks and don't have too much fun while I'm gone.
  18. sparkchaser

    Shaver showdown for ultralight travelers

    http://onebagger.squarespace.com/blog/2009/3/28/the-compleat-travel-shaver.html electric? :mad3:
  19. sparkchaser

    "King of Shaves is King"

    I saw this and wanted to share. I hope this is the right area for it. Before you click the link, you need to know that this guy is what is known as an ultra-light packer. When he travels, he takes one carry on sized bag and that's it. So a brush, bowl, and container of cream won't cut it as...
  20. sparkchaser

    Old School Gamers

    I see there's a thread dedicated for video gamers but what about the rest of us? Who here enjoys board games and RPGs?
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