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  1. dgreene120

    First Air Popper Roast

    Got the roasting bug, so I picked up a Nostalgia hot air popper. Wanted to get started, so I just ordered some Sumatra and Ethiopian Sidamo beans from Amazon. First two attempts seem to have come out nicely. I like dark roasts, but will try to dial it back a little next time. The coffee was...
  2. dgreene120

    PIF - Tabac

    I bought this extra puck of Tabac, but am realizing the I have so many soaps that I will probably never get the chance to use it. So, I'm going to send this unopened puck (sorry, no ceramic bowl) to someone who has never tried Tabac. Just say "I'm in" and I'll pick a random winner in a week or...
  3. dgreene120

    Penn and Teller

    Saw Penn and Teller this weekend. I guess they're doing a national tour or something. The show was fantastic! Great tricks, very funny, lots of audience interaction, and extremely entertaining! Plus, they hung out in the lobby afterwards (for a long time) to take pictures with everyone who...
  4. dgreene120

    Fair Food

    It's Fair season in Florida and my family made our annual visit to the South Florida Fair. This year, the family tried a Donut Burger, a Waffle Burger, a bacon-wrapped corn dog, chocolate covered bacon on a stick, a Boston cream pie funnel cake, and some deep-fried Oreos!
  5. dgreene120

    Art - I Just Don't Get It

    I've got to admit it, I just don't get art. Saw one of these at an art gallery today. It cost $28,000. It reminded me of the other one, which my 7-year old daughter painted at camp this week. You'll probably be able to tell which one is which, but would you be willing to bet $28,000 on it...
  6. dgreene120

    Wet Shaving Gear in Mainstream Advertisements

    Maybe wet shaving is becoming more popular. Here's an ad from the new Ikea catalogue with a straight razor and three brushes. Why they have combs in a toothbrush holder is beyond me, but, hey, it's Ikea! [emoji13]🇸🇪
  7. dgreene120

    Home Brewing - Something to Keep Me Out of Trouble in Between Shaves

    It appears that my lovely wife thinks I have too much free time (or she is trying to teach me to learn some patience :lol:). She took note of all of the different craft beers I've been picking up lately and, for Father's Day, she bought me a home brewing kit from Northern Brewer :w00t:. It...
  8. dgreene120

    Rush R40

    Anyone going to see Rush on the R40 tour? I'm really getting excited to see them in Tampa next weekend. I'm taking my 9 and 11 year old sons. I've been watching the first few shows of the tour live on the Periscope app and re-watching clips on YouTube. The band sounds fantastic and the set...
  9. dgreene120

    Going to Have to Send These AE Seconds Back

    I ordered a pair of AE McAllister seconds in merlot the other day and have been anxiously awaiting their arrival. I was excited to see the box waiting for me in my office when I got back from lunch. [emoji106]🏻 I opened it up and immediately saw this big scuff mark along the side of one...
  10. dgreene120

    Shoe Lacing - Have I Finally Gone Too Far?

    In the last year or so since I've joined B&B, I've taken up a lot of new interests. I've spent a lot of time researching (and too much $$ purchasing) shaving supplies, fountain pens and ink, shoes, coffee, etc. My wife has taken it all with good humor, knowing that I do get obsessed interested...
  11. dgreene120

    AE Sizing Fail

    My first two pairs of shoes came in from the Shoe Bank the other day. Before ordering them, I tried measuring my foot with the paper thing from the AE website. That didn't work, so I went to Nordstrom and got measured there and tried on some Park Avenues (they had a pretty limited selection)...
  12. dgreene120

    Basic Shoe Care Advice Needed

    I finally ordered some shoes from the AE Shoe Bank (pics below). They are a step up for me from the cheap shoes I've been buying in the past and I'd like to take care of them properly, so that they last a good long while. I've been searching around and am a bit overwhelmed with the amount of...
  13. dgreene120

    On the Verge of Buying Some New Shoes

    My black shoes are literally starting to fall apart and my brown shoes really don't fit quite right. Since lurking in this area of B&B, I've been convinced that I should buy some decent shoes. I can't swing two pairs of full-price AEs or Aldens, so I thought I'd try to get two of the more...
  14. dgreene120

    Advice for Making a Good Single Cup of Coffee in the Office

    After following a few threads in The Café, I've taken a greater interest in the coffee that I drink. I bought a Brew & Save and some fresh beans, so that I can at least get some fresh coffee from my Kuerig at home for the drive to work each morning (hey, it's a start!). However, coffee at...
  15. dgreene120

    Backpack for Middle School

    My son started middle school this year and carries around a ton of books. The backpack that we bought for him in September, Grip by High Sierra, is completely falling apart. We're looking for something new that is big enough to carry several binders and textbooks (even though my son is a pretty...
  16. dgreene120

    Anyone in South Florida Who Can Hone a Few Razors?

    I've been learning how to shave with a straight razor, but have not been able to take on learning to hone. I'd like to work on that skill in 2015, but I'd also like to start the year with some new straights that I've recently acquired (pics below) ready to go. I've got a tiny Fili 10, a Red Imp...
  17. dgreene120

    Chanukah Gifts from My Awesome Wife

    My awesome wife puts up with my weird shaving, music and other obsessions all year. This year for Chanukah, she truly outdid herself...
  18. dgreene120

    Birth Year/Birth Quarter Razors Acquired

    I've been on the hunt for a birth year (1972) or birth quarter (S1) razor lately and have been putting in bids on various black handle super speeds and super adjustables. Last week, I won my first birth year razor, this S4 Black Handle Super Speed ... Of course, the very next day, I won my...
  19. dgreene120

    Another "Please Help Me Identify These Gillette Razors" Thread

    Still trying to figure out the vintage Gillette naming conventions and looking to the group's collective expertise in identifying these razors. Any assistance that you guys can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Razor #1:
  20. dgreene120

    Fine Accoutrements Shaving Brush - Anyone Tried One Yet?

    I see that Mr. Fine recently started selling some cool looking shaving brushes and was wondering if anyone here has tried them out yet. If so, what did you think of them?
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