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  1. Blade Boy

    Cigar Humidification Methods, What Are You Using?

    I am usually the type to research things very throughly before making a decision, because I'm cheap and don't like to waste money, OK maybe cheap is not the right word, frugal perhaps is a better term. I'm willing to spend the money on something of quality that will last. I recently got into...
  2. Blade Boy

    [WTT] 130 Feather Hi-Stainless DE Blades for 100 Gem Teflon Coated SE Blades.

    I have 130 Feather Hi-Stainless double edge blades that I would like to trade for 100 Gem teflon coated stainless steel single edge blades (#71970) which can be shipped directly to me from here,http://www.emsdiasum.com/microscopy/products/preparation/blades.aspx 100 for 100 would an even trade...
  3. Blade Boy

    Scored this one today, model?

    Lately I have been grabbing my 1914? Every-Ready more than MY others, so just out OF curiousity I went shopping for a back up in case anything every happened with the first "justification ;)" and found this one in a sweet Bakelite case, I'm no expert on these, anybody know what model it is? It...
  4. Blade Boy

    Post Your Top 10 Pipe Tobaccos Of 2014.

    I thought it be a good reference source for BL members to post our top 10 favorite blends for 2014, I'm posting my top blends that are new to me for the year of 2014, if you haven't found ten new to you outstanding blends this year just post your favorites... In no particular order: 1) L.J...
  5. Blade Boy

    Please Help Me Remember The Name Of This Italian Soft Soap.

    I have some Italian soft soap that I can't remember the name of, I think may have been discontinued. First off I know it's not Cella but is very similar, It came in big blocks and I think there were two formulas, I want the say a red label and a green label, they were two different hardnesses I...
  6. Blade Boy

    Several Mac Baren pipe tobacco blends have been discontinued.

    Sadly, just heard that several Mac Baren blends have been discontinued... HH Burley London Blend (Discontinued. Only available while supplies last.) HH Highland Blend (Discontinued. Only available while supplies last.) HH Mature Virginia (Discontinued. Only available while supplies last.) Honey...
  7. Blade Boy

    Villager Pipe Tobacco Discontinued?

    I seen posts on severals forums talking about the Villager 1888 line of pipe tobacco being discontinued, after check a few online retailers I found it had been removed for their lists so it must be fact, anybody heard anything about this? I really enjoy the "Early Day" from the series and...
  8. Blade Boy

    Buyer beware, fake antique meerschaums on ebay!

    Scam alert! these and other fake antique meerschaum/amber pipes are circulating on eBay. Buyer beware, they are made of plastic and resin but are antiqued very well to fool the buyer, don't get ripped off....
  9. Blade Boy

    2 New Metal Tankard Designs From Tsuge.

    2 new Tankard designs from Tsuge... http://www.smokingpipes.com/pipes/new/tsuge/moreinfo.cfm?product_id=129126 http://www.smokingpipes.com/pipes/new/tsuge/moreinfo.cfm?product_id=129121
  10. Blade Boy

    GEM SE Blades, Coated Vs. Uncoated, Worth The Extra Cost?

    Until now I have been buying my single edge blades at the drug store in 10-packs (coated or uncoated?), I decided that the GEM blades are the brand I am going to stick with and am now ready to buy them in bulk (100), my question is are the coated blades worth the extra cost, they probably glide...
  11. Blade Boy

    Virtual pipe club.

    Anybody interested in a "virtual pipe club", I am starting one at Google+ where up to 10 people can video conference at once, since we are so scattered I thought this might be a cool idea, you would need to set up a Google+ account (free) and PM me your email address if you are interested.
  12. Blade Boy

    Just finish a TGN 24mm short loft silvertip with Ecuadorian Rosewood.

    Just finish making myself a TGN 24mm short loft (46mm) silvertip with an Ecuadorian Rosewood handle...
  13. Blade Boy

    What's in your nose?

    This thread is for my fellow nasal snuffers... I'll start us off... this morning... Toque Peanut Butter :-)
  14. Blade Boy

    Simpson brushes, a couple questions.

    I don't know if there is already a thread about my questions... 1. I see that Simpson brushes are described only by overall length, how can I find out about Knot diameters, lofts and handle lengths? 2. Is a Simpson Pure badger like other pure badgers, a.k.a. prickly, I'm looking for a brush with...
  15. Blade Boy

    Turning a gurgling pipe into a great smoker.

    I have been drilling out my pipes airways out to 5/32" and funneling the tenon tips and have noticed a marked improvement in smoking quality, many of my pipes would gurgle and they aren't cheap pipes, pipes that I was ready to get rid of due to the fact, after drilling the airways out to 5/32"...
  16. Blade Boy

    Anybody own the Colibri Connaught II pipe lighter?

    Does anyone own a Colibri Connaught II Pipe Lighter and if so what are your thoughts on it? I'm not looking for recommendations for other lighters, but specific feedback from someone who owns or has owned a colibri Connaught II Pipe Lighter, thanks.
  17. Blade Boy

    What's the best SE blade available?

    I have been using GEM blades in my SE's and was wondering if anything else is better? Not that the GEM are bad :001_smile.
  18. Blade Boy

    Novice cigar question...

    First I will say I don't know much about cigars so this may be a silly question but here goes are there any that taste like a Latakia or Balkan blend, pardon me if this doesn't make any sense, next question, what is considered the most common ring gauge?
  19. Blade Boy

    Schick Injector types...

    I don't know if there is a thread showing the different types of Schick Injectors, but if someone is a collector of them it would be nice to have a reference thread naming each with a photo of the razor.
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