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  1. Antique Hoosier

    SOTC Fragrance & Aftershaves

    Missing are a few misplaced bottles of Floris Santal and Penhaligons Endymion. I’m always on the lookout for vintage Floris and discontinued Penhaligons. This photo is Christmas Eve 2020. I wear them in no particular order or rotation but simply how I’m feeling that day. Almost forgot I’ve also...
  2. Antique Hoosier

    SOTC after 4975 days of joining B&B

    I joined Badger & Blade December 29th 2006 and over 800 plus straight razors have passed through my “collection”; these are what remain. I shaved almost everyday for over a decade with various straight razors. A couple years ago I switched to primarily shaving with either a Merkur Slant or...
  3. Antique Hoosier

    WTB Penhaligons RACQUETS Fragrance

    WTB Penhaligons Racquets splash, spray, cologne, edt, aftershave, all variants, 50ml, 100ml, any size full or partial, new, vintage, pre-owned.
  4. Antique Hoosier

    Joh. Engstrom cased PAIR 6/8 Eskilstuna Straights TIFFANY & Co. NY

    Guys I thought I would offer these to B&B members only FIRST. A Gentlemen's set presented in a Tiffany & Co. NYC Leather case with velvet lining. TWIN 6/8 Joh. Engstrom Eskilstuna Sweden Straight Razors Laser sharp shave ready in "natural" scales. Prefer CONUS but will consider International...
  5. Antique Hoosier

    German NIVREL Special Edition Coeur de la Sarre Sarreguemines Watch w/ Free MdC Fougere

    FS Nivrel Automatic German Watch with Swiss Movement. plus BONUS 90%+ Jar of Martin de Candre Fougere Shaving Soap INCLUDED with the purchase of the watch Limited to 200 pieces, of which this is #97, this is a beautiful BLUE dial color in the series. Actually a iridescent blue that is entirely...
  6. Antique Hoosier

    Gonna need some help on this one...Outta my "range"

    Coming to market this week. A guy can dream can't he?
  7. Antique Hoosier

    State of the "Collection" February 2017

    Ten years plus in as a member of Badger & Blade and I present my first "State of the Collection" as far as straight razors go. Brushes, hones, creams, soaps, aftershaves, and EDT's are a bit in flux. Strops are solid with my original Tony Miller 3" Latigo which rarely sees time but it is quite...
  8. Antique Hoosier

    Antique Hoosier's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame EntryWhat is your real name? Mike What are your nicknames/aliases? "The Shark" Where do you live? Florida / North Carolina What is your age (or) generation? 55 What are you in the real world? Auctioneer / Estate Appraiser What is your favorite shave setup? Heljestrand...
  9. Antique Hoosier

    Saturday morning breakfast

    Bob Segar on the jukebox at 6:57am. Hoping it won't be as bad as the highway sign advertises.
  10. Antique Hoosier

    FS Thiers Issard "Extra Wide" & Heinrich Klein (CHRONIK Family) STRAIGHTS

    CONUS Sale offered to confirmed PayPal address. Gentlemen, I am nearing my 10th Anniversary on B&B and it is truly time to minimize. Here are two STRAIGHT RAZORS that are SHAVE READY and UNIQUE. Thiers Issard Carbon Old School "Extra Wide" with Gold Wash Exclusive to Knife Center from mid...
  11. Antique Hoosier

    Sterling Gillette Travel Razor?

  12. Antique Hoosier

    Two Historic Pairs from 2016 Gator Cutlery Show Lakeland, Fla.

    Even though I have typically shaved for close to 6 months plus with the same razor, I have been attending the Gator Cutlery Show in Lakeland, Florida for several years and it always seems I find something to bring home. Two Gentlemen's Sets were selected by me today as well as a couple other...
  13. Antique Hoosier

    A Plisson Brush "Re-Buy" after 7 years or so

    Did a re-buy on an old favorite Plisson brush last night on the bay. Not the exact brush that I once owned but a same model. I previously owned a #10 in Chinese Gray but this one is a #12 and was listed as "pure Gris". The handle of antiqued brass in the Napoleonic style was the main draw. I...
  14. Antique Hoosier

    Droescher Water Hone & others found

    Purchased a boxed Droescher water hone with paper label intact on the stone with slurry stone(?). Looks like a cool piece. Will share photos later. 3 other hones as well, a "Tiger", a Case & Sons Arkansas Translucent, and a Indian Mtn all in wooden boxes. Nice little haul.
  15. Antique Hoosier

    WTB Heljestrand MK 32

    Looking for a fine quality Heljestrand MK 32, just ONE. Would prefer "natural" scales and not necessarily "modded" or custom ones. Just a very nice MK 32 to use on a regular basis, not to collect. Thanks...Mike
  16. Antique Hoosier

    Do you enjoy a good MYSTERY?

    http://ktla.com/2015/07/23/jeffrey-alan-lash-pacific-palisades-mystery-man-weapons-cache/ If I was independently wealthy I would enjoy traveling to California and track down this incredible mystery.
  17. Antique Hoosier

    RIP Neil Miller

    Tragic news and so very sad. Our community has lost a wonderful man with the passing of Neil Miller yesterday.
  18. Antique Hoosier

    Proof that one person can silence a corner of the internet

  19. Antique Hoosier

    FLORIS London "Winter Sale"

    Some very fine FLORIS items 50% off during their "Winter Sale".... Gives those who have found these products slightly out of reach to embrace one of the World's Finest fragrance houses wares. I have had Floris in my shave den since 2007 and they are wonderful luxury items to use on special...
  20. Antique Hoosier

    Grieving the loss of my Mom

    Hello Friends, I have been away for a bit here in 2014 as I have dealt with personal issues and now I am faced with another major part of my life as my Mother passed away last week and we laid her to rest in peace in a old country cemetery on a beautiful hillside in rural Indiana. The Church...
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