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  1. FreddieP318ti

    WTT Yasuki Kamisori or CF Rhinoceros for Parker Variant or Rockwell 6S

    Offering up one or the other for a like new Silver and black Parker Variant. Would prefer from a recent batch so as no issues with the paint coming off the handle. Also interested in trading towards a Rockwell 6S. Yasuki Steel Kamisori. Excellent razor! Will arrive shave ready. Very smooth...
  2. FreddieP318ti

    WTS Holy Black/Caswell Massey Regent soap

    Selling my twice, gently used Regent soap. Great stuff but there are just other things I want. I paid $72 shipped directly from Caswell Massey. Asking $60 priority shipped CONUS. Will come in original ribbon tied box, etc. No trades please! Thanks for looking!
  3. FreddieP318ti

    WTS Shavemac and Standard razor

    Offering my Shavemac Beehive in zebra with 24mm Shavemac knot. Excellent brush for both bowl and face. Just an all around great brush I hate to part with but need to fund another purchase. New this brush runs $130+. Asking $80 shipped CONUS. Standard Razor in Black. Used but in excellent...
  4. FreddieP318ti

    WTS Dr Jon's Flowers in the Dark and a couple brushes

    Good morning all! Shipping will be $5 each item. Offering today a once used set of Dr Jon's Flowers in the Dark. Love the scent and performance but found I'm allergic to something in it. Sadly must go. Retails from Maggard for $39.23 shipped. Asking $28 RazoRock Classic 28mm synthetic used 1...
  5. FreddieP318ti

    WTS Soap & aftershave lot

    Offering a nice soap lot + a couple of post shaves. Leviathan around 75-80%, L&L and Petrichore Lathered 1 time, Cologne Russe around 95%+ and splash used 1 time. Viking is previous formula. Tree of life around 6oz, Ironside around 8oz. CL Colonia Balsamica used 1 time, Proraso is new. Not...
  6. FreddieP318ti

    WTB Kai Titan Mild blades

    Looking for some of the above mentioned blades. Does not need to be a full pack. If you have some to spare give me a shout! Thanks!
  7. FreddieP318ti

    WTS SV 70th set & Big Easy Soaps Purple Haze

    SV 70th soap and balm around 95%+. Excellent soap & scent, just too many soaps and not getting any love. Big Easy Soaps Purple Haze 99% (1 lather). Excellent performer and nice scent, just not my favorite scent. Just released last month. Retail before shipping comes to $80. Asking $65 shipped...
  8. FreddieP318ti

    The Holy Black Galleon silver coin?

    Anyone dug the silver coin out of their Holy Black Galleon soap? Just curious what it looks like. Any pics?
  9. FreddieP318ti

    WTB aka I need MDC Rose!!!

    Trying to get some MDC rose. If you are willing to let it go I will pay of course plus toss in a decent sample of Lavender Creeper soap and Rhinoceros soap for your help. PM me!
  10. FreddieP318ti

    WTT: Triad Brass handle for new / gently used Lavender Creeper set

    Giving this a shot. Looking to trade my Triad brass handle for a new or gently used Lavender Creeper set. It's an early handle and I do not have the paperwork but should still have the ship tube for it. Dimensions are 90x12 but cannot think of weight to save my life. Sorry! I keep everything...
  11. FreddieP318ti

    WTB: Stirling butterscotch fan

    As the title states I'm looking for one of the Stirling Butterscotch brushes with the fan knot. If you have a nice one not getting any love let me know! Thanks!
  12. FreddieP318ti

    WTB Blackland Blackbird 2nd gen (Polished preferred)

    As the title states I'm looking for a long handle, 2nd gen Blackland Blackbird. Preference will go to polished so not jumping on first offer of brushed or black unless it's a deal to good to pass lol. Will only accept short handle if its polished. Cash in hand, not looking to trade. Let me know!
  13. FreddieP318ti

    Need to find end cap pressure fitting for a slim adjustable.

    Good evening gents. While working on a slim adjustable project razor I managed to ruin the pressure cap on the end of the handle. The pic to show what I'm referring to is one I found on the net. I'm usually good at saving them but this one got the best of me. I am hoping that someone may know of...
  14. FreddieP318ti

    My new whisker whacker :

    Completed and assembled Monday. IKon DLC tech with a custom iKon SE handle. I had a buddy of mine cerakote the handle except the knurling. Handle is done in graphite black. Feel like a little kid wanting to play with a new toy. Looks 10 times better in person than in the cell phone pic. My...
  15. FreddieP318ti

    A 3 piece that shaves as nice as my Aristocrat?

    I'm narrowing down to what I wish to have in my den. My favorite razor is my 48-50 post war Aristocrat. Quality of shave and feel to me is exactly what I want in a razor. I do love my 3 piece razors and want one that has around the same feel in comfort & aggressiveness.. Does anyone have any...
  16. FreddieP318ti

    1930's Gillette NEW question. Silver? with pics

    Hello gents, I have a question for you. I've been on vacation since December 22nd and that has given me a lot of play time. Visiting some antique shops I came across a NEW. Though I dont shave with them I love the looks, cleaning them up, and sending them on to good homes. The one I have below...
  17. FreddieP318ti

    Recommend a cream please

    Hello all, As stated I need a recommendation. My wife is switching over to wet shaving but needs a good cream. She wants something great for sensitive skin, womanly scented, in a tube, great slickness, and she does not want to have to use a brush for lather. She thought my Tabac was nice...
  18. FreddieP318ti

    New to using the BST? Common courtesy tips!

    Hello all and a good day to you! I type this up due to my dealings with the BST on here and other forums. Mods if I am in any way out of line please correct me. I know that for some being new to a forum and using a BST there may be questions on etiquette and acceptable behavior. Below are some...
  19. FreddieP318ti

    Suggestions on a razor for my wife or tips for current razor.

    Hello gents & ladies! As the title states my wife is interested in losing the cartridge for pretty much all the same reasons as we did. I acquired a Ladies blue Gillette Starburst which she loves the feel and weight of buts wants it more aggressive. I started her off with Gillette Silver blues...
  20. FreddieP318ti

    Veterans Day sale at Queen Charlotte Soaps

    Hello all, Just received this message from QCS. If you have never used them before they are a great company with excellent product!
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