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  1. polishaver

    WTS /WTT software

    B&M Leviathan AS (90%) $15 shipped Oleo Caballero used 4x $15 shipped Stirling Christmas Eve set New/unused $20 shipped
  2. polishaver

    26mm Paladin Chief Harlequin

    I bought this brush a few months ago on the BST, 2nd owner. I've used it 6 times in a rotation, trying to free up funds for another purchase. $140 shipped conus PayPal g+s preferred Comes with card and tube Knot code csli4
  3. polishaver

    FS Stirling 26mm marble finest

    Used about 10-12 times , this is an extra that doesn't get used. $33 retail, yours for $25 shipped within the conus via USPS.
  4. polishaver

    FSOT Barrister & Mann LGC

    Up for sale or trade is a new, unused tub of Le Grand Chypre in glissant base. This was a Christmas gift from my wife, the scent is just not for me. She opened the tub to smell, so I can't return it. $25 shipped with a few surprise extras. Trade interests include Seville AS or EDT, other...
  5. polishaver

    Everready 100 reknot

    Here is a 100 that I removed the old knot, sanded, and then left sit for 5-6 months. I swapped a Semogue boar knot into it and it'll get it's 1st test run tonight.
  6. polishaver

    My two completed restores

    We have a Maderite 23 that originally had a nylon knot. This was the hardest knot to get out so far in my limited experience. I cut the knot out of the Lovgren & Daughter brush I won here on B&B. I added 4 or 5 nickels in the base for weight. The other (Everready 100t )was my first restore...
  7. polishaver

    Quite pleased!

    I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for all the great info! I bought a Pilot Metropolitan with a medium nib for my wife as a birthday present, she writes quite a bit for work as an Occupational Therapist. I got it along with a con 50 converter and a bottle of Noodler's...
  8. polishaver

    Folsom black powder aftershave availability

    After searching most of the vendor sites I can't find it in stock. Is Folsom still making this magic juice? Thanks, Jeff
  9. polishaver

    SE boomerang

    I received a pair of Gems on loan from Graydog, a 1924 and a G bar. I shaved with the 1924 tonight and was pleased with the results! I got a great shave with the 1924 and a new gem ptfe blade, some minor irritation on my neck and jawline from trying to find the best angle. Thanks again...
  10. polishaver

    help needed to id bakelite oc razor

    I found a razor today while checking out an antique flea market, metal top cap, bakelite baseplate and handle. It has a very unusual hump in the top cap. I found one thread with a similar razor (safety bar instead of oc) with the name slant stroke. After cleaning it gave a decent, mild shave...
  11. polishaver

    The Ugly Sister Pif

    I was piffed this D1 '58 blue tip about a year ago by Daiku and have replaced it with a clean example C4 '57. I have always planned to rePIF this one after finding a nice one and the time has come. I would like this to go to a new wet shaver, it shaves perfectly despite the ugly plate loss on...
  12. polishaver

    Avon Liberty Bell

    I got this from a good friend (The Rusted Blade ) for my birthday. Birth year 76 full of vintage Oland A/S. I'm not familiar with this scent but it smells like English Leather to me.:thumbup: Sorry for the sideways pics
  13. polishaver

    need help dating gem SE

    I just found this Gem push button in the wild, think the model name is contour. I was wondering when it was made, I am going to try my first SE shave this evening. Thanks in advance.
  14. polishaver

    convert pass down kit

    Got another friend interested in DE shaving so I put together a small starter kit. A4 55 flare tip SS Small blade sampler (wilkinson sword, GSB, shark, Astra sp, derby) VDH boar from my luxury starter kit A few soap and cream samples ( Victoria & Margaret bubblegum soap smells like it...
  15. polishaver

    I won the brass lottery

    51 40s style SS 52 black tip SS 55 flair tip SS 3 slims ( 61, 63, and 66 ) two old spice mugs 55 bucks for everything, hurry up and take my money already!
  16. polishaver

    Starter kit PIF

    This forum is so valuable for information and advice for myself and other new DE newbs. I have been DE shaving since January and a member of B&B since March and have already won a few small PIFs, so it's my turn to give back. This is a good selection of products that I use and like that I...
  17. polishaver

    New shave bag birthday surprise

    I just got this from my wife and sons, looks to be really well made.
  18. polishaver

    greencrow's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame EntryWhat is your real name? Jeff Kelner What are your nicknames/aliases? Moondog Where do you live? Ashtabula, Ohio What is your age (or) generation? 38 What are you in the real world? plumber What is your favorite shave setup? Merkur 23 c merkur platinum blade What are...
  19. polishaver

    Need help with selecting my first decent super badger

    I read the brush thread sticky so this should be relatively painless. I'm looking for a super badger brush in the 50 to 70 dollar range. I am just starting out, the only brush I have now is the pure badger that came with my V D H luxury set. I use soaps and lather in the bowl. I was eyeing the...
  20. polishaver

    From convert to addict in 2 months

    I just recently started out wet shaving with a Van Der Hagen shave kit and luxury soap set i got from my wife for Christmas. After consulting a few friends that use DE razors I decided to buy a Merkur 23C and Merkur blades and have been very pleased with the results! This is by far the closest...
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