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  1. Boghopper


    Why is using this
  2. Boghopper

    FS Razorock Dead Sea, Puros, XXX, aftershaves, Zenith boar, Omega, WCS pure badger.

    I find myself preferring shorter lofted brushes these days. Zenith copper boar Omega boar WCS pure badger. aftershaves are unused. Puros and XXX soap are unused. Dead Sea has been used maybe 5 times. Barrister and Mann Latha, sandalwood has about 75% left. American Shaving Aftershave balm has...
  3. Boghopper

    WTB SV 70th soap, Nuavia Blu

    I thought I’d ask on here first before widening the search. Thanks
  4. Boghopper

    100 Nacets- $12

    At Italian barber. Fill yer boots.
  5. Boghopper

    Coast to coast in 27 hours.

    There’s a video too, embedded in the story. They really made that AMG look like a nondescript silver sedan. https://www.roadandtrack.com/car-culture/a30085091/these-guys-just-drove-an-e63-amg-across-america-in-a-record-27-hours-25-minutes/
  6. Boghopper

    Knife shipping issue to MA?

    Im trying to purchase a leather man crater knife on Amazon. It says it can’t be shipped to my address, which is a street address. Its just a basic knife for EDC. It will let me ship the non serrated version for some reason. I’ve sent the seller an email for clarification. Any ideas? I live in...
  7. Boghopper

    $10 Proraso Green

    at Italian barber. The splash. Fill yer boots
  8. Boghopper

    FT Wholly Kaw Fougere Parfaite

    Looking to trade this for Haslinger, pre de Provence or SV. I’ve used it maybe 5/6 times. It performs great, I’m just not crazy about the scent anymore. Its a Brut clone and is pretty strong scentwise. I’m open to other offers and can make up the difference money wise or with other products...
  9. Boghopper

    WK Samples, B&M Splash, Oleo Soapworks and more

    These don’t get used much so would like to make some room. Oleo Soapworks Sandalwood Canard soap LA Shave soap company Bespoke No1 Lisa’s Natural Somali Rose Shave soap B&M Latha Sandalwood Splash American shaving co. AS Balm. Soap samples WK, Tallow and steel, B&M, Dapper Dragon. Soaps...
  10. Boghopper

    Oleo Soapworks, Lisa’s Natural, LA Shaving company, various soap samples

    Evening gents. I find these soaps are just sitting so would like to pass them on. Oleo soapworks Canard Sandalwood shave soap. - used once Lisa’s Natural Somali Rose- Used once LA Shave company Bespoke#1 - used once. 5 soap samples included. A couple have been scooped once or twice. I’m...
  11. Boghopper

    Gilette Nacet $12.99

    Reduced at Italian Barber. For 100 blades
  12. Boghopper

    Boghopper's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    What is your real name? Ciaran What are your nicknames/aliases? Horse/ Boghopper Where do you live? Yarmouth, Cape Cod What is your age (or) generation? 43 What are you in the real world? Cable guy What is your favorite shave setup? Astra SP Tabac Van der Hagen razor...
  13. Boghopper

    Hello from Cape Cod

    Introducing myself. I've been lurking for a while and just joined. I live on Cape Cod, MA but am from Ireland originally. I bought a Van der Hagen razor and some blades at my local supermarket. I did'nt find those blades very good so got some green Astras which i love. Since then I've added...
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