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  1. Merle

    The Last Movie You Watched?

    I understand She will be portraying Moiraine Demodred in a Wheel of Time (Robert Jordan) tv series. Strikes me as a very good casting! Should be a great opportunity for a huge cast too!
  2. Merle

    The Last Movie You Watched?

    c2008, "Burn after Reading" Clooney, Pitt, Malkovich, Swinton, and McDormond. They tried to make it drop of the hat slapstick but it was a bit too studied. I was glad to have it though, a quiet and someone slow afternoon/early evening.
  3. Merle

    Tabac, how long will a puck last?

    I could have sworn I replied to a thread just like this... "forever!" (but then, so do all my other pucks)
  4. Merle

    Old Fogies Club: What was your workout today?

    I told my pain management Doctor during a telemed visit yesterday I was building stamina on my elliptic. He was pleased. - well, that's what I told him... There is tomorrow, er, I mean later today!
  5. Merle

    Anybody else know the feeling...

    Love you too, dear Brother of the Art
  6. Merle

    Preserving soap properties

    I have a wood chalice from Saponificio Varesino I purchased years ago. And, honestly, for the longest time, I couldn't figure out how to use it in my routine. At the start, I slathered on the puck, lathered in a bowl, and closed things up after my shave setting the container back on my shelf...
  7. Merle

    Holy grail razor

    Timeless didn't have Ti back then. But to date, the stainless Timeless, in its various six components, is my dream machine.
  8. Merle

    What do you do with your empty soap containers?

    When I started this endeavor I had this question. Now that I've been involved with it for nearly a decade, I know it to be a fool's errand... I haven't finished more than I can count on ONE hand yet! Seriously! I just bought 48 2 ounce glass jars to store 20 grams of roast coffee, each, for...
  9. Merle

    Anybody else know the feeling...

    Hey! Wait! IS that a Mirror in there? Couldn't possibly be Owens'
  10. Merle

    How many soaps/creams in rotation?

    All I can say is, be careful trying to 'subscribe' to all the offerings of any given craftsperson/group. Some can have you in the multiple tens of soaps in a couple of years. And, even being "generous" in your daily usage can result in a long-lasting relationship to any one puck when in...
  11. Merle

    Abandoning the 3 pass shave

    If I'm irritated or in an absolute rush I revert to my Braun 790. If I feel I'm irritating my face wet shaving, I'll try to zero my blade angle and feel the cap more than the edge. Yet I know people have all kinds of different skin conditions and beards. I know a wet shave with the grain is...
  12. Merle

    New Barrister and Mann Unscented ASB

    I look at the balms as "a little goes a long way." Heh, 'A dab'll do ya.' Especially as I apply on a damp face to speed spread and see it disappear. I don't have time for a white cream haze; reminds me of trying to get sunscreen to absorb.
  13. Merle

    That bizzarre moment you realize you like accordian music...

    Talk about engineering. Imagination, innovation, precise fit and finish, and then the artwork on top to make it all create joy and happiness in the heart of the beholder... before it's ever picked up and filled with air the first time in performance. Gawds, the human mind is a phenomenal...
  14. Merle

    What's the REAL shelf life of instant coffee ?

    no other way. :)
  15. Merle

    Maybe I missed something: B&M Aftershaves: what happened to them?

    Yay! Balms are nice, balms and splashes are easier to get to last hours. Somehow the alcohol does a good job transporting all the good stuff down into the skin.
  16. Merle

    What TV series you watching?

    Bosch. On Amazon Prime. I've avoided as long as I could, already into season 5 of 6. /Sigh How do I watch more tv now that I've cut cable?
  17. Merle

    Cold water shave with a boar hair brush

    It's a beautiful thing! Especially in the heat of late summer and the only air conditioning is an oscillating fan and your sweat. Just soak your brush long and make your lather wet and sloppy. (Takes some of the cool away to build a tight lather.) Oh, and a cold razor feels good too.
  18. Merle

    First film seen in a Theater since COVID

    I'm looking forward to my "Rebirth" next Monday. I know there are still issues to be (very) careful about, but at least there are better odds it's not a life sentence without the ability to taste & smell. (or worse).
  19. Merle

    Feather DX first shave...

    All in the interest of safety... I practiced shaving my belly. (Seriously, plenty of extra-long hair there and smooth wide surfaces!) As said, don't scrape your moles unless you like doing minor triage. Also, just like DE's don't do side to side unless you want a near painless crease and a...
  20. Merle

    What's the REAL shelf life of instant coffee ?

    I'm expecting a pound of Najjar Turkish. While I'm able to drink a cup a day that's still a long time on the shelf. I'm going to try and keep it in a vacuum jar; at least there's hope, right?
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