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    Mueller's Shave Bar?

    Just did a search on this and couldn't find anything. I found it (along with a nice little display card) on the shelf over at The Farms in Santa Monica, CA. Anyone have any experience with it? I think they wanted $2.99 for a "bar". http://www.muellersshavebar.com
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    Vintage Injector Blade dates?

    I recently purchased a translucent amber handled Schick that came with a matching injector cartridge with about 10 of the original 20 blades in it. How can I date these blades? The blade cartridge has these markings: EVERSHARP SCHICK B47 PAT. 1969945 Made in USA No holes in the blades, they...
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    Pics of Gillette injector?

    I'm a big fan of injectors--didn't Gillette also make one to compete with Schick? Does anyone have any pics of a Gillette injector, so I know what to look for? Thanks!
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    Musgo Real/Proraso in Los Angeles?

    Much as I'm grateful for the ability to order on the internet, it's nice to be able to buy locally, too. Does anyone know of any retailers in Los Angeles selling Musgo Real or Proraso shaving creams? I know Bath & Bodyworks carries Proraso under their CO Bigelow banner, but the MDR store...
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    CVS discontinuing vintage blades?

    About a month ago, whilst picking up blades for my injector at CVS (their 11-count blade dispenser is a bargain!), I noticed they had changed their packaging on some of the vintage blades & put them on sale. To me it looked like they were shooting some life into the old product lines...
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    Twin Injector blades--still manufactured?

    A recent acquisition to my injectors was a NOS Schick that came packaged with a cartridge loaded with TWIN injector blades. I was really surprised at how well they shaved! Does anyone know if Personna, or ASR still makes a twin blade for injectors?
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    Rusty blades (with pic)

    I've seen this discussed before--but after a few days sitting in my bathroom, my blades tend to get rusty/corroded. I live in West Los Angeles and use the DWP water to shave with--don't know if it's particularly hard--and the climate is for the most part dry. This Feather, my favorite brand...
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    C. O. Bigelow Shaving Soap Jar

    I was at Bath & Body Works yesterday and they had a bunch of these ceramic apothecary jars that looked like they would be perfect for storing a stack of shaving soaps. $10 a shot--they don't seem to have them on their web site, might have been a limited run or something. Very old-timey, barber...
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    Razors STILL a loss leader...

    Gillette's strategy hasn't changed much, check out this promotion at drugstore.com: http://www.drugstore.com/user/promo.asp?code=fusionchallenge&trx=29984&trxp1=65801&trxp2=4 Why, they can't even GIVE them away :lol:
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    Injector blade Differences

    Whilst loading my Schick Golden 500, I noticed the new Schick blade didn't really want to seat correctly--especially if I utilized the Hydro-Magic lever and released it. It didn't catch correctly at the edges. Out of curiosity, I loaded a Longs Drugs/CVS blade and...voila! Perfect fit. Upon...
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    Off-brand blades: PAL, TREET, GEM , etc.

    I was recently at the Nationwide Campus web site, looking for that Injector knock-off they produced (couldn't find it, BTW). But I noticed they carry a hecka lot of blades. In addition to all the weird off-brand names, packages, etc., they've got PAL single-edge, Treet, Gem, Personna, Atra...
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    Now: Let's Shave (with the Schick Krona)!

    The recent post on the Schick Krona (maligned by a few, adored by many :wink:) inspired me to use it for my SOTD (sort of)... To start: Left side w/Krona; right side w/1948 SS. Blade: Derby Extra Shaving cream: Musgo Real (the easiest for me to get great lather) Brush: Vulfix 2223 Super...
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    Vintage Razor Weights

    Noticing how the weight of the DE razor impacts the shave, I took out the scale and weighed various models in my collection (without blades): Gold Aristocrat (notched center bar, no date): 68 grams 1973 Black Handle Slim Adjustable (T-1): 68 grams 1966 Super Speed (L-1): 56 grams 1948/49...
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    Parks Shave Ease....

    My shaving tale goes all the way back to me starting with electric razors. Parks Products (which has been around since 1957 and in the same location for God only knows how many years) makes a lubricant called "Shave Ease," which, although meant for electric razors, I have used on my single blade...
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    A Salute to Col. Schick

    Although I have DE's in my rotation, I have always been a big fan of Colonel Schick's Magazine Repeating Razor. I love that thick little chunk of straight razor--it's so darn sharp, the first time I used one I thought maybe the blade wasn't loaded properly because I didn't feel a thing. Then I...
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    Regrettable Aromas...not!

    My second bathroom has this display of the "Gallery of Forgotten Fragrances." Old favorites, many now forgotten... :em18: All bottles are full & vintage 60s/70s except for the BRUT (haven't found one vintage yet). And talk about alcohol--I think that bottle of English Leather is...
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    Disposables & "Going Green"

    First off, I want to say that I'm not a hardcore ecologist or anything, but I'm surprised that with ALL the talk about "going green," hybrids, using less petroleum, reducing, reusing, recycling, paper vs. plastic, landfills, etc, etc, ETC., (*whew*) I NEVER hear any activists talking about the...
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    Why LIGHTING is important...

    Attached you will find two pics: the first being what I thought was a unique find on eBay, the second being the same razor photographed with adequate lighting at my home once the item was received. Amazing how the right light (or the wrong light) can make something look completely different...
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    Save-A-Blade Razor Sharpener

    Oh sure, NOW, after I've switched someone points this out to me: https://www.officialtvwebsite.com/saveablade/ The commercial claims it works on single blades, too. Good idea (if it delivers)!
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    It's never too late -- a middle-age newbie story

    About the time I started to grow whiskers, there was no longer a man in the house. My mom, who is European, adopted the shaving habits of most North American women when she moved to the states--but she never graduated further than an electric Lady Norelco. So that was the razor handed to me to...
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