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  1. ERS4

    My new blade tracking device

    Hello gentlemen Not long ago, when I participated in the B&B discussion, I proposed that "Abacus" is suitable as a computing device, and I quickly found this little thing- full copper manufacturing abacus. Abacus is an ancient device that is widely used in various cultures. This abacus belongs...
  2. ERS4

    Make a "leather" de head

    Today in my bathroom, staring at the razorock manba on the stand, I think I can make it. . So I started, using the leather craft I am familiar with. The leather is sealed with resin to achieve hardening and waterproofing. The hardness is similar to plastic and wood, and it is cut into the form...
  3. ERS4

    Mini barber pole

    I handmade a mini barber pole to decorate my shave den. Used PET preforms, plastic beads, ball pens, aluminum wire, and cowhide. The size is approximately the height of a general DE. There is a magnet on the back, which can be placed anywhere I like. Of course, it can be turned.
  4. ERS4

    Have you ever encountered impolite remarks when you talked about "shaving"

    This is what happened to an EDC community in FaceBook today. A man talked about having to shave for an interview and showed his ball end tech. And the other man rudely satirized him as a woman/children. So I felt that I must defend the man who showed his razor. I live in Taiwan, so my...
  5. ERS4

    New dice

    Very happy to get two new razor edge dice to track blade usage. The precision dice dedicated to the casino have a flat surface, which not only feels good, in the hand but also avoids accumulation of dirt. The sharp edges are visually more minimalist and modern, I really like it.
  6. ERS4

    Travel folding DE set remodeling-IDEAL SHAVER

    A few months ago I got a strange folding DE razor "IDEAL SHAVER" with a unique flat top cover and a very fit travel box. The design is very interesting and the shaving effect is very comfortable. Added a very good collection for me. Unfortunately, the original handle has some cracks and it can...
  7. ERS4

    De razor plate washer sticker ;)

    Hello gentleman Although it is an unnecessary annoyance, I really don't like the slight scratches caused by the handle under the plate. In addition to wanting to keep the chromium layer on zamak intact, I also hope that other expensive stainless steel or titanium razors can maintain its...
  8. ERS4

    Custom-made "Timeless style" exquisite processing ss handle

    A friend knew the craftsman of "TAIN Flashlight". Their "AURORA" series can even be sold for nearly $600, which is famous in the collection of handmade flashlights. So he lent his timeless ti handle to the craftsman, and asked him to re-create the ss handle with his knurling technology +...
  9. ERS4

    Leather × Razor holder × bathroom? Yes it is.

    When I wanted a new bathroom razor holder, I remembered the hobby - leather craft. So I told myself "Why not give it a try ". After some time, there was such a result. Leather body +304 stainless steel ring. I use resin to seal the leather fiber, so it is hard and waterproof, and cutting it...
  10. ERS4

    Brush travel hoder+hanger

    Hi gentleman I made a brush holder with bamboo sticks and popsicle sticks. This concept comes from the tool "bamboo Pen curtain" that the Orientals carry the writing brush, it also looks like a Japanese tool for making sushi. Because there are gaps between the sticks, it helps the brush to dry...
  11. ERS4

    Evolution-Suribachi that never breaks

    In the shaving forums, many people admire suribachis, showing that he can create amazing creamy lather. But there are also many people who worry about breaking it, or that the rough ridges will wear the brush hair and handle. I found this "Baby Solid Food Bowl" a few days ago (About 4 inches in...
  12. ERS4

    Pin-up style sexy razor holder

    你好先生 我找到了一個銷釘風格的青銅女孩,原來它是筆架或東方茶壺蓋的展示架。 現在她在我的剃須刀房裡,露出微笑的下一副剃刀。 您是否使用任何特殊造型來展示剃須刀? 她笑容舒適,略帶性感,但不色情。 我老婆還是有點吃醋 ;)
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