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  1. mio_cuggino

    FSOT Replated Fatboys, Gillette Knack + blades, soaps and AS

    Hello All, For your consideration, I am offering the following for trade (which I would prefer) or for sale. First, the list and description of the items. Then, the list of preferred trades, and my pricing. Lastly, the photos. The items, in the order of the photos: E1 fatboy - Full Rhodium...
  2. mio_cuggino

    PIF Canada only: soaps, aftershaves, DE blades

    Hello All, I am passing along the following box, which I received from the gentlemanly @jdburger. Details of the contents under the photos. I am also adding two more soaps (not in photos), Razorock Chicago (unused) and Razorock Don Donato (very gently used). *****IMPORTANT: this is within Canada...
  3. mio_cuggino

    Me and my stupid butter fingers

    Last week, Friday early morning shave is done. Going through the clean up. And this happens. It upsets me because this was a generous gift from many moons ago. Just being a little too careless. Lesson learned.
  4. mio_cuggino

    No Sartorial AS? What's similar?

    Hello Everyone, I trust this note finds you well, as some of us are getting ready for New Year's Eve celebrations (only one day away). I am a big fan of Penhaligon's Sartorial scent profile. I only wish that Pens made an aftershave splash. It is only offered as a balm or an EdT. I believe an...
  5. mio_cuggino

    Help me choose my next phone

    Hello Everyone, I must come clean. I use a Blackberry (BB) smartphone. A Z10 to be precise. I am rather fond of how well it performs for me. Particularly, I've grown to appreciate its Hub and virtual keyboard. However, my Z10 won't last forever. And it's been showing signs of its age: slow...
  6. mio_cuggino

    Found this at a dollar store

    I found a shelf of these Yardley soaps at a local dollar store, and they were priced in the $1.25 range. Anyone know of them? Quality? I'm familiar with vintage Yardley shaving soap, but did not realize they also still made body soap. Would I be getting what I would pay for each bar ($1.25)?
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