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  1. The Nid Hog

    Vintage Laces

    A while ago, I picked up a pair of suede Wolverine 1000 milers. I wasn't really in the market for a new pair of boots, but the color caught my eye and I thought, what the heck. Since I'm into my fourth week of working from home, I don't really have anywhere to wear them, but that hasn't kept me...
  2. The Nid Hog

    Cleaning shoes with Saphir Renomat

    I got a new pair of boots for Christmas, and they came with a bottle of Saphir Greasy Leather Cream (thanks, Santa!). I have a couple of old pairs of shoes that had an oiled or greasy leather finish, but that I've been cleaning and using protectors on for many years. I thought this was a good...
  3. The Nid Hog

    Neatsfoot Oil

    What do you think about neatsfoot oil for boots and other leather? Ever since I joined the Marines, I've been an obsessive about shoe and boot care. I have a bunch of different kinds of saddle soap, dye, polish, mink oil, edge dressing, Sno Seal, etc. But, it occurred to me the other day, I...
  4. The Nid Hog

    Fountain Pen Doldrums

    I was doing some periodic maintenance on my pens the other day when it occurred to me that I haven't bought a new one in a long time. I guess that's not 100% accurate because I still pick up the odd Pilot Prera to use at work or when I'm traveling. And I write with FPs every day. But I've been...
  5. The Nid Hog

    Got myself a hat

    I've been thinking about getting a hat for a while, and I finally ordered an Akubra Camp Draft for myself this morning. I wear caps every now and then, but I never had much interest in fedoras or anything like that. Then, my daughter got me to try on an Open Road when we were out shopping. I had...
  6. The Nid Hog

    Clubman Popularity

    I was in Los Angeles for a few of months at the end of the year, so I decided to check out a couple of popular barber shops. At the first one, the barber gave me a bottle of Pinaud Whiskey Woods as I was leaving--told me he's crazy about it and is working with Pinaud to promote it. At the second...
  7. The Nid Hog

    So long, yeard!

    Last year, I decided to grow out my beard. I came across an old photo of my great-grandfather with an amazing Galdalf-like beard, and I thought: why not? Apart from a little devil beard in the 90s (we all make mistakes), this is the first time I just let it grow since it went wild for a while...
  8. The Nid Hog

    Jim Rouse of Franklin-Christoph Passes Away

    In my latest Nib Noise from Richard Binder, I read that Jim Rouse of Franklin-Christoph has passed away. According to Richard, he died suddenly at the conclusion of the Miami Pen Show. I've met him at several pen shows, and he was always friendly and helpful--he really seemed to love his work...
  9. The Nid Hog

    For Greybeards

    I've got a lot of white in my beard. Now that I'm closing in on seven months of growth, the white parts have been getting kind of wild. My barber recommended VO5 for silver hair. I was a little skeptical, but decided to give it a shot. It tames, moisturizes, and makes the white really pop. I'm...
  10. The Nid Hog

    Help me pick a summer oil or balm/Grey Beard PIF

    Most of the balms and oils that I've been using have a wintery fragrance. it's been up in the 90s lately, and I'd like something a little lighter. Any good recommendations? I was thinking that I'd PIF a tin of Grey Beard's Mississippi Musk to whoever comes up with the most awesome suggestion...
  11. The Nid Hog


    A couple of months ago, I came across an old photo of my great grandfather. He was sitting in his garden in Denmark, sporting a truly Viking-like beard. Although I've been a once-a-day shaver for years, I thought I'd give it a shot. Now I'm a couple of months into it, the beard is coming along...
  12. The Nid Hog

    NYC Fountain Pen Restoration

    It's been a while since I've posted anything FP related. Hope you guys are all doing well. I'm still alive and still writing--have two or three pens inked and running on any given day. A friend of mine living in Manhattan was telling me that she has a number of vintage FPs that she inherited...
  13. The Nid Hog

    Bodum Pour Over?

    Anybody try the Bodum Pour Over yet? I was wandering around in Target the other day, and saw one on the shelf. Bought it on impulse and it's pretty good. I've been tinkering around with my grind, and it's getting dialed in. Not as reliably good as my long-lamented, smashed Chemex, and I'm still...
  14. The Nid Hog

    Edison Menlo?

    A friend of mine is getting ready to retire and we've been thinking about a present for him. He's been getting interested in fountain pens, so I was thinking about an Edison Menlo. Any thoughts?
  15. The Nid Hog

    Promotion Gift for Navy Chief

    My nephew just got promoted to Chief. Any ideas for an appropriate present?
  16. The Nid Hog

    KitchenAid Siphon Coffee Brewer?

    Anybody have any experience with this new entry into the siphon market? I use a Bodum Santos (now Pebo) for my daily brew, but I've had Harios and Yamas at different times in the past. Since I'm always just a dropped carafe away from looking for a new setup, I thought I'd check in on this...
  17. The Nid Hog

    My Endless Supply of Samples

    I was shifting things around in one of the bathroom cabinets today and I found an old tea can full of samples. Most are still attached to their cards or are have a label of one kind or another. But there must be dozens of samples from Colonial Drug that are labeled with initials and...
  18. The Nid Hog

    Help Me Buy A Mixer (Pasta Too)

    It's time to buy a new mixer. My wife and daughter bake a lot of bread, and I'd like something that will handle pasta too. After 26 years of married life, I just can't stand looking at the ancient Sunbeam my mom passed on to us any longer. Of course, I'd like to know what my more economical...
  19. The Nid Hog

    BHP .22 Conversion?

    I haven't been shooting in ages, but I've been thinking of getting out to the range again. Unfortunately, with kids in school and other obligations, I don't have as much money to spend on a hobby like this as I once did. My brother used to have a subcal conversion kit for his M1911 and he seemed...
  20. The Nid Hog

    Coming out of the doldrums.

    For the last year or so, I haven't been doing much to advance my pen mania. This summer, I bought a clear Prera (CM) to replace one that I lost going through a TSA check a year or so ago, and I also picked up a bottle of Iroshizuku Syo-ro. I use them both quite a bit, but neither one of them...
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