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    New Guitar

    For father's day I got a new guitar. I've been playing the guitar for some time now, and try to play for at least an hour each day. I find it a great way to relax after a long day. And, having been a music fan all of my life, I find playing music to be even more fun. The guitar arrived...
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    First shave with Gillette Toggle

    I finally found a toggle for myself, and used it for the first time yesterday. It is actually my 4th toggle razor, but the previous three were simply too nice to use. I bought each one planning to keep it for myself, and managed to get each one for a decent price. Two were new, the third...
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    Gold D1 Toggle?

    I won a gold toggle on a local auction site, and it arrived today. It looks minty, in the original case, with the cardboard outer box, warranty card, and what looks to be a full dispenser of blades. I didn't know what year it was made when I bid on it, but it has the D1 date code for 1958. I've...
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    Best Thanksgiving Day?

    I have many memories of Thanksgiving dinners over the years. Some were celebrated at home, others celebrated at the homes of other relatives. For the most part these were fun events, with lots of food, cheer, and play, while others were the scenes of large family arguments. Looking over the...
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    Bespoke suit

    It has been awhile since I last bought a suit, probably because now that I am self-employed I don't often need to wear one. In the past I usually went to Neiman Marcus, chose a good off-the-rack suit, and had them fit it to me. But since I moved to Japan, I have resisted getting a new suit for a...
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    Army Airborne School

    After two months of basic training, and three months of AIT, I was sent to Fort Benning for parachute training, known as "jump school". Jump school was to be three weeks, and was a required course for my future Army unit. I was looking forward to the training, and to get a chance to jump out of...
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    Army Basic Training

    Recently I visited the place where I attended basic training in the US Army, Fort McClellan, Alabama. The visit brought back many memories, and, looking back now, these memories are rather pleasant to me. Of course, at the time I attended basic training, Fort McClellan offered little in the way...
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    Blade Inconsistency?

    I imagine that many people here have noticed that their favorite blades don't always give consistent shaves. Out of a single pack of blades, most will give a comfortable shave, but perhaps you find that one or two shave more roughly, and may cause a nick or two. Razor blades, like anything...
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    Blade Inconsistency?

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